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Lizzie Mar 6
you are not my best friend
you're petty and foul
uncaring and destructive

do you even care anymore?
Lizzie Oct 2018
i worked up the courage to send you the first message
we talked for hours that night
i laughed and you had smiled
we both seemed happy when we were together
i fell asleep on you because you told me it would be alright
i woke up to you gone, even though i asked you to stay
blocked ):
Lizzie Oct 2018
if my eyes aren't looking at a screen, they are leaking.
Lizzie Jun 2018
i'm still not asleep,
and neither are you.

you're thinking about her,
and i'm thinking about me.

you're so loving, yet
i'm so selfish, i want your love.

please call me,
please talk to me.

stay with me until i sleep,
then you can go

go back to her,
and i'll go back to me.
Lizzie May 2018
blowing breeze pushes this
introvert slightly out of her
round and obnoxious shell of
toxic self
hate so that i can receive praise that i
deserved, even though all i did was
age one more

i turned 18 today! here's a little acrostic poem :)
Lizzie Aug 2018
i can never do enough harm to myself

to make up for the amount of harm i did to you
Lizzie Jan 2018
i don't scratch my skin when it's dry to try to tear the surface to cause myself to bleed
i don't have nightmares where your hand touches mine and you're instantly disgusted
i don't scream all the lyrics to songs that make me cry because I relate too strongly
i don't write poetry because i can't find myself expressing my words
i don't scramble my sentences up so i can hide my anxiousness
i don't avoid eating because i'm afraid of weight
i don't do my homework because i've lost motivation

and i avoid admitting the truth.
Lizzie Jan 2018
when we kiss, it's filthy
exchanging sensual spit
mine tasting of strong alcohol, hints of strawberry
your reminds me of cigarettes, addictive like nicotine
together we are a walking mess
addicted to abusive subtances
addicted to each other
Lizzie Jan 2018
my mind is like a keyboard
too many options and full of secrets

if you press the right simple combination of keys, i'll speak a phrase

if you type the correct complex code, a beautiful noise emits
                               incorrectly though, i scream in agony

sometimes my keys pop right off, but you can always put them back on easily. i forget about the whole incident even occuring

other times, my keys just get stuck because you spilled something bad there, and the memories get stuck there, and they won't go away no matter how much we try

you could always get a new keyboard or
                                get a new girl, like you always do.
Lizzie Dec 2017
fifteen and stupid
tuesday afternoon
after school, after four
early decemeber
snowing softly

in your room
with the lights
turned off
only christmas lights
lit up our faces

i was timid
and scared
you were confident
and brave

you grabbed me
and kissed me

i hated it
the kiss
i hated you
the person

but i never
pushed you away
or told you no

but i wish i had
pushed you off me
and wiped my mouth
clean of your saliva
told you how
this isn't what i asked for

but i didn't

and i paid for that

by dating you for almost
a whole year before
i decided i didn't
want this
this kiss
this person
based on true events
Lizzie Nov 2018
i'm in love with the dying.
Lizzie Aug 2016
I liked you, very much, you were very different, but then you tried to fit in
Our feelings became more original than different, and our actions became more of a routine than a surprise.
**The biggest surprise we had was when I broke up with you.
Lizzie May 2018
if monotone was an emotion
i would be monotone all the time

everything is either black, gray, or static

nothing feels eventful

laying on my bed with my eyes closed
gives me the same excitement as
watching a thriller movie alone

i sound monotone

everything coming out of my lips
is the same tone, unless i'm happy,
then i'm a pitch higher

i look monotone

i dress everyday as if i'm attending a funeral,
for which i am, the funeral of my happiness
and my hopes and dreams, and eventually,

i am the monotone girl

who lives a monotone life

with a monotone wardrobe

with monotone skills

and the widest color scheme for dreams.

