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Mister J Jan 14
I've been running in circles
Been dripping in sweat and rain
Making my way towards nowhere
Moving until I reach where you are

I'm losing my ******* mind
I'm giving in to my emerging fears
My mind in a repeating anxiety
Whatever happens, I can't lose you

My thighs feel tired from sprinting
My tears mixing with water and sweat
Why does it seem that wherever I run
I never get to see or meet you?

Racing towards where you are
Thinking of all the reasons I could say
All the things that could make you stay
Pushing my mind and heart to the limit

No matter how much I try to think
All my thoughts reach one conclusion
Its something simple and undeniable
Our love exists, and it still lives on

My resolve unbroken, even if my body is
I need to see you tonight, spilling my feelings out
I'm hopelessly and madly in love with you
So where, just where, could you be tonight?

I can't live without you by me
I can't be without your embrace
I can't forget those sweet, tender kisses
In other words, I need you too much

And I am ready to throw it all away
To endure the sad, sleepless nights
To endure the pointless, lazy days
Just to spend a minute with you again

But where are you now?
I'm almost desperate for hope
My breathing heavier by the second
Dear God, please let me endure further

Just when I'm about to give up
There you were, standing in front of me
Soaked in sweat, rain, and tears
Almost on the verge of defeat

My eyes lit up, my heart in relief
My tears about to burst, as were yours
Both with reasons to say to each other
As we run to lock for an embrace

I took the deepest breath in my life
As I tried not to choke on the tears
Saying "I love you" crazily on repeat
As the only reason to make you stay

You are my reason for living
And for tonight, and all the nights to come
I'll make you stay with me, and hold you tight
I'll love you for the longest time my life allows
Hey everyone!
Sleepless night again

Inspired to write with a song on my ears.

Hope everyone likes it.
Happy reading!


For "Her"
It arrives uninvited.
Quietly seeping in like toxic gas,
suffocating and poisoning
any thought etched with love,
leeching its happiness.

It unpacks anxieties,
dressing me in layers of loathing;
scraping insecurities
to let it rage on my being.

It gently coaxes my mind
painting every thought a shade darker
letting it heavy
myself to detachment.

It purrs and studies
getting comfortable;
morphing reality into a self made purgatory.

Slacking and barely coping with the pace of reality,
it tears fibers to root itself
allowing it to grow with every beat
leaving no energy to breathe.

are all back,
heaving my eyelids
leaving a trail of labels
down to my chin.

Until my hollow structures
implode into dark matter
leaving me one with the abyss.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Found a second home
Time now frozen in a click
Anxieties die
Day 2 of my course was so EPPPIIIICC!!!
How I feel so empowered right now!
Tired as all ****, but empowered!
I left home with a smile, came back with a grin!
Thanks so much everyone! I won't be able to read through comments and messages till
Friday and the weekend! Thats when I'll reply back and update the Masked Bard series!
Everytime I come home, I'm thrilled and exhausted!
Sending hugs and love guys!
Lyn ***
Love lasts Sep 2018
Be Still my Soul
As watch these fears and Giants fall
Don't be afraid
I know you are here
I don't need to let go
For your love and mercy
Will follow me
I won't be afraid
For peace in my heart will know
To the people who are in fear and anxieties -Be still (H.W)
Shewrites Jul 2018
You're my

In a world
Full of chaos
And pain.

You're the sugar
To my bitter tea

The milk to
My coffee

My comfort food
When anxieties
Of life kicks in

The lullaby
During my
Sleepless night.

Happy song
When I'm
Feeling down

Ear plugs
During the
roaring thunder

Squishy pillow
To hug when
I miss home

The jazz music
To calm my
Troubled soul

And the stars
That companies
Me during
My lonely nights.

You're my
Sweetest escape
The world
Could have offer

Mister J May 2018
It's 4:30am
And here I am
Wide awake
Eyes bloodshot
My thoughts a mess
My heart more so
Consumed by loneliness
I'm feeling helpless

The problem is
I don't know why
This sadness eats me away
All I know is that
I'm upset over life
I don't know why
My heart is aching
My brain exploding

Am I anxious?
Am I depressed?
If so, why?
The world is filled
With everything real
With the beautiful
And the contrary
Why waste my time on abstract sadness?

But here I am
In a state of despair
Feeling like all hope
Is gone from my life
I need help
I need friends
I need motivation
I need to get out of here

But they're not here
They're nowhere to be seen
My thoughts twisting
By each second passing
My pulse slowing down
My limbs feeling numb
What should I do
To get out of this pit?

I'm dying inside
The void in my heart
Has consumed me completely
My sanity slipping away
From the twists in my brain
Tell me what should I do
And how should I move
From here

Thoughts at 4:30am.
Everyone's asleep, and here I am
Alive and awake.
The sun's almost up.
Birds are starting to chirp.

Ugh. I hate these bipolar feelings.

anna Dec 2017
our love was not made for movie screens.

our love was made for slow-burn tv dramas;
for the two schoolkids in the street's high school
barely grazing adolescence
who - fumbling - find a graceful love amidst
the corner shop and cobbled streets
and throw it all away for a second chance at a life
torn apart by carefully orchestrated constructs
of one lover's written word.

our love was not cultured by typicality.

our love was created through inside jokes;
nights of fireflies rocketing around in my chest - of you
warming me up from within
through all manner of crooked smiles and worries and
hands in my hair and
fingers linked with mine, lying on top
of my scrawled poetry i'll never admit is written
to you.

our love was made through careful planning;
through the nurturing of a friendship that turned into something more;
through a whispered confession followed by a laugh
followed by a written word saying just the same -

our love is yours.
please do not give it away.
dedicated to t.k
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