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Kon Grin Aug 2022
My eyelids shut, my mind’s at haze
I suffocate, cats’ smell, too dense

I get up slowly, windows opened now
Buts that’s not only
seal that’s opened. How

Deep is depth?
I tear the covers right
I’m sitting up
Against indigo sky

We used to sleep, right here, together
And now we don’t
The story’s over
You dyed blonde

I’m not broken
It’s not you I miss
I’m longing
For the kiss

For the hug
and the serenity of touch
I miss belonging
and I can’t sleep tonight

Thanks for being in my life
I’m much obliged
It’s written over 9 months after us breaking up. I know exactly it’s not her I’m missing right now. It’s this stupid desire to belong to any woman.
Kon Grin Sep 2019
Знаешь, будто бы обуглена
Отпечаток солнца на оттенке ее рук
И изящной пары ног, что короткими шагами
Носит Солнце по земле

Между облаком и небом
Душа усеянная светом
Звезд, что на ее лице
Оставили сияние.

Она блестит всегда.
Хоть улыбается, хоть нет.
Янтарная звезда.

И Слово, и молчание
И спокойствие, и счастье
И улыбка, и гримаса боли
И скала, и море
И цветок, и солнце
И секунда и семь лет

Я пою твой свет.
bbbbbenie and the jets
Sep 2019 · 308
Kon Grin Sep 2019
Razored by torrential feelings
Fried between the scorch and sand
Bleeding, willing
To at last prosper in home land

I find a creature speaking seemingly the English
Though im the one who’s teaching her so what’s the deal
A form encompassing the all within the all
A pitch between eternity and null

A sweet delight she’s at
As I am circling her around my head
In thought i have to hide
Even from myself
Im willing not to catch up in the tide

September 19 - 2 years we met
as I was standing by the door
4 eyes and one realization
9, 4 and school

You’re sun, sunflower and a bear
You’re a bracelette id wear
For the rest of my
Life and I
Want you to know
I kinda love you,

Wont you please
Please wait
Until the “1 and 2,
Oh oh and 2, too oh and double two”
So I would do
Do anything at all
Not fearing hearing a reproach.≠
bbbennie and the jets
Kon Grin Oct 2018
For what its worth
We have travelled much
Out of school for several times
Starving for the journey and the ride

Bringing out the best we are
Heading out at midnight
Driving Hundred-Fifty mountain ride

We are living
We are living
Are we not the best that could've been

Dear Wisdom
I'd love to think
But my thinking cap has broken twice this rhyme

I'm conquering
But losing each
Drop of childish blood that we once had

See we are breaking bad
See we are buying heads
See its Hundred-Fifty down the sea

The juniper night
On the spring I was young
I spent all my brain for the reel

Not rockign the boat and
Not sailing abroad
Am I lucky, a fool or a bee?

Oh my buttercup friend,
I am girding for rest
So get on we are leaving the rest
So get on we are heading even more ******* West

And the sign of the wine
That allures me to dine
On the bones of the wasted time

Dont go lookign for fame and glory
You are doing great as you are
Dont go searching for fame and glory
Glory is another name for Love
When the night has come for our room
And the doggy sings bit out of tune
When the day blunts out a new Amen
Praise the holy light
Sep 2018 · 300
Kon Grin Sep 2018
im trying to be
a knight in pocket on a knee
a flower on a bed of reed
a sunshine in the ****** up dim


perpetua in timeless home
a shaving boy, a cheap add-on
to beauty of your youthful old
twenty four y.o. cute face
Jul 2018 · 1.8k
Kon Grin Jul 2018
ive seen the world all people same
we love we fear, deprived, insane
absolute mass and no division for the HQ supervision
we are Trialed in side by solicitude at night
blindfolded OF!
superiority of those that are biting in our nose
medicating under-eighteen that appear so differently
and thus don't reap the boredom we are destined to live through
im sorry that I'm different
and I'm sorry that I speak
for the nation of the flowers
all fragile but not weak
A call out to generation X
Jul 2018 · 252
July 7
Kon Grin Jul 2018
luv, kids, luv
meet plenty clovers-bowers on a bed of dove
bros lead bros
u can't predict them meeting ai fortuna, love
liv kids liv
be-tray all, but your myth
Jun 2018 · 234
juneys #2
Kon Grin Jun 2018
See, I see clouds roll by
As my feet emerse in my mind
My inner child dreams
No more deeds