(show the true color, monotone isn't your color)
Lizzie Oct 2018
every time i go back to that place
i remember calling you
and telling you how excited i was
but also how scared i was

you told me it was okay

i remember my friends talking to you
and they were laughing
and i had a huge smile on my face

you wanted to hang up

i told you that i had to go
and i reminded you i loved you
i held the phone to my ear

i don't remember you saying you loved me back
Lizzie Oct 2018
every time i eat something in a box
i look at the calories and feel like i'm nauseous

every time i drink something in a can
i look at the calories and feel like i'm saturated

every time i eat, i'm afraid i'm eating too much
my head begins to spin and i feel sick to my stomach

i'm afraid of over eating, i'm afraid of making the mistake
giving people another reason to dislike me
Lizzie Dec 2017
The halls of a high school
are the most
destructive and obnoixous
place to be
but also the most
peaceful and soul searching
place to be

Every teenager in the building
is in the halls in the exact moment
everyone is in one clump
loud, messy, and
thought provoking

you can hear bits of every
passing conversation
fleeting gossip
disruptive insults
blaring music

all the bits gather and swirl
in each others heads
weaving into our thoughts
and popping up in small talk
making your sentence a pop culture reference before your own eyes

If you walk a certain way
head down unless you see your locker
a few steps behind the last person
in the middle of the right side
you just disappear
people don't recognize
your existance

You melt into the routine of your
daily walk in the hallways
you're always walking near
the same people each
passing period

you don't know their names
but they are your friends
when you drop your books,
the two soccer players that
hate their coach help you
because they always walk
behind you and need you
to walk so they can blend in too

the girl in front of you
that seems to have self esteem issues
because shes wearing XXL shirts
when she's only a Large
whenever she sneezes
you acknowledge her
when no one else has
or even would

we've all fallen into the trap
of the hallways vacant yet
totally cramped feeling
we've been molded by it
we are part of the hallways
Lizzie May 2018
dissociating from life

melting into my sheet less bed

feel the pressure of every homework assignment i never turned in, every excuse i made to avoid hanging out, every person's feelings i ever disregarded

but also feel absolutely nothing

hearing all the beats of the song, every lyric feels like the writer wrote them just to connect to you

but also having the sound drown out and everything goes deafening quiet

i'm tired of existing
of simply living

breathing is hard to do.
Lizzie Jan 2018
i just wanted to be in your arms tonight
but i wasn't
and i never will be

because we are miles on miles apart
and even
further apart physically
Lizzie Jul 2018
end of my elementary school years i had a diary.
a boy i had a crush on broke my heart and i wrote in my diary on a page somewhere in between the middle and the end about how i was
about how i wanted to cut my wrists and be sad all the time.

my parents found this diary and found this page and questioned me until i said it was all a lie and i didn't even know what emo really was.

i keep a diary online now, and i occasionally cut myself, and i wonder if my parents ever think i'm emo.

would i be able to lie and tell them i don't know what emo is? or would they look at the scars and wonder when i really found out what being emo was.
true story.

i used to keep this on private but i think i don't want it private anymore.
Lizzie Dec 2017
every day
i commit suicide

and everyone
lets me die

they do not
stop me

every day
i give up a
piece of me
to please you

every day
i agree to
something i do
not believe in

every day
i break myself
to make you
feel better

i have killed
myself more
than 100 times

and i will
continue to
**** myself

until someone
kills themselves for me
i'm feeling hurt by your actions, but i continue to honor them. i am foolish, yet so are you.
Lizzie Nov 2017
have i forgiven them, or do i just wish to be forgiven?

they all hurt me,
but i hope you get away from your brother,
and i hope your mom lets you speak other languages
and i hope you finally find that girl who makes you smile
and i hope your dad accepts that you're ***

even though you all hoped that i was dead.
but to be honest,
i hoped i was dead too.
Lizzie Feb 2018
you've overstayed your welcome, you've extended the deadline to a date i don't see myself living to, you've stopped paying rent.

you're a nuisance.

you lied to me, betrayed me, hurt me, and expected me to remain the loyal little sidekick.

you're the villain.

when i finally stood up for myself, you shot me down, ordered my execution center stage.

