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michael Feb 5
Nothing happened
See no evil

Its not our fight
Hear no evil

What can we do?
Speak no evil

History will judge
Our inaction
michael Jan 15
Patter on down friend!
Leave no patch unclaimed.

Patter down friend!
Anew this ground.

Patter down!
Join the swell.
michael Jun 2020
What went cold,
In the book,
That we wrote?

What young spark
Did we lose

I n  t h e   t i d e

O  f     t  h  a  t    w  i  n -
t  e  r  y    y  o  u  t  h  ?
michael Jun 2020
I am here
I am here
I am here

and that is enough.
michael Jun 2020
A cold swell tempers rage
To the dark it dies, fades.
Cry, sigh, a moon ray tries
To show that up against
Such stoic age, no man
Can claim he's free of sin.
michael Jun 2020
I won't have you howl,
"Gentle giant". They ask how,
I stand, your let down.
michael Jun 2020
Rain drops shell station road
Hurst turns point thirty three
Degrees north-west-west. See,
The quiet stones ahead

Lower the lead scarred flesh,
The soul of this marred son,
Into the dirt it laboured.

How many times should
Gorgythion's root-stem
Lose its petal-wreathed head?
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