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Jules Oct 2019
What's it like to let me go?
I asked you twice and still don't know
I'd never thought you'd stoop so low
At least I've learned to manage though
All the pain
And all the shame
You put me through
For all my being was never enough
I can't believe I ever had loved you
Why on earth did I ever love you?
Why did I love you?
I loved you
Jules Oct 2019
An empty bottle is all I kiss
And if a genie came out
I think I'd wish
I'd never had met you
I'll always regret you
The night that I met you
The year that I gave
I said that I loved you
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
I have loved

For all the souls that I have loved,
I give up my heart as an offering.
For all the hearts that I have stolen,
I vow to thee you are everlasting.
To all the women who have affected my life,
I cherish your contact;
Please take this care that I bring.

To all those I have lost throughout my lifetime,
I loved you all…

I say these words just for you
And these words do not do me justice;
But these words I do mean,
For they are all true and you showed me such tenderness.

I loved you then and I love you now;
I shall continue to love you ‘til I am gone into the clouds.
I will love again and I shall feel love somehow
And I shall cherish it like I have before,
Because love is to be found underneath loves shroud.

For all the lovers throughout my lifetime, I pledge my allegiance.
What is your passion?  It shall become mine
And what is mine I shall give to you,
Because I have loved and will forever love you.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Broadsky Jan 2018
I remember sometimes I'd try everything in my power to get you to laugh, and how sometimes it didn't work. Yet there were those special moments in between the lack of reciprocation and fights I'd get you to give me that look. I walk up to you
"Hey my friends are having a party tonight and I know we just met but it'd be cool if you came." We were dating well past a year at this point, flash forward three hours and we're drunk sitting on couches with strangers around us. "Hey, Paul right? I'm glad you decided to come" the people around us get excited over what they think is a budding relationship, you look over to them smile and say "This is my girlfriend..."
We ended not too long after that...
Broadsky Jan 2018
It was May of 2015, we decided to start a garden. The things we grew, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, green cabbage, the only two things we could not grow was that **** red cabbage and our love between us. Now its January of 2018 and our garden has withered away to sticks and dirt and our love isn't much better off either.
We've been over for almost 3 years.
vxliangkylie Dec 2017
strong tidal waves
   i plunged into an abyss beyond hope
a horizon out of reach
  i looked for you even when my eyes were closed
lighthouse beyond the darkness
  you were there even when i didn't want you to be
storm clouds fulfil the thirst
  you taught me that tears could make a cup of tea
ice caps threatened the earth
  my friends told me to look away even when they knew i can't
rocks beneath begin to move
  my affections ought never to have won
water begins to consume all they could
  we was never a word to be heard
everything is blue
  our stories were meant to hurt
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
From the moment I saw you
I knew we'd be something real
I knew you'd be the one I'd want to grow old with
I love you
You treat me as if I'm the only girl in the world
You're my king and I'm your queen
I'm in love with you
When I'm with you I smile so much my face hurts
But I'm scared
Everyone is saying you'll just break my heart
I don't want to believe them
But I just wonder if they're right
And they were.
You talking **** like I’m the one, who broke the truth,
You say I cheated when I loved you most,
I’m not the one, who lied during the good times,
How can you be mad when you broke me?

Honestly girl I tried to save us,
You sat their hoping id just shut up,
You didn’t like me but you’re mad about a kiss,
Get over yourself it was but bliss,

How can you be mad when u lied all this time?
I played a game and ruined my own life,
Don’t you understand you were my world?
Now you’re nothing **** shouldn’t be my queen,

You made our problems public,
You hurt me even more,
I’d love to say I hate you,
But I guess I still hurt more.
you know who you are
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