you're the devil.
this is for the people who in my past, hurt me, and know they did, and left me, but my brain won't let them leave.
Lizzie Nov 2017
you fell in love with your best friend.

not only their charming, i'm supporting you til the end personality,
but their deep, thoughtful yet attentive eyes of the warmest shade of
chocolaty brown there is.
the way their gap in between the front two teeth show when they smile, laughing like angelic church bells when you make the stupid joke about it being them being the reason it's too hot in their room.
the warm embrace your body feels, yet the chills that run down your spine when they call you at 10:30 pm for your nightly routine of watching news reporters fail on live television to the silly teen drama shows on youtube.

but you can't tell them you love them, because they talk about that person in their chemistry class that gave them a pencil during the first week of school, and never asked for it back.
provided them notes when they were so tried from staying up all night that they needed to stay at home.
how they brought them a valentine's day card and some chocolates on february 14th because you didn't ask them out for a movie or even just to hang out.

but you'll still love them, and say you do, but it's sibling love, the you're my best friend love, but you're not my best best friend love.

you fell in love with your best friend.
and your best friend fell in love.
Lizzie Dec 2017
elementary school was a blur
until in 5th grade two boys
i knew were at my father's work,
ordering subway sandwiches talking
about the red headed girl who had
a muffin top. utterly disgusting.

i had not known what a muffin top
exactly was, until my best friend's
mother explained it and then nodded
in agreement, "i can see the muffin
top-ness to you. i can get you a diet"

in 6th grade, i lost my best friend to
girls who did not have muffin tops
and were not on diet plans, just girls
who existed and played the role of
a child attending middle school

7th and 8th grade was a jumbled
disarray of 730 days filled with
self hatred and self harm,
remembering my best friend
and the muffin top comment

high school! a fresh start, a brand
new adventure. i will find the kids
who know what a muffin top is,
and i'll accept their comment
and hide my low calorie meals

self harm followed with his best friend
self hatred and depression and
being anxious to eat in the cafeteria
so i didn't eat all of freshman year,
i sat in the hallway during lunch

sophomore and junior year i snagged
occasional apples and spare chicken nuggets
from my friends trays, but i never got
a lunch meal myself, even though my
family qualified for free lunch.

but senior year, i am changing.
for the better i believe.
i eat almost 3 times a week, actual meals
pb&j mostly, but it's a meal
the other two days i eat rolls, delicious rolls

i've decided that i am me, and i could have
changed it sooner, but i think i am glad
i hadn't for it made me, me.
the red headed girl with a muffin top
who loves feeding herself, and feeling
full instead of empty.

sometimes i still hate my weight, but
it's my weight, and i have to carry it
i should carry it with joy for my body
is not a chore, or dead weight.
my body is my vessel, and i love it.
i've struggled with my weight a lot, but i'm learning to love myself, so i decided to write a poem about it so when things get tougher, i can look back.
Lizzie Jan 2018
we have that kind of love
but i never thought about it as love

we spend countless hours together, jokingly insulting each other, pushing each others buttons, talking about the reason of living, revealing sinful kinks, our favorite thing about this expanding universe we look up at, how all the stars are dead when we see them, and wonder if people will find us beautiful if when we are already dead.
we talk about the boys at school, and the young men in our friend groups how they are so corny and cute, but have that cute boyish handsome charm to them, each and every one of them, and sometimes we joke about dating them, but it's really scary if you imagine it.
i find myself in you and i wish i could be more like you, while you find yourself in me, and you aspire to be more like me, yet we are never happy being ourselves but being each other, and being each others.

and i think that's why it's love.
that kind of love.
Lizzie Aug 2018
i figured you didn't love me anymore.

i assumed it didn't hurt.

i believed being hurt and loving them went hand in hand.

i love you so much still, that it hurts to think of being without you.

i thought you didn't love me, so you were glad when you were without me.
i'm sorry, and i really do mean it. i'm sorry for believing you were fine, and i'm sorry for pushing things over the line.

