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M Solav Sep 2018
‚ÄčExplosion of the white tree,
A synapse in the damp air.
The fluid around the corsair,
Ambassador of the secret;
The perfume of a comet
Descends upon the wetland.

A goosebump stretches my hair;
Ripples forming across the sea
As nostril and flowers meet
Miles and miles without end.

The green flame always return
In a frenetic haze, a burst of fire,
As the solar waves caresses the earth
At welcomed glances, so soft a fur.

A last effort renewed forevermore;
Delirious poison continually brewed;
An elixir against the veil of dusk;
Cause and effect from dust to dust.

As the mind steps out back further,
It finds itself returned at the core,

Til all of Spring elapses.
Written in July, 2016.
Bexis Jul 2018
In the science of it all, synapses are life altering.
Have the same thought, closer and closer they grow.
Just by changing your thoughts, you can change your life.
Yes, but....
That person did...
She did...
He did...
They did...
The list goes on and on.
We, as humans love to wallow in our negativity.
Changing that is easier than people think.
People don't think of change.
Tanaka Mupinga Apr 2014
Do sleepless nights yield heavy thoughts?
Or do the synapses firing prohibit silent slumber?
Neural highways at traffic jam capacity
Rush hour never ends when I retire

Electrical signals consistently skip and zip
Awake or asleep, thinking or dreaming
Mystifying visions of past, present and future
Entertain the brain while the body refreshes

A blissful recollection of pure jubilation
Transitions the mind into sweet meditation

My alarm becomes a synaptic disturbance
The ears at the receiving end of the siren
Alert, alive, living
But exhausted from the Prednisone Curse
A side effect of Prednisone is insomnia

— The End —