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Nov 2017
you fell in love with your best friend.

not only their charming, i'm supporting you til the end personality,
but their deep, thoughtful yet attentive eyes of the warmest shade of
chocolaty brown there is.
the way their gap in between the front two teeth show when they smile, laughing like angelic church bells when you make the stupid joke about it being them being the reason it's too hot in their room.
the warm embrace your body feels, yet the chills that run down your spine when they call you at 10:30 pm for your nightly routine of watching news reporters fail on live television to the silly teen drama shows on youtube.

but you can't tell them you love them, because they talk about that person in their chemistry class that gave them a pencil during the first week of school, and never asked for it back.
provided them notes when they were so tried from staying up all night that they needed to stay at home.
how they brought them a valentine's day card and some chocolates on february 14th because you didn't ask them out for a movie or even just to hang out.

but you'll still love them, and say you do, but it's sibling love, the you're my best friend love, but you're not my best best friend love.

you fell in love with your best friend.
and your best friend fell in love.
Written by
Lizzie  19/F
     Xallan and ---
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