i really do still love you.
even though now it doesn't seem the same.
Lizzie Nov 2017
i thought i loved you.
the way you called me princess,
or you called me yours,
how you declared me your favorite
and let me fall asleep in call.
how you messaged me when i couldn't sleep
even when you had work at 7 am

i really ******* thought i loved you,
and sometimes i think i still do,
but you made it really clear that you didn't love me
when you called her princess,
and claimed her as yours,
and said she was the most important person to you
how she fell asleep with you,
and how you helped her back to sleep,
even when you had work at 7 am

i sometimes still think i love you.
Lizzie Feb 2018
you see the entire milky way when you look at me,
a complete master piece, the best exhibit at the show.
you hear a symphony, the top musicians in the world.

i've noticed your stars, the sparkles that appear,
i believe you're an oil painting, took large amounts of skill.
i hear the quietest place on Earth with you.

but i will never love you, as much as you love me, and i'm truly sorry for that.
i've pondered posting this poem for over a month now, i've lost any hope of just discarding this.
Lizzie Aug 2018
talk to me so i stop talking to myself.
the words rattle back and forth in my mind that i dont need you to reply, i already thought up your next three responses, one being silence.

i miss you.
Lizzie Mar 9
i tear at my skin, rip the flesh off the bone
layers and layers peel away
i reveal my core, it's broken and confusing
black bones and stars and weeds stuck between
everything looks thrown together
nothing belongs here
Lizzie Mar 6
my lips burn and sting; for i only long to kiss you
Lizzie May 2018
suffocating is lovely,
the carbon dioxide is bottled inside my lungs and bounces rapidly

it makes me feel so alive

drowning is extraordinary,
the water floods the empty parts of me and makes me whole again

it makes me feel so normal

cutting is splendid,
the poison is finally leaving my blood stream and i'm healthy

it makes me feel in control

the problems make me different but they make me feel so normal
Lizzie Oct 2018
you stay muted and i do the talking
it's a different feeling for me
but i enjoy it because you turn on your camera
i love watching you smile when i'm talking
you remind me what it feels like to have a
stranger love me, and just me.

i'm watching you sleep right now
and i'm wondering if he ever thought
the same things i'm thinking
when i fell asleep on him
did you stay because you cared?
Lizzie Jun 2018
if i were you

i wouldn't love me

-grandson: despicable 6/15/2018
Lizzie Aug 2016
I don't really know how to feel,
I'm taking too many pills, my bottle is half empty,
I'm smoking more often, because my lungs feel less empty.
Lizzie Aug 2018
i fell in love with you.

i broke my own heart.

i'm sorry.
Lizzie Dec 2017
i've typed a lot of things
on the internet
to other people,
and i want a lot of my
last messages to be

"my flight just landed,
see you in 15 minutes.
i love you"
i really want to see all my online friends. they mean the world to me.
Lizzie Jan 2017
i learned in psychology a valuable lesson
that humans have a need to belong
now i see

im not such a different human
*at all
Lizzie Dec 2017
I’ve always hated Rainy days.

The storm cloud always lingers around.
His days wash away.
Like chalk on the sidewalk.

The rain comes down.
Our conversation escapes him.
Like a dog free from a leash.

I Remember when you took me to the park.
Why don’t you.
The Rain washed the day away.

I Remember when you gave me your pocket watch.
But why do you ask me about it every day.
The Rain washed the time away.

I Remember when Nana died.
Why can’t you Remember her name.
The Rain washed her away.

Do you Remember when we danced in the Rain?
I know you do.
We talk about it everyday.

Why that moment?
Why is it so important to you?
Why did you always love the Rain?

I’ll Remember when I go off to college soon
Will you?
Don't let the Rain wash me away too.

