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Poetic T Sep 2020
May the future never be a sprint,
           but a smile

as that which you cant walk through
       can be traversed

with but a gracious glimmer
              of hope.

And smile :)
Poetic T May 2020
My pen is my shield,

and my words
             my armour.
Poetic T Dec 2019
Our words may age,

                  but the pie of meaningful thought

                                      is always fresh..
Poetic T Jun 2019
Breath may fade,
             but love will forever

live on.

For exhalation is but syllables
             of  given movement.

Were love is a motion

                     of time,
                continually moving.
Emotions that live on past every exhalation.

Every word may decay into obscurity.
             But love will live on beyond
the husks of every word ever told.
Poetic T Jul 2015
I fell into the words and they sang to my
Like sirens They dragged me, drowning
Senses mesmerizing me. Could I pull myself
To be a thought of senses glazed.

Like a ship I sailed over their meaning, I saw
Into depths I had never seen, awoken feelings
Surged upon my voyage into that moment,
A sea of plentiful introspective thought

Frozen in forms of ink were these occasions
That like an iceberg hit me under the bow, I
Didn't know I was sinking into this till to late,
I was the captain and I sank into your words.

— The End —