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Some things are just not meant to be,
No matter how hard we try.
We cannot alter "The Decree",
No matter how much we cry.

What will fall will fall,
No matter how high the rise.
What will crawl will crawl,
Even if it has mastered the sky.

Sometimes, for some things to live,
Others have to leave.
For some things to come,
Others have to go.
And sometimes to free and be free,
We have to let go and let be.

Everything happens for a reason.
For which more important questions are, than "why?".
If we fight and fight,
And we try and try.
Yet, what we want passes us by,
Then we should come to realize,

Not all we want will be
But all that be is all we need.
I said it wasn't my country,
so I watched her milks turn acids
her blood diluting her rivers of honey
and her tears washing off her own fertility.

I had no fear—
     for it wasn't near.

I said it wasn't my tribe,
so I saw,
but pretended not to have even looked
I listened,
but pretended not to have even heard
Yet it was written on my every line;
they aren't of my kind.

I didn't care—
     for it wasn't my tears.

I said it wasn't my religion,
so I turned my back
reciting from my scriptures
I have eyes, but had no vision.

I had no fear—
     for of God, who dares?

It came for my country, but I wasn't near
It went for my tribe, but I wasn't there
It came for my religion, but I wasn't aware.
Now it has come for me,
but there's no one here.

By Abdulmalik Jibril
Today, I am again closer
to everything mine —destined.
Better than I was,
Good for how I want,
And best for what is to come.
That, I know, without doubt.

As much as I have gone farther,
I know I am yet to be
where I want to be.
Just as I know, without doubt,
What will be will be.
I am at peace and ease
Knowing Who holds the wheel.

Whatever comes after
Was never meant to come before.
And whatever comes before
Was never meant to come after.
However, whenever.

Today, I am wiser and stronger
than I was yesterday.
But I am not getting any younger
Just so you know,
Today, I am a year older.

©By Abdulmalik Jibril
There are voices
in my head.
They tell me
what to say and do
and what not to,
when to say and do
and when not to,
how to say and do
and how not to,
And why.

These voices
are those of my best friend.
They will never leave
as long as I live.
Is there a friendship
greater than this?

©Abdulmalik Jibril
When you see me smiling —all by myself
Or dancing —holding hands with the wind,
Do not think me crazy.
For this music, only my kind understands:
The echoes of the songs of the beloved;
The reflection of the beloved's beauty.
From where no one hears nor sees
But the lover.

By Abdulmalik Jibril
It is not in your beauty that I found love;
It is in your love that I see beauty.

And if you care as much,
I would care more.

If you care more,
I would care most.

For this path of ours is not blind,
But truth from love's perspective.

If hate ponders this path of ours,
It shall find nothing of its kind,

But evolve,
Just as we have, in love

Beyond all barriers –the isms:
Racism; tribalism; religionism,

To become one –WE:
You, me and love.

©Abdulmalik Jibril
When the morning comes,
admirers follow, and leave with it.
But lovers meet at night
and never leave.
O Sacred friend,
I called ninety-nine times and one.
And in every call, I love the more
For in the calling,
I die of my old self to live anew.

©By Abdulmalik Jibril
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