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ame Aug 19
they talk of heartbreak as though romance is the only thing capable of such a thing
but they have not felt the pain of having a bottomless pit wedged between you and your best friend
they have no idea how much it hurts to see the other half of your soul smiling wide at others
while they are seemingly forgetting about your existence
they have no idea how heartbreaking it is to know you've hurt your twin flame with no idea what you can do to help
and how much worse it becomes when they refuse to let you near
because god knows he is my safest place in the world and beyond
and i cannot stand the thought of having to live without him
when i can barely get through the pitless nights without our mindless chatter
and our playful banters, our inside jokes
and by god i would do anything for us to grow back together
even if i keep ruining myself in the process
(and i know this isnt poetry anymore as much as it is just me ranting but for the love of god just let me wordvomit this because i really do miss my best friend and we're still fighting)
For leaving me waiting in this chair that only has a lifetime of experience.
And only a thousand secrets to keep.
To keep those waiting.
Waiting to be existing.
Thanks for that.
I’ll let my friend know that he made a friend.
And that he made a mistake on mistakes that made him mistake me for fool.
Well I am a fool.
I’m a fool for waitin’ for you.
I’m a fool for waitin’ On me waitin’ for you.
I’m a little bit tired.
I’m a little woozy from all the waiting for these drugs to kick in.
Ask me a question.
I’ll give you the names of all my excuses for not wanting to wait for you.
Not wanting to wait for me to wait for you.
Not wanting to take this here paper corner and stab my eye ball for waiting for you.
Don’t know if I mentioned this.
But I’m a little bit tired.
Tired of arguing with myself.
Screaming at myself for Not wanting to talk.
But who wants to listen.
The only people that want to listen are the folks that are tired of listening to themselves.
I guess that some of the folks  that want listen.
Actually do want to listen.
Want to hear something new for a change.
Want to take a break from all the breaks that they already have taken.
Something like that I guess.
I’m gonna get me a new me.
And I’m gonna use him.

Garrett Johnson.
Skyler M Apr 1
You can bet I've broken so many metaphorical bones,
You can bet I've collected so many cursed tokens,
You can bet I've been selected to get my head shacked, she said depression,
I said repression,
Cause denying makes the truth all the more shady,
And then I've shaken to fading on the daily,
I'm a killer of a very special Miller,
Or perhaps that was the killer of me.

Now I'm a special boy,
Taken and shaken around like a toy,
You can confirm my death with many people,
Those who build steeples and feasible sentences,
I'm a prototype of a man,
Just watch as I ran to the sand underneath the sparkling grand moon man.

Take me up into the wind,
Bring me to the sinners den,
I will take his rusted hand,
And escape without a stand.

You can bet I've murdered so many beasts,
You can bet I've ruined so many well-lit feasts,
You can bet that I've introspected, to the point where I've retrospected into the infected past,
I keep on regretting going fast,
You're stuck in my head now get out before I pluck you out,
Tuck and roll to **** at everything that I lay eyes on.

Cause denying makes the truth all the more shady,
And then I've shaken to fading on the daily,
I'm a killer of a very special Miller,
Or perhaps that was the killer of me.

Cause denying makes the truth all the more shady,
And then I've shaken to fading on the daily,
I'm a killer of a very special Miller,
Or perhaps that was the killer of me.
A message to that ***** up I called a father.
A Dec 2018
You were the decision to look both ways before i cross the street
To pick up a fork and eat a couple bites
To put down whatever i was holding
To call someone before it got too bad
To not let myself get stuck in that loop again
To not end up in the bathtub again
Throwing up all the pills i took
To not have to come up with an excuse for why it looks like a crime scene
To not end up even more scarred up then i already was
What was i supposed to do
When you made the decision to quit loving me
Who was i supposed to turn to
I know what i did
But what was i supposed to do
Broadsky May 2018
"I'm so proud of you" I whisper as I drive on these wet slippery roads, you're at a place you've always wanted to be, and you left me on the corner to get there. I wish I could be there congratulating you as your plus one, but lord knows neither of us could have lived to see that day. Such a small amount of time, 15 months, and yet it holds such significance in my mind even now after almost 4 years of being without you. I still look for you on those loud downtown streets, I still hope you'll be there to see me in my perfected form, so I can brag how far I've run to get to where you are. Will you ever be proud of me? I think we both know the answer and I haunts us.
You just graduated with your degree you've worked so hard to get.
Claire LeBoeuf May 2018
god money buys big house big love
god money buys me some ******* peace
of mind
but i always spend it all too quickly

and end up all alone
in my big ******* house

sow what i reap in my bathtub
i guess
long sprouts from dry ground

god money cash in
buy my product
god money doesn't get paid back

not until
little big kid leaves to stop playing
in little big boots
i keep on ringing god but he never seems to call me back.
She? She was always there. She may not have loved the way he treated her, but she stayed because she loved him.
He? He loved her too. No doubt. He may also had troubles with some attitudes. But at the end of the day, love was always
s t r o n g e r.

Still, both of them deserved better.
Stuck on a relationship with no passion.
Love still present but never shown again.
She was next to him through everything, until them both decided it was enough.
A I R.

They took different ways to breath.
She was not able to support the two kids.
He was not able to let them go.

She? tried to keep going.
He? couldn't.

Illness knocked at his door late at night. Rushing to the hospital because something wasn't alright.
The next day, early in the morning, when he woke up, next to him was her, holding his hand.
Years went by, married they ended up. Things looked fine outside, but the family was slowly falling
a p a r t.

Two more years they spend together, in peace until the hospital he had to visit again.
Once again, when he woke up she was there right by his side.
Little months went by then, until she stepped into the operations room. A routine procedure, nothing big. Just something to make life easier for her.

She? just needed help.
He? apparently didn't care.

In opposition to the way she was, he was never there by her side. Eventually things got bad, he was mad because she kept getting up. With a few screams and a few tears, he stopped talking to her until who knows when.

Tired of their ******* one daughter stepped in, taking care of her mother and all her needs.

Tired of their ******* and with no one to talk to, one daughter took her phone and into Hello Poetry logged in.
Jamie Rose Oct 2017
"I want a relationship."
   "I do too. I want one with you."
"Oh, I said I wanted a relationship but not with you"
   "I mean I guess that's fine... Can I ask why?"
opens with no response
   "I won't get mad or anything..."
opens with no response

I guess I wasn't as important to you as you said I was.
trinity Jul 2017
A sickness rises from my stomach
Through my chest, into my throat, making a mess of me
(i refuse to let it spill from my mouth)
Sometimes it’s all i can feel
It becomes a comfort, and one of many fears
I am distressed that i may be obvious, pesky, and ignored
But my heart fell from my sleeve long ago
And my own feet tread over it.
Silence burns in my throat and compresses my chest
Words that refuse to be said haunt my thoughts
The ringing in my ears is ever-present;
Nothing is loud enough, and silence too often deafens me
Harshness radiates from me, unwanted, but always lingering
My existence is much too clumsy.
My vanity vies for attention (and is abrasively rebuked by heart and mind)
Heart and mind are always at war, united only against me
Laughing used to help,
But it’s not that funny anymore
It hurts.
I don’t like being sick
(but i don’t try to get better).
this sounds super emo and isn't superbly written, but i figure it's best to get my feelings out there somehow
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