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michael Jun 30

          three o'clock
      pen in your hand,
    a half-hidden smile, a
glint of flame, pursed lips
sun rays frame your hair
boy girl boy girl boy girl
useless seating plan.
how could they
know the fire

High school was a strange time
michael Jun 29
What went cold,
In the book,
That we wrote?

What young spark
Did we lose

I n  t h e   t i d e

O  f     t  h  a  t    w  i  n -
t  e  r  y    y  o  u  t  h  ?
michael Jun 29
I am here
I am here
I am here

and that is enough.
michael Jun 29
A cold swell tempers rage
To the dark it dies, fades.
Cry, sigh, a moon ray tries
To show that up against
Such stoic age, no man
Can claim he's free of sin.
michael Jun 29
I won't have you howl,
"Gentle giant". They ask how,
I stand, your let down.
michael Jun 26
Rain drops shell station road
Hurst turns point thirty three
Degrees north-west-west. See,
The quiet stones ahead

Lower the lead scarred flesh,
The soul of this marred son,
Into the dirt it laboured.

How many times should
Gorgythion's root-stem
Lose its petal-wreathed head?
michael Jun 25
How many days lost,
In bed? Black dog by the door.
Bad dog, no breakfast.
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