You never got around to telling me
made this with my friend
Lizzie Jan 2018
its the time of year
where when i pass off
my mask to another me
it is not questioned
i can push myself deep
into the concoction of
the new year's drink
forget myself
but create a new me,
approachable and talkative
a real catch
the girl i wish i could be

then after the ball hits the floor
polluting the party
exciting the people
the new 365 days arrive
i'll be me again
until next year
happy near year everyone :)
Lizzie Jul 17
i love you so much i'm going to make you hate me.

if you hate me, you'll find someone who makes you happy.

i don't want you to hate me, but
i want you to be happy.
Lizzie Jul 2018
i wish i was like you,
outgoing and sociable.

what is it like talking to someone
just because you feel like it?

how does it feel to send a message
and not feel the chat box closing in on you?

i wish the compliments didn't seem like
covered up insults that stab right through me.

i wish i could talk to you without
having to apologize.

it's hard hitting enter, and whenever i do,
it's even more difficult not to delete it.

i want to go back and remove it all,
never notify you of my need for attention.

i just wanted to talk to you,
so i could seem like you.
Lizzie Aug 2016
I do not smoke because I am addicted, as the smoke begins to make me choke
I began smoking because the smoke fills my lungs, allowing me to feel like I'm breathing something besides this sadness, it fills all the empty holes in my soul that you put there.
Lizzie Jun 2018
right side of bed
top drawer
tiny blade
blood stained

right of drawer
vertical cabinet
and a lighter

here's to forgetting you
Lizzie Aug 2018
appears like a brute

is as frail as a flower
Lizzie Aug 2018
the future is broad,
he said

but is it broad enough for you to love me again?
she thought

i want to be yours, and only yours time & time again.
Lizzie Mar 2018
he had loved the color orange
passionate orange,
relaxed but caring

she loved him
as much as he loved
the orange hue in the sunset

he loves her
but not relaxing

they clash and orange
is no where in sight
red, violet, blue, green
they splash on their bodies

and other times
they are no other color than
orange and it's siblings
mellow and together

she wishes for them to be
orange, but sometimes he
becomes red and she is
every shade of the end of the rainbow

she becomes violet, then indigo
she transitions to blue
she darkens to the deepest shade
she is only blue, darker than black

he is red, extreme red
he is full of passion
he is fiery and about to explode
he is so bright that he illuminates the whole world

she wishes they could become orange again
and she believes he does too, but
something had happened and they were
only the siblings, no orange around
Lizzie Dec 2017
my apologies mean nothing

i told you how i felt, why i didn't do what you wanted
it meant nothing to you

because "no excuses", right?
if you were on this website,
you'd know i was writing about you.

but you don't know about Hello Poetry,
or that i even wrote poetry.

now, i'm left crying, wanting to self harm again
and you think i don't want you in my life.

it seems more like you don't want me in yours.
i'm sorry this is not a poem, i feel lost in my thoughts right now, and i do not wish to indulge the subject to my friends again, i feel like i've ruined their night enough. i needed to rant. apologizes. sorry Zach for not talking to you
Lizzie Dec 2017
my back hurts and has been hurting
for a really long time now

it's not just an ache when i bend over
or when i stand too long

it's constant, reminding me its always
present with its constant throbbing

each disk of my spinal cord feels like
its carrying all my weight on it

but i think they are carrying much more
than my own body on them

my bones are carrying you
but it's not actually you

it's the old you
the memories of you

a genuinely happy you
the one i met back then

the one i began to fell in love with
but you seemed so distant

even though you spent every waking
moment with me, and only me

we were distant, and then you told me
you loved me, and wished i felt the same

flustered i told you i loved you,
i had from the start

we dated for less than a week
but i carry you in my body

every loving memory of you
of past you

in between my bones you sit,
closer to me than you are now

and sometimes i still think that
i love you, but i don't want to.
Lizzie Dec 2017
this girl
*******, this girl.

she was heaven and hell at the same time. all four seasons at their fullest, the snow, the sun, the flowers, and the baked leaves. she was determination and shyness, happiness and sadness, all at once. all at one time. she was the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and the vast emptiness of space.

i was dull. i was the long roads in the middle of nowhere. the places people lose themselves, lose each other. i was empty. i was all those nights you dont remember your dreams. i was all those places you didnt go, because the other was better.

she was everything.
i was nothing.
she was my everything.
i was her nothing.
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