Lizzie Oct 11
i still miss you
every day
every night

i don't get to sleep with anyone who is there in the morning

i don't have someone who talks to me the way you did

i miss you

i miss us

i feel sad
with out you

but i'd feel sad
making you stay
with me
i miss you z.g.
Lizzie Oct 11
if my eyes aren't looking at a screen, they are leaking.
Lizzie Oct 11
every time i eat something in a box
i look at the calories and feel like i'm nauseous

every time i drink something in a can
i look at the calories and feel like i'm saturated

every time i eat, i'm afraid i'm eating too much
my head begins to spin and i feel sick to my stomach

i'm afraid of over eating, i'm afraid of making the mistake
giving people another reason to dislike me
Lizzie Oct 11
i worked up the courage to send you the first message
we talked for hours that night
i laughed and you had smiled
we both seemed happy when we were together
i fell asleep on you because you told me it would be alright
i woke up to you gone, even though i asked you to stay
blocked ):
Lizzie Aug 19
appears like a brute

is as frail as a flower
Lizzie Aug 18
when you are told you are worthless

over and over again

you begin to believe you are worthless

and you try to make everyone else

also believe you are worthless
Lizzie Aug 18
i always wanted to graduate and leave the hellhole of high school
i always expected that when i was graduating that i would receive a scholarship from some state college
i always imagined i'd fall in love with someone between high school and college and that would be the love of my life

i wish i could have left high school when i knew what i wanted to do with my life
no colleges want me & no one was there to fall in love with me

if i stayed in high school until i knew what i wanted to do, i think i would be in high school until i passed on.
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