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I am unique, just like everybody else.
17/M/Bristol    Who knows what I'm doing here?


d'lexus phillips Feb 2015
When I'm all alone fighting my own threshold I can't see anyone but...The times I feel like life is not worth living I can't see anyone but...Those days I hide myself in my cave feeling enraged I can't see anyone but... The Times I need someone to lean on the most but they seem "ghost" I can't see anyone but...When I'm frustrated needing someone to talk to when no ones relating , I can't see anyone but... Those days I feel  I don't belong even in this place called "home",I can't see anyone but...The days I wanna be loved but I get shoved away, I can't see anyone but... The man above, not even visible to the eye though the water is draining when I cry. I can't see anyone father , the one who understands never underestimates my plans . I can't see anyone but.. the man upstairs the one I know who care and with my problems I share. Those days I feel like I can't he shows me I can . I can't see anyone but... the guidance of spirit who gives his unconditional love to the living. On my worst days when my heart is hurting in the held in tears start bursting. I can't see anyone but... I go against the odds and realize besides all these people he's beautiful in my eyes. No love is better it lives forever inside...   (Thank God )
#lonely #pain  #inspiration #comfort #God
In your darkest of moments and you feel no one really cares even when you stare into their eyes ; theirs one love who is always there, always remember him .