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Jamie Rose Oct 2017
"I want a relationship."
   "I do too. I want one with you."
"Oh, I said I wanted a relationship but not with you"
   "I mean I guess that's fine... Can I ask why?"
opens with no response
   "I won't get mad or anything..."
opens with no response

I guess I wasn't as important to you as you said I was.
Jamie Rose Oct 2017
Never will our hands meet
Bare skin on bare skin
Never will our lips meet
Our love formed over early morning texts and late night calls
Never will our eyes meet through anything more than a phone screen
Speaking of meeting brings disappointment
Hating every inch in between us
Jealous of all close to the other
Jamie Rose Oct 2017
You tell me you don't want a relationship
I'm okay with that
If you don't want a relationship why do you treat me as if we're dating?
You tell me you love me
You tell me good morning, good night
We talk on the phone for hours on a daily basis
You get jealous if another guy flirts with me
You want to meet my parents
But when I ask why you're acting like this you just change the subject
You are giving me mixed signals
Messing with my emotions
You had a dream we were dating and you said you liked it
But you don't want a relationship
What are we doing anymore?
Maybe you're scared I'll hurt you like the other girls?
Maybe I'm just overthinking?
I can't handle these mixed signals...
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
From the moment I saw you
I knew we'd be something real
I knew you'd be the one I'd want to grow old with
I love you
You treat me as if I'm the only girl in the world
You're my king and I'm your queen
I'm in love with you
When I'm with you I smile so much my face hurts
But I'm scared
Everyone is saying you'll just break my heart
I don't want to believe them
But I just wonder if they're right
And they were.
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
How can you go from telling me you love me to not responding to any of my calls?
How can you tell me you need me then say you're going to a party and there's no guarantee you won't **** someone else?
How can you say all the things you do and still get mad at me for getting hurt?
Do you even want me?
Am I just a convenience?
I knew it was too good to be true...
  Sep 2017 Jamie Rose
i sent flashing lights to his door,
i didn't want to risk it.
the image of those pills and that deep brown coffee liqueur scared me, the thought of him filling himself with it.
he told me he wasn't mad at me for it,
he told me everything was okay and not to do it again, though.
i guess he felt too bad,
i guess it hurt him like last time.
she sent the flashing lights to the forest,
she told me that things weren't looking up.
my cheeks are tacky with tears,
my nose is stuffy.
now i'm just waiting all night,
now i'm just waiting until i get a message that they found him in the forest.
i can't sleep knowing that i'm part of why,
i can't sleep wondering if he'll be okay.
suicide. the police stopped looking for him because the woods were too dark and they'll resume in the morning. all i'm hoping for is that he's alive.
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
He doesn't care about you
If he cared he wouldn't lie
He wouldn't blow you off last minute
He wouldn't be okay with all the pain he's made you feel
If he cared he'd let you know
He'd give you a straight answer if you asked
He wouldn't respond with "I don't really know what I care about"
He'd talk to you for conversation, not ***
Stop lying to yourself
You deserve better than this
This is to me, honestly, but maybe some can relate.
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