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Nalini Oct 2014
Illusions of permanence are cutting the very
Depth of this mind while it
Overflows with thoughts and
Never-ending clouds bring
Tears to remind how
Knowledge is the whirlwind while
Not-knowing is the silent center; still the
Ongoing winds keep tearing down every
Withered leaf from the tree of my heart.
October 23, 2014

Another one of those late-night poems. Of the kind that don't let go until they're written down on paper, but the moment they're out there, a serenity overtakes your whole being...
Nalini Oct 2014
It begins with just a whisper,
A hint of murmur,
Some quiet tremor
Of warmth.

Growing stronger each moment,
The flutter turns into
A familiar song
Of tenderness.

The sound flows clearly now,
Gushing like waves on
A distant shore
Of silence.

An ethereal orchestra is already
Masterfully performing,
The rhythmic tune
Of affection.

And soon, the unbroken melody
Softly transforms into
The ageless symphony
That is a cat's purr.
October 20, 2014, 11:30 am.
Inspired by my feline companions.
Nalini Oct 2014
When you look deep within                     Set your tears free now
And see clearly through                                Let them go running
Eyes of love                                                             Like wild horses

Only then can the blessing                      By singing all the secrets
Of the broken heart                                      Of the open meadows
Be recognized as                                            And catching fireflies
Each piece is                                                               ­      One by one

A doorway                                                          ­                  They will
To your                                                             ­                    Bring you  
Self.                                                      ­                                         Light.
October 20, 2014 (1:10 AM)
To be read in whichever way you prefer: parallel stanzas, or just up-down and up-down again.
Nalini Oct 2014
These are not
      these are my
      moist and heavy
this is not
the wind
     this is the
sound of
     my Heart
     ripped open
or is it
     ripe and open
     like a bright red
ripened pomegranate
on a tree branch
     burst open
     nothing to hold in
the little crimson drops
March, 2011
Nalini Oct 2014
It is time
To give yourself up.

Abandon all struggle,
Thoughts, worries and hopes.

It is time
To be Silent.

Be as heavy and still
As the highest mountain.

Be as light and serene
As the delicate flower.

It is time
To listen.

Listen in pure silence
As if trying to hear the voice of the sun
Rising at dawn.

Listen to the one who hears
And rest in this
Timeless equanimity.
Feb. 18, 2011
Nalini Oct 2014
Every element of nature speaks,
Singing a song of silence.
The heart

The tree next to the bust stop
Has been stripped by the winds
Almost completely,
But I can feel it smiling.

It communicates without sounds,
Words or concepts,
That which is most real.

And my heart is stripped
From all its layers,
As I listen.

It feels like a warm and loving hug
And I stand mesmerized,
Tearful eyes, smiling...

Riding the bus,
the people,
the same song plays.

Without being aware
They too sing,
The song of silence.

The surface is filled
With different emotions,

Yet I am diving deeper into the ocean and
My heart smiles again,
Recognizing the familiar music.

Walking down the street,
Hundreds of ants
On the pavement.

The rain has destroyed their home
And now they must

Walking carefully so no life is harmed,
Again I hear the melody.
It is sung by the ants and the earth
As one.

By now, my heart is laughing.
Dancing completely naked
In no space or place
To a soundless tune
Of an eternal rhythm.
Nov. 24th, 2007
Nalini Oct 2014
Something is dying
Something is
being born

The shedding of
the old skin
is but the birth
of a new one

The void
the falling
and flying

But we can only
side of the coin
at a time.

The silence
in between

the ephemeral nature
of all.

Peace is in the eye of the storm.
Written on October 26, 2008
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