As I finish my chores
As I cure from the bore
As my abdomen is moving to the slow beat

As I sing to the king
Of my past and new teenage sins
As my fingers are tipping to the slow beat

I see giant in sky
See his hands are moving to mine
The deceptive tongue can not lie
As I see clouds roll by
Kon Grin Jun 2018
this mock has never been a lie
obnoxious introverted creatures
live inside
pink suit-up knights
and blue yet-to-be **** witches

homage to excessive tse-tse flies
Kulupnay means strawberry in Uzbek
May 2018 · 356
juneys #1
Kon Grin May 2018
I'm a' dive into a sampled night
Keeping mask upon my face
It has tangled in my hairless mind blight
Fields have starved into the fade

Joking but not making laugh
I'm a' scare my mother every other day
Monster in and monster out, I'd love
I'd just love to be myself
Apr 2018 · 440
Heart #1
Kon Grin Apr 2018
i could be
incorporating zillion words to reel
at the combustion of my percevearance
of my contagious belief and clearance
but i wont
i am higher than imperfect ego
than the dirt iwas born to live inside
equal to the monument of thoughts of teachers
build inside this crumbling mind

discovering the glue to fix
discovering some time to make it beat
at least
a little bit
its my year im here
Feb 2018 · 200
Year 2
Kon Grin Feb 2018
that is
my anthem for the start
  my sophomore progression
   into realms of ever-dusk
    into time of never-ever
where blue
describes my tranquil beauty
  sea-like mirror to your thoughts
   waves a-rolling into soothing
    rush of candy words
Feb 2018 · 175
sea #2
Kon Grin Feb 2018
in the sky
in the blanket for a myriad of lights
i saw a flock of storks
their bodies caressed in the bite
of wind and all the future blowing in
Feb 2018 · 203
Kon Grin Feb 2018
she crosses a hand
on her chest, for the sake
of ****** staying mistique

how blind was me
thrice failing to see
she undressed not for me, but for lake
Sea 1/24 about S.S. on Happy Smr
Feb 2018 · 139
Kon Grin Feb 2018
Eloquent, being lost
On lanes familiar with the dust.
I can not spot
The flower shops i fostered in the past.

Except the rooms of stained glass
I narrow eyes to see
How time will doom the camomile
How ruthless life can be.

But I will kneel
Reciprocate the corpse of once a growing stalk.
For it's the only way.
For we must talk
Before it's time to leave.
Dec 2017 · 309
Philo #4
Kon Grin Dec 2017
Sometimes three words
Can put your heart in flames
Sometimes the same three words
Can break it just the same
Dec 2017 · 168
Philo #3
Kon Grin Dec 2017
By my side
Pray unwind
Loosen the grip of your fists
I can hardly breathe
Dec 2017 · 184
Philo #2
Kon Grin Dec 2017
Pungent scent of
Meager paramours' thick toman

How woman
Is obnoxious loving noble
bout 29
Dec 2017 · 182
Philo #1
Kon Grin Dec 2017
There's a thing
A precious gold
White as cotton in the summer

There's a thing
A perfect curve
On a face of pale marble
Dec 2017 · 262
Holocene (4.12)
Kon Grin Dec 2017
I could have stopped
Right then
For I'm fed up with everlasting bumping into barriers of your heart

And struggling thorns
On stems
Of dry red roses burried deep within your silent art

I could have hid
No more
I fostered feelings wrong

You stopped me then
"Hush now
Be still and listen to the song"
Bon Hiver
Dec 2017 · 180
Kon Grin Dec 2017
The more they coaxed my feet to stop
The labour of enormous lungs
The more I'd run

