Lizzie 12h

my apologies mean nothing

i told you how i felt, why i didn't do what you wanted
it meant nothing to you

because "no excuses", right?
if you were on this website,
you'd know i was writing about you.

but you don't know about Hello Poetry,
or that i even wrote poetry.

now, i'm left crying, wanting to self harm again
and you think i don't want you in my life.

it seems more like you don't want me in yours.

i'm sorry this is not a poem, i feel lost in my thoughts right now, and i do not wish to indulge the subject to my friends again, i feel like i've ruined their night enough. i needed to rant. apologizes. sorry Zach
Lizzie 1d

do you hear that?

the sound of my heart

beating loudly

and passionately

just for you?

or is the sound of

your insults

too loud for you

to concentrate

on more than my


Lizzie 3d

every day
i commit suicide

and everyone
lets me die

they do not
stop me

every day
i give up a
piece of me
to please you

every day
i agree to
something i do
not believe in

every day
i break myself
to make you
feel better

i have killed
myself more
than 100 times

and i will
continue to
kill myself

until someone
kills themselves for me

i'm feeling hurt by your actions, but i continue to honor them. i am foolish, yet so are you.
Lizzie 4d

fifteen and stupid
tuesday afternoon
after school, after four
early decemeber
snowing softly

in your room
with the lights
turned off
only christmas lights
lit up our faces

i was timid
and scared
you were confident
and brave

you grabbed me
and kissed me

i hated it
the kiss
i hated you
the person

but i never
pushed you away
or told you no

but i wish i had
pushed you off me
and wiped my mouth
clean of your saliva
told you how
this isn't what i asked for

but i didn't

and i paid for that

by dating you for almost
a whole year before
i decided i didn't
want this
this kiss
this person

based on true events
Lizzie 5d

The halls of a high school
are the most
destructive and obnoixous
place to be
but also the most
peaceful and soul searching
place to be

Every teenager in the building
is in the halls in the exact moment
everyone is in one clump
loud, messy, and
thought provoking

you can hear bits of every
passing conversation
fleeting gossip
disruptive insults
blaring music

all the bits gather and swirl
in each others heads
weaving into our thoughts
and popping up in small talk
making your sentence a pop culture reference before your own eyes

If you walk a certain way
head down unless you see your locker
a few steps behind the last person
in the middle of the right side
you just disappear
people don't recognize
your existance

You melt into the routine of your
daily walk in the hallways
you're always walking near
the same people each
passing period

you don't know their names
but they are your friends
when you drop your books,
the two soccer players that
hate their coach help you
because they always walk
behind you and need you
to walk so they can blend in too

the girl in front of you
that seems to have self esteem issues
because shes wearing XXL shirts
when she's only a Large
whenever she sneezes
you acknowledge her
when no one else has
or even would

we've all fallen into the trap
of the hallways vacant yet
totally cramped feeling
we've been molded by it
we are part of the hallways

Lizzie 6d

I’ve always hated Rainy days.

The storm cloud always lingers around.
His days wash away.
Like chalk on the sidewalk.

The rain comes down.
Our conversation escapes him.
Like a dog free from a leash.

I Remember when you took me to the park.
Why don’t you.
The Rain washed the day away.

I Remember when you gave me your pocket watch.
But why do you ask me about it every day.
The Rain washed the time away.

I Remember when Nana died.
Why can’t you Remember her name.
The Rain washed her away.

Do you Remember when we danced in the Rain?
I know you do.
We talk about it everyday.

Why that moment?
Why is it so important to you?
Why did you always love the Rain?

I’ll Remember when I go off to college soon
Will you?
Don't let the Rain wash me away too.

You never got around to telling me

made this with my friend
Lizzie Dec 8

this girl
holy shit, this girl.

she was heaven and hell at the same time. all four seasons at their fullest, the snow, the sun, the flowers, and the baked leaves. she was determination and shyness, happiness and sadness, all at once. all at one time. she was the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and the vast emptiness of space.

i was dull. i was the long roads in the middle of nowhere. the places people lose themselves, lose each other. i was empty. i was all those nights you dont remember your dreams. i was all those places you didnt go, because the other was better.

she was everything.
i was nothing.
she was my everything.
i was her nothing.

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