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JustMK Feb 22
dear heart of mine;
What you desire is something I cannot give,
since her words, her gaze
must never be mine.

To want for nights in her arms
softly composing verse
is futile.
And to wish for her lips
to seek out yours in the dark
is foolish,
beyond hope,
beyond reason.

She cannot be yours.
-will not.
Must not.

Because on a feeble ledge you wait:
her as your counter.
A single step
and surely you will let her fall.
Speak of your affection only to tear apart
the careful stitching of time and fate
that brought you here in the first place.

Be careful foolish heart
not to undo such bonds
for you are not as heroic as you presume.
You would perish
if you were to walk alone again.
So I got a crush on someone I'm not allowed to have. And it's making life hard. Especially because she's one of my roommates, and also my best friend's little sister.
That was about two months ago...
Iggy Chuck Jan 29
You are my best mistake
and if I could go back in time
I’d still choose you.

All was wrong
but felt so right,

following you down,
struggling to lift you up.

I’d make the same mistake
all over again

over anything,
over anyone,

I'd always choose you.
unsent love letter to a reckless lover
Moon Wright Dec 2019
I am afraid of affection
yet I crave it

I want you to stay
but then I want you to go

I'm content one minute
and the next I am angry

I blow up with anger
after taking in so much

My mood swings from highs and lows
every. single. day.

I want to care for me
but then I want you to treat me like trash

I want you to love me
but then I want you to not give a **** about me

I like to be alone
but I don't ever want to be lonely

My sadness is always there
just sometimes milder than others

And don't forget about the
suicidal thoughts

My mind has convinced me
that I am a horrible person

My mind has convinced me
that the people around me hate me

My mind has convinced me
that I am trapped in this hell

What is wrong with me?

Can someone save me?
Just an inside to how my mind works
Does anyone else feel the same way?
Bhill Dec 2019
What is it about
Does anyone really know
Does anyone care

Brian Hill - 2019 # 311
Looking for someone who cares...?
maddie Dec 2019
to anyone searching
for a sign to stay strong
well here it is
so keep holding on
Desire Dec 2019
In the end of the day
Who's there for your lonely thoughts
Not to put a blame on anyone
But i’m the one alone on this loft
Made me feel so selfish for thinking theres no one
But truly there really is no one.
hannah Nov 2019
How did it feel
When you turned around
Rain chafing off your umbrella
Shiny shoes tapping on wet pavement

How did it feel
When you turned and walked away
Did it feel like cinema
Did you feel like a masterpiece
Never looking back on me
How does it feel to be an actor in your own life's production?  How does it feel to have the world as your stage? How does it feel when the curtains close and you're all alone and you realize that nothing you have is real? Do you ever get tired of playing pretend?
Van Byrde Oct 2019
It takes twelve minutes for me to arrive
So if I come over, is that alright?
I know it's late
And I’m in such a state
But, baby, I need you tonight
Grace Haak Sep 2019
I'm floating and falling
And sinking and sailing
Can anyone save me?
Prevent me from flailing?

I'm shooting and missing
And running and tripping
Can anyone help me?
Stop my feet from slipping?

I'm wishing and hoping
And wanting and praying
Can anyone see me?
Hear the words I'm saying?
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