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Mikkel Mathiesen Jul 2017
Remove my hands from my throat
Let me escape the white inevitable screen
Red upon blue wires strangles me
Everyone else is already dead
The white light ate them
Split and obsessed with confirmation
Impatient to get recognized
Indistinguishable personalities judged by each other
Because a heart per day keeps the Reaper away
And hungry they wander the masses
Brainless and forever starving
Dissolving in their own expectations
Layer upon layer they change, though, never evolve
Eternally forgotten in themselves

Who are they?
Everyone alike
Who am I?
I fear; everyone alike
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Mikkel Mathiesen Aug 2016
Death is never painless nor serene for every soul.
Someone will always fall short in the game of the dead.
Either the man taking the last breath or a man who has many left.

We never know anything other than the certainty; what is dead will forever remain.
Mikkel Mathiesen Jul 2016
There are wolves in the forest
I'm the moon to which they howl

Thousands of stars ******
I'm the black sky in which they lie

Leaves fall from the trees
I'm the wind which carries them

Branches crack and plunges
I'm the sound of devastation

Saplings grow and evolve
I'm the light which guides them

Shrooms chatter and wonder
I'm the mellow forest bed

Trees stand as giants
I'm the solid ground of rock and soil

I am Everything
Mikkel Mathiesen Jul 2016
The world is made of ****
and I'm a joker to the story
Gone in a moment of bliss
because I didn't seek glory
-- bore me

"It's a new day tomorrow",
they say ignorant and hollow
"Seek your dreams and a great life will follow"
however the flaming lord is still waiting below
-- drag me to the galow

A smile turned to a frown,
I'm sorry to let you down
But gone is my clown
and now begins my countdown

Brown town bring me the crown
Make me king of **** and let Minaj be the next centuries hit,
flick her *** while we drown in spit from Trump the Dump, a camel has two lumps
-- ****

Burn me and put me in an urn
All we want is money to earn
When will we learn that happiness should be our biggest concern?

Happiness: Hidden in society and locked away in plastic, happiness is free but requires a key
-- fantastic
All the while probably as fake as the *** of the Kardashian, and just as far fetched as the marsian

We say we are all a part of the innocent
but then who are we to blame for the mess we make?
Mikkel Mathiesen Jun 2016
Konstance konstance,
mit hoved ligger i trance
Mister grebet om livets balance,
savner de sidste dages nuance

For Djævlen er så småt,
ved at danse i blåt
Flammernes varme er blot,
falske i enden af livets plot

Vi rejser os for senere at falde,
dog forbliver hanens gjalde
En ny dag vil kalde,
Den må andre dog bifalde

Jeg bladre til den sidste side,
og lader andre leve og blive
I det grønne æble jeg bide,
ikke længere er jeg i live

Træets immortale grønhed,
maler over min dødelighed
Broderen græder sin sidste afsked,
nu ved Gud endelig besked
Mikkel Mathiesen Sep 2015
Society makes me wonder.
Is the Devil dancing in blue?
Mikkel Mathiesen Aug 2015
Everyone always says that the other side is greener.
But sometimes the green is neon,
and how real is neon?
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