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Would any person shed one tear
If my sad and breaking heart
Stopped from all of the beatings and silence..
Would you say a eulogy when I'm gone?
I bleed red
Just as any one bleeds
An artistic soul discarded due to a mirror
and a shallow glance
Do you forsake the original and cherished writers
and artists?
They have no perfection to their works and appearance..
They were out casts just as I
When I try and Join a crowd...
Find my sweetheart..
Work my talents.
Alas I'm scorn and reminded of my dark imperfections
That only can be perfect as a shallow mind
places a celebrity as a mannequin sitting within a photo
of a fairytale story....
Living in a tabloid
A destructive "wishing star: "Fairy tale shoot"
I am the "Hunch Back Of Notre Dame."
Quizi  Moto and his brilliant mind.
Hiding in his dark and lonely quarters
due to his "monster defined appearance"
Never wishing to be anything but a part of a
social gathering which cherished and needed his writings and paintings.
After the Hunchback failed to ding the time with the church bells..
He was found, motionless. Cold.
Tears shed of guilt.
By those who tortured   his soul and had him cast
in hiding....
Due to nothing more than ugly chants and appearance comparisons
that should be cast in crumpled ***** down wishing wells.

— The End —