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But am I enough
For you to write a poem?
'Nuff said.
idiosyncrasy Dec 2020
my tongue isn’t
long enough
to reach all the places down your throat
it wants to touch

i’ll have to kiss your ribs
some other way
idfk. happy two year anniversary, love
idiosyncrasy Aug 2020


no likes
no loves
no reposts
no adds
no comments
no flags
no messages
idiosyncrasy Jul 2020
the space between listening and hearing,
that's where you'll find my hiding place;

where i go when the words get too fast
and the sounds get too loud
idiosyncrasy Jul 2020

me: hey
you: hey
me: wyd?
you: nothing. hbu?
me: same.

seen 23:49
left on read -_-
idiosyncrasy Jun 2020
they say
boys want a girl
who is easy
to push over

i just
want a girl
who is easy
to be strong with
don't ever let anyone tell you that strength isn't attractive. come here and hug me with all those muscles. mwah.

idiosyncrasy Jun 2020
they say
boys want a girl
to talk

i just
want a girl
to judge herself
come as you are. that's just how i want you <3

let's grow together.

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