The more they fostered failure when
Child of victory had faith
The more I'd stay
Nov 2017 · 414
Heart vs Word (2017) AT 67
Kon Grin Nov 2017
when my act
commits a fallacy against  a word
that is when heart will clearly out
verum you have taught

and if your act
is but a hand
say none more
and be no "and"

for when there is no space between two skins
in drunken grasp of nervous hands
there is a silent start
within infinity of end

sky falls to night for time to seek continnum in the light
contemporary relationship issues in life
Nov 2017 · 178
Kon Grin Nov 2017
Tranquility forges
A song
My inner zen lodges
In tongue

More and less
To seek and rest
By time the zen is blessed,
To link the past
And future gust
The zen obliges best.
Nov 2017 · 159
Kon Grin Nov 2017
The commodity trade
Is expanding at rate
Of a massive black hole in the space
My friends bargain for lust
They exchange pristine love
For a tribal consent in the ****
Economics and feelings
Nov 2017 · 288
Kon Grin Nov 2017
binding time
when firing hearth
sprinkling cologne smelling wine
but the time has by the time gone far.

twenty first of ember
fortnight late for goals to be.
twenty first mistake, however
goals are coals burning glee.

for no longer
you await me after work
claiming bees are busy homewards
knowing bees are sleeping not.

hazel would reveal
one to seven, nutshell-strong
while capitals are running short
while walnut's acting wrong.

walnut misses hazel.
why they hardly ever meet?
were nut shells intruded with a razor
or the hazel lost the seed
21st November
Nov 2017 · 190
Stepping Out
Kon Grin Nov 2017
What is the point of stars to
The blind, the worms or the fish
I call, scream out to whom
The sight has passed the gift.
The wish to break out of darkness
Pray see
What is up in the sky
The night is ethereal oneness
In which one encounters рай.
I'm sorry to dwell in a city so hectic
Where chins have been chained to chests
My mother has told me
As her mother told her
As her father told her
To raise head to wind and to put neck to test
Nov 2017 · 201
Kon Grin Nov 2017
Unable to recall
Lamantine, sea foam
Merging into fairy form
You be mermaid at my home

Unable to recall
How you made a midnight call
How I was the only one
Guarding you in midnight run

Unable to recall
Lemons, glitter, noir coat
Rain accompanying you sole
Purity of autumn rot

Unable to recall
******* hands and city hill
Body fastened, droplet role
Frozen lips and silence zeal

Baby, I forgot
How you cheated at the spot
When I didn't look away
When I had a lot to say
Messy how messy wow
Nov 2017 · 198
Kon Grin Nov 2017
Pastel blue roof
Of the open-air hall
Maples and pines
'Stead of columns and walls
Nov 2017 · 391
When The World
Kon Grin Nov 2017
When the world stops for a minute who
Recognises every wrinkle I drew
Where you have laid
Have you laid
But never managed to stay

(When the) night comes for our room
(And the) day drowns in sound of monsoon
You can say
Can you say
What was wrong all this time

(When you) whisper clouds of the might
(And the) sky falls loud to reveal daylight
For your voice breaks
Your voice breaks
All the mess into lines

When the world stops for a minute, will
You seek me in the silence of hills
On mountaintop
In depth of the world
But does it ma-tter still
That is one more song of my band IWALF. It describes the feelings of both composers towards their own separate relationship. The first and the second stanzas I clearly relate to the relationship that was once perfect but now broken, the third and the fourth ones are about unreciprocated feelings. The prompt lines belong to @greatbigcongratulations
Nov 2017 · 200
Kon Grin Nov 2017
A kite
Cap on that head,
As if fury - is red.
When a kite
Cerulean dropped
From underneath the hat
Cerulean probably wet.

Be not
Every rope shallow be freed
By cutting the knot)
Nov 2017 · 216
Kon Grin Nov 2017
Incinerating freedom
On deliberate letgo
Sheer Luck my wheels are jiggling
Smoothly towards home
Could be once again
A mistake under moon lake, under dome
Under thousand fairies, million blisters
Weighing down the starry wall
Nov 2017 · 268
Kon Grin Nov 2017
See the hands
At the bringe of the war
Escalating to a hallway door
For I stole her tonight
Just to bury pink light
In between the knuckles of her

And the eyes
Cross me out
Make a mount of a sound
So I kick off the ground
For the ground I have I'm giving to her

