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Eden Y Hamden Apr 2022
most of my days
I don't feel like living
but today,
standing with you
sitting with you
laughing with you
it made me want
to keep living
it made me
wanting more
wishing more
being more
than what I am
March 30, 2022
10:18 PM
Traveler Apr 2014
April came and with her hope
A little sunshine helps to cope
Her kiss sweetly soft caress
A heart frostbitten now be blessed

A simple smile of inward child
Takes the breath away
To calm the cold of bitterness
The Ides of March display

She comes to heed the mother’s call
Her air so fair and kind
April sings her early songs
Nature speaks her mind

Gypsy flowers peak their buds
Expose the coming season
Ducks and geese return at last
And life returns her reason
Traveler Tim

Caesar knew well
The Ides of March
The dread of anticipation
fell upon his heart
But we made it to April
And here a new beginning starts!!
A spider in the gum packet
Sticky gum on your new jacket
Slime in your hair
Stuck to your chair
It's April fools
You don't need to play by the rules
But watch what you do
There could be glue in your shoe
Here's a clue
Whatever you do
Don't go to the loo
My brother actually pranked me by putting gum in my new jacket, I look forward to my payback. :)
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
My note on this reads:  "shoulda been 01Apr19--begun just after midnight turned"


The Cardnal called as twere for me in pale
Dawn's early light--just once--as if for sense.
And lo, that line I'd penned in tribute thence
Comes to the 'fore--"...I've got [in sheer betrayl?]
A scarlet lover--" which I swiftly hail
With prayrs of "O! please give me to from hence
A man, LORD!" and how April Fools is't? dense
Wi' import finds "him" where I cherish...bail?
"Say twas an April Fool's joke--" in a poor
'Scuse for my prayrs and hopes keeps rolling through
My mind, but I dare NOT write THAT down.  You're
Allowed to laugh. Nor Cardnal, sparrows to
Aught purpose cry...until "he's" gone.  I stir
Me to weak smiles, cuz my heart's weary too.

Ahem.  The fun angle of this week's passel of damning stanzas is watching the tale unfold.  Take it or leave it.
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
just raises brows quizzically


Soft blue skies feign a note of what fr'intents
I thought to know at dawn, whilst in betrayl
"He's" finished and quite gone, me like to scale
'Non wondring if twas all in that joke's sense
Of "April Fools!" or but a dream from hence?
To rub my eyes as groc'ries, laundry hail
Me for attention, dinner too, in frail
Excuse now feeling like I've small kids thence.
O! How I long to go outside and fer
All that, just breathe!  Forget the day we knew,
Hark to the birds, and lose myself as twere
In that soft calm.  But oh! that will not do.
Watch golden light draw shadows up, each fir
A lacy doily, til that sunset cue.

I swear I caught a glimpse of blue skies before dawn, but can't find confirmation, and nightfall yielded that, like, um, okay?
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
...and yet I do.


Don't tell me that it's April Fools, the pale
Eye of these region clouds as mockry thence
Upon my first thoughts, passing through, a sense
Of morning's pure hopes on my tongue to scale,
Where I caught sight of, likeas to avail,
Dawn's fragile blushes like a maiden's, whence
I rolled this line across my tongue fr'intents:
"Ere dawn, whenas pink skirts the West--" for bail.
To top it off..."he's" on the job, and fer
All that my heart swears that he likes me too.
Go laugh at me and cite off what day'd stir--
Sich lofty visions; yet please hear me to
Effect, O LORD.  Have mercy on me, poor
Though aught 'scuse, and say that he likes me's...true?

Friday night yields a chance to post this, and I'm not saying aught more than the sonnets I'm the idiocy if you like.
Tao Sep 2018
Death stood staring stoically
As I let my last breath slip
Poised to ****** my soul
And take it on it's last trip

Fitting that in my last days
It's company I kept
Frowning, waiting
Watching as I wept

A breathless sigh
And rolling eyes
It mocked
My end was nigh

As if on borrowed time
It kept glancing at the clock
Nervously I kept praying for help
But I knew that door was locked

"Finally!", it would have crowed
when it's dark scythe appeared
A cold sweat broke when I realised
My judgement day has neared

It grinned at me
So damnably
As it swung it's evil tool

I waited, with my eyes tightly shut.
Then groaned when it shouted,
April Fools!
When the doctor says, "Oops!, sorry we had a mix up!"
Jasmine Reid Apr 2018
The chilling wind that drops it's temperature as Autumn sets in with the now crumbling leaves that begin to fall in the chill of approaching winter.

How I used to smile and laugh before was a month ago, I often think to myself that I should stand in the rain, and be drenched in the tears that God whimpers out over our pitiful humanity
Life is a never ending struggle designed that way.
Designed for disaster.

Paper holds more value to someone then anothers life.
A chase kiss holds more passion then a one night stand.
An animal keeps the runt for as long as possible, while humans discard their own.

We pay, we trade, we slaughter, we cower.
His grip is strong, pinning me down with ease by my wrists, I have no hope. But yet I keep fighting back, trying to slap the girl who keeps crawling back to those pills and that **** needle she feels so lonely without.
Hypnotic in the moment he is, slowly holding out my arm with an injection in the other hand, letting the needle scrape against my skin gently, before piercing the cold flesh.

I'm addicted to this pain that I keep constantly feeling all because I get a head turn or even one word to leave your mouth. I'm in a tranquil garden of lies that I hide behind my "Okay" facade.
"Ha, I thought you might"

You think about me.
You remember things about me.

Acknowledgement by someone
who's godly.

My heart playing some sick trick on my brain,
("Ha, I thought you might")

April Fools.
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