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Dec 2017
I’ve always hated Rainy days.

The storm cloud always lingers around.
His days wash away.
Like chalk on the sidewalk.

The rain comes down.
Our conversation escapes him.
Like a dog free from a leash.

I Remember when you took me to the park.
Why don’t you.
The Rain washed the day away.

I Remember when you gave me your pocket watch.
But why do you ask me about it every day.
The Rain washed the time away.

I Remember when Nana died.
Why can’t you Remember her name.
The Rain washed her away.

Do you Remember when we danced in the Rain?
I know you do.
We talk about it everyday.

Why that moment?
Why is it so important to you?
Why did you always love the Rain?

I’ll Remember when I go off to college soon
Will you?
Don't let the Rain wash me away too.

You never got around to telling me
made this with my friend
Written by
Lizzie  19/F
     Jared, --- and Josie
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