See the creature
Blind with black
Is she ever going to pay my heart back
For I've paid the fare twice
Am I breaking the ice
Does she feel pink she did before
Oct 2017 · 204
Kon Grin Oct 2017
An hour's nought;
See hyphen dwindling into dot;
See gold of leaves expiring into days;
See, hour perishes when ways
Don't lead to exhibition of your face.
Oct 2017 · 180
you see, you're sea
Kon Grin Oct 2017
the sea of beauty i have drowned in
the pink fish living in you seek
a feast in my brain, heart and lips
i was a tenant in my skin
But now I merge with waters at your fingertips
(for fingertips of yours make music)
Kon Grin Oct 2017
When fire of yours is on the loose
Oct 2017 · 381
Kon Grin Oct 2017
If I could
Spill at least
A single thought of You,

The Me would
Drown Earth
In the ocean sweet of blue.
That's the way it goes
Oct 2017 · 185
Kon Grin Oct 2017
Bitter apple
Ever easy to inscribe
On the campus of the matter
So unlike the sweet and ripe

Sour unwanted
Much complained and sworn upon
Is unhunted, though is always
Prayed all prayers on.

Will perish,
Plans be blown by a gun
Mind cherish
The perpetual combustion of my heartbeat in the run.
And perfect
Lays in waste site of the head.
Bakes my cheeks to red.

And bitter
Occupies my mind infinitely and
As phoenix
To be infinite in every end

Title versus novel
No one quotes an author
For a label is a dome
For the foreign's ever measured by the home

You can find a word in my
Sixteen stanzas of a rhyme
But as long as all my words are lies
There's your name and wisdom in its ice
Oct 2017 · 218
Kon Grin Oct 2017
This moment feels the same
As if my upper jaw would squeeze against the lower
My heart slams blood against the brain.
Muting sound down and I'd rather

And I'd rather

Than sit

And I'd rather

Than act
A con.

(But I never left.
I'm go-
ing on)

For October presses down
Blowing so cold.
Kon Grin Oct 2017
I have got no pockets
To put my hands in
They're freezing and hurting
And it's not what I mean

Should I keep on running
From perpetual cycle of petals in my
Rumbling disaster, darling,
That they call my mind

Both my eyes ever searching but
Have left on vacation now
I have been in a bed with girls
But I can't​ cheat on my thought of you, girl, anyhow

Tell me why should I worry
And conceal it in all those watery lines
I may not be controlling
Everything I rhyme

You're the wall and a door
You're a dream and the ruthless purest truth
There's a glory for every wolf
To howl on the moon

And when I told you I lost a half
Lost a person to whom my heart has gone
I told you you're the only one
That makes my blood run

She said I feel the same
That's when my heart was flying over dust
Just to drop when she clarified
That she felt it to the one she had loved
Oct 2017 · 202
Kon Grin Oct 2017
Silence kept shall be
Forever more.
Feelings not be seed
With mundane and the soar.

Good-mornings, have-nice-days
Will wash into the sink
Of which, I always say,
Reservoir drinks ink.
Oct 2017 · 504
You am in...
Kon Grin Oct 2017
You am in
the flowers half a metre
From my shoulder, when
Silence breaks the roaring
Cloud of the rainful men

Always been a whole lung breathing
Sick omela dressed in rags
Of an alien cat who's stealing
Cosmic glitter for a duo of authentic legs

You bes such. The tranquil numbness
Kept in glance, in seldom pen.
Here you are
A chrisantemum
Here you are
As black as Seine
Here you are
A soulful creature
Ever white
As never when
Oct 2017 · 286
For Mid-Septembre
Kon Grin Oct 2017
If all the mess
Makes sense
But Im@ bad at hitting signs

Then truth is
For choo-sing
Conceal or stay in wine

How many "s"s
Does necessity progress
To make oblige unwind?

My karma cleaner broken twice
This time of life
And warrant's late fortnight.

