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We lay naked
in a blank room
unable to move
or speak
and yet

Vivid, brilliant colors
to sounds
only we can hear

The only source
is our inner most thoughts
and our deepest emotions

We are poets
Sink into the masses
never to be heard from
or spoken to
Never judging
For you know what it's like to be judged
It's what made you decide to become invisible

Hide away once the day is done
Cry inside
but never shed a tear
Wish for a life
One where you're seen and loved
Above all loved

Hope that one day you'll live
without fear of pain
of heartbreak
of cruelty
of lingering eyes and twisted faces

Dream that one day
you'll have enough courage
that eventually none of those things will bother you
that you won't have to remain invisible forever
What is real?
What isn't?
Is anything anymore?
I can't tell
I don't know if I'm real
I'm lost
Who am i?
What do i like?
What don't i like?
Who is real?
Are you?
Can you prove it?
No one can.
We're guessing.
I need to know you're real
One day I'll fall and trust you to catch me
Will you really be there to save me?
Or will i fall through the air and into a bottomless pit of nothing?
He sails along the open seas
She lingers beneath the waters
Her sultry voice calls to him
Luring him into her waters
He's a sweet man
That's what she finds most enticing
She sings her song of heaven
Until he travels within her reach
Then her song changes from heaven to death
He doesn't realize it
He's captivated
He thinks she's perfect and harmless
Her intentions, however, aren't so pure
She doesn't mean to
She's lonely
But she can't resist the hunger for his soul
She wanders the desert alone
Knowing and feeling that she's looking for something
She's not sure what it is or why she needs it, but that doesn't stop her from searching
She lost track of time and days
Growing weak and confused
What is it all for?
A yew tree stands in the distance providing temporary shade
She stayed at that tree to wait
Something inside told her she would find what she was looking for there
The sun set and the moon arose bringing relief to the land dried from the sun's harsheties
What is it all for?
She stepped from the tree to bathe in the moonlight
An owl by the name of White Thunder awoke and saw her from the tree
Captivated, the owl took flight making circles over her as she danced
What is it all for?
She grew tired and fell to the ground to watch the sky
She instantly spotted White Thunder, saw the owl staring at her, and she knew that had been what she was looking for
Yew tree- despair, death, and rebirth
Moon- the one who loves her and wants to take her pain away
White Thunder- a reference to an old legend representing wisdom and new beginnings

I wrote this about a girl i know. She amazes me in every way. I want nothing more than to be her moon
I think i would rather a heart of ice than a heart of glass
Glass is translucent and fragile
When it breaks, it can so easily hurt anyone who comes upon it
Ice, though similar, is exceptionally different
It can be either clear or cloudy
Or it can hurt or sooth
I like it most because unlike glass, it can melt when given enough warmth
While yes, ice is cold, it's still only water hardened by its surroundings
The sea is nature's most mysterious creation
Though some are captivated, many are frightened
To think that being submerged in something so beautiful can take your life
It's easy to see where those people come from
It can make you lose any hope to see the sun
Its depth is so unknown how do we know what to guard ourselves from
No amount of preparation can help
Nothing can protect us
Not our parents, our friends, or our security blanket we had as children
We are on our own
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