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Mar 2021 · 568
A lonely refrain
Erik Luo Mar 2021
Fading away
As a lonely refrain
into nothing...
into being...
into you...
Mar 2021 · 1.1k
Singing rain
Erik Luo Mar 2021
Slow walking
in the street
with the rain
singing my praise

not for my joy
nor my sadness
but only to prove
my existence
Mar 2021 · 537
To the waves
Erik Luo Mar 2021
Giving away
My heart's pain
To the wind 
and the sea...

To let them sway
the echos of my remain
as I give myself
to the waves
Feb 2021 · 225
Endless Poetry
Erik Luo Feb 2021
in a dream
about all these
love and pain

an endless
with you and me...
Feb 2021 · 299
Erik Luo Feb 2021
Lonely flowers
Growing, with laughter
Each petal, dancing
one after another
like the children
they're running with laughter
but soon they'll cry
soon they'll cry...
Feb 2021 · 633
Sorrowful art
Erik Luo Feb 2021
Dreaming, alone
in the dark
in a pool
of my sorrowful art
thinking about
the last moments I had
as I slowly
opened my heart
Feb 2021 · 284
The loving blue
Erik Luo Feb 2021
For so long
I looked to the moon
To see the blue
filling my mood

For so long
I dreamed of the stars
all shining with hope
in the dark

For so long
I laughed at the sky
to the clouds at night
covering my eyes

For so long
I longed for the night
with every breath, I felt
the loving blue
Feb 2021 · 648
The sea of dreams
Erik Luo Feb 2021
Lonesome days
drifting away
into this dream
forever it seems

like the waves
in love and pain
half asleep
half awake
Jan 2021 · 282
To you, my lonely self