For mid-sëptémbrè hard heart dwelt
In residence of kind
Mind. Now it shАffles
From a loss
(not only mine
How gross)
Among E.E.ish lines
I feel it *******
Sep 2017 · 311
Cinematic Love Affair
Kon Grin Sep 2017
I have said the words of bitter truth
Lips been sailing in her love but now they're kissing dust, Fate
Is eloquent but she'll learn
All the brighter days that she is yet to earn

Holy days and bank of stone walls
Has a human filmed a colour like the queen's before. Tell,
Will Me ever have this saint
Ci-ne-ma-tic love affair
Will we fruit again

Two o'clock
The door is shut
What a fool ignoring knock on her back door. So hot
Me felt, you felt,
In our wineful breath
Sixty times been chewing rhymes
Enslaving our rest

Let. Out. The. Sigh.
Let. It. Flow. Wide.
Over horizon over moon hanging high
Let. Out. All. My
Sep 2017 · 205
Kon Grin Sep 2017
Faso, make me ******* mad!
So that, when waters in mon mind are blank,
The dismal merging with the divine in my head
Would not crawl up to sleep on pristine river bank.

So that my memory would not recall
Reminiscence by seaside on an august night
I may be true to poem, but I keep the word
Not whispered once into the ears of your holy kind.

You're but a girl, you're but a sea.
And friendship's what I want to keep.
But heart is blurting out words I long to drop
For you to reap.

The outro on "roses"
Is for us to stay as one
Hell, no matter what
Until the night when moon replaces sun

I'll read this poem once
All our hectic runs
Are done and our cuts
(Both studio and ones
Left by a tone smoke in lungs)
Are history to us.

I'll read this poem once we're history to us.
Sep 2017 · 238
Help me, poets
Kon Grin Sep 2017
What you have done to me
Please continue the poem in the comments. I can't finish it for 3 years now
Sep 2017 · 200
Kon Grin Sep 2017
From a blossoming fruit
From a tree not fertile

In the collar tie troops
In an army not good

Will seek
When the sun is in glare
When her mother is sick

Will not
Though a placid white breeze
Though the sweet in the cheese

They look good
They get it on, get it on, get it on
Hey, hush, look
And then don't don't don't
Sep 2017 · 294
Kon Grin Sep 2017
Every wonder that is ricocheted in my brain cage
Closes eyes, loses spark

Salty vice of youthless mind
Seeks escape
Of the dragon shores and kraken's isles
In a single day

Nevermind me is an ape
Colab with Amina A. @wonderwall.***
Sep 2017 · 541
Roses and Daisies
Kon Grin Sep 2017
I'll bring roses on a rainy day
I'll bring daisies in case I'm late
You bring all stress that I bear in my life
You're a four wheel bike
For a kid in my soul yard

I would never wish you
Marry someone like me
I'd never wish to know
Who I'm supposed to be

I've been counting nights and I've been counting days
For how long I can stand
Pledging rightful vow
And make it never end

(But I)
Break it all the time
Same lies all the time
Thin ice, foolish vice
To play
(But the)
Same lies all the time
Break it all the time
Thin ice, foolish vice
To play

I'll bring roses on a rainy day
I'll bring daisies in case I'm late
You bring all stress that I bear in my life
You're a four wheel bike
For a kid in my soul yard

Flowers are calling
Flowers are calling
For us to sleep on the grass

Silence is raising
Roses and daisies
In soul garden of us
How is it with the North Korean guy?
Sep 2017 · 185
Kon Grin Sep 2017
I said the words of bitter verum
I loved her then, but now I don't
And all I hope is for her majesty to come
To brighter days she's yet to learn
I've just let my love go. I'm devastated
Kon Grin Sep 2017
Like a sailor's eye locating fire
Flashing out timid winks on the horizon,
Younger heart of mine undresses ire
Pointing out words of ours sounding wiser.

Tis the milestone, a destination,
Tis a spot my soul have longed forlong.
Spare the rudimentary damnation
Friends and heart of mine would love to gamble strong.

Ровно как моряк пронзает
Взглядом трепет огонька на горизонте,
Моё сердце дышит в свете
Свежей мудрости в словах и в ноте.

Это мерный столб
Точка карты, к коей шел давно.
Растопить бы слабый заурядный иней,
И отправить сердце и товарищей в поход.
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