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Sh Apr 16
If I told you I could love,
Would you finally be happy?
See me grovel at your feet, submit to your delusions of
The perfect world in the palm of your hand.

If I told you I could lust,
Would I satisfy your thirst with my lies?
Sweet drops of honey covered deception, the sting solely in my heart.

Could I live like this, I wonder.
If only I could face the road of rotten land, live in the shadows and the muck of sweet lies,
Of honey covered poison.
morseismyjam Mar 23
I do not know myself yet,
I'll tell you when I'm older,
I'll tell you when I'm ready,
It's not like it's a secret

I do not understand you
I thought I knew how I was
I thought I knew my limits
What's happening is brand-new.

You do not know yourself yet,
Don't see how kind you act
Don't see how wise you are
I don't know how to process

I think that I might love you?
Which I thought was impossible
Which I hoped was a mistake.
So what am I gonna do?
getting feels and boy howdy it's a ride. Don't be grey aromantic kids. Pick one or the other, because this kind of *****. in actuality, I'm quoiromantic, which means I don't really know if what I'm feeling is romantic or not. Confused? so am I.
Sh Mar 19
I want to be kissed the same way I once craved adventure;
A little girl, dreaming of climbing mountains, of quests just like the ones in her books.

The same girl dreams now of the gentleness of soft hands cradeling my face, of stars in my eyes and giggles in the night.

I want to be kissed the same way I once craved adventure;
In theory.

I want not the cuts and bruises from the stones, the unbearable sun beating down at me as I climb higher and higher.

I want not the relationship, strange lips meeting mine.
I don't want to see a face all too close, to know its details or hear its name.

I don't want to be kissed.
I want the fantasy of romance, the love of the story, the soft gestures of imagination.

If I am but a character of my own creation,
then I don't want the story to come true.
Me, reading a story with good romance: *swoons*
Me, imagining it happening to me: "ew, no thanks"
morseismyjam Feb 14
No, I don't.
Oh one who
takes pride in
denouncing love,

Look at yourself.

Unable to accept who
you are without another.
Creating a false sense of loneliness
by ignoring the relationships you have
in favor of the one you do not.

You believe that you are
rebellious in your isolation
but when it comes down to it
what is more radical:
Cynicism and bitterness
or Love.

To you valentine antagonist:
I Love You.
If one more person says "singles awareness day" to me I will snap. I'm asexual/aromantic, so if anyone should be complaining it's me. **** it up.
Rachael Jan 14
I already feel alienated enough
But I may as well rejoice at this void
There are other types of love
I don't care that I have no choice
Sh Jan 12
There was solace in the quiet,
before you opened your mouth

And proved me wrong.

Like a hawk in a hunt, a fresh guard,
I held into my walls.

Surely they will accept me.
Surly they won't.
Black and white together, mixing into gray in a never ending spiral.

Long after you knew and hugged me a warm reassurance,
I told you, yet again, I have never been attracted to a man and probably never will

And you shot the bird out of the sky with your words of,
Never say never.
I'm getting tired of this "we say we support you but still hope you'll become straight" thing my parents are doing so here's yet another vent poem
Sh Dec 2019
Through the skimming of a worn out book I found a garden.

Full of welcoming people, full of love.

All like me, all so different,

Recognition and understanding is what they thought of.

Among the blooming flowers, where they talked.

Under the buzzing of the trees, where they joked.

Bonding over what connected them,

their uniqueness among the stars.

I rose to find the garden, reading of our history.

Holding the answers in my hands like lilac skies and green earth.

As I read, the rotten leaves crunched under my feet.

Looking up, no person greeted me,

none were there to be found.

Smoke covered the trees, the silence overwhelming.

There was nothing to breath in, but blood and destruction.

Oh, I soon wished for the silence to wrap itself around me again.

Silence is better than spitting hot hate, when the quiet before the storm is all you can hope for.

They held the torches, standing in front of the still burning flowers.

A meaningless crusade for the innocents, a terror fueled by ignorance.

I am not ashamed for running.

I'm not ashamed until night falls,
until I think of all the souls that followed my path and decided to speak up,

a lost cause weighing them down so they could no longer stand upright.

Through the skimming of my book I found a garden.

Once beautiful and peaceful, now torn to shreds.

Full of welcoming people who had not burned alive,

who had not died.
"ANOTHER poem about the disgusting ace discourse??"
Yes but consider, finding a place to belong to only to watch it get torn down is a painful experience.
Sh Dec 2019
I didn't see the walls set ablaze.

I didn't watch the doors lock.

I didn't hear the first scream.

I didn't smell the smoke.

I came to the town to find my people.

To bond and joke over what made us
special, unique
The same

I came to the town because I heard that within the kingdom, that's where I'll find the land they, too, had to claim.

Burn scars greeted me,
Silence at the doors.

Bloodied stones littered the streets,
Decaying flowers in their pots.

A gray plank nailed
on a barren door.

A last testimony
from the people who called it home.

Dear wanderer,

We have ran for the hills, we have scattered across the land.

One day we will return,
Demand our freedom and acceptance.

But for now, dear traveler, if you are one of us,
know there are people in the world, know that you're not alone.

I wiped my tears.
I walked away.

At the edge of town I turned around,

From the scorched ground, underneath the healing ancient tree,

a purple flower bloomed on fresh grass.

A promise for a second chance.
I'm going to be real with you, this is about the impact of the ace discourse on the aspec community
Yours Truly Dec 2019
Fingers trickle down my spine.
They stop and linger on my thigh.
Push me hard against the wall
up and down
they rise and fall.

Tempting you with cherry lips
soft and supple
ready to be kissed.
Am I hard to resist?
Draw me closer
I have one wish.

The truth is-
I'm saddened by your absence.
My eyes swell with grief.
I count each exhale
you're not here with me.

Every minute that passes
drags its feet through the mud.
I miss you and that's the issue.
I can't sleep when I'm in love.
I think I'm in love.
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