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James Jun 9
Don't look at your scars and be ashamed.
Look at them as a reminder that you are strong,
and that what you're going through will get better.
Don't be ashamed of your scars, as they do not define you;
things are sent to test us, to push us to our limits, but don't give up.
Just remember whatever you're feeling now will soon be gone.
Your worries will be lifted, and you'll be thankful that you got to see the sun rise another day.
James Apr 28
i am the moon
you are the sun
crossing paths
but always fading away
James Jul 2019
As he said goodbye
only his footprints
remained in this place
we called home
only memories we made
remained in this place
we call a brain
but the emptiness remains
something we cant restrain
James Jul 2019
As the honey drips from his lips
not a sound
only guilt
as he felt
his emotions
slip away.....
James Feb 2019
In my head I stand in tears,
All alone with all my fears.
I pray for them to go away,
I want to be better again someday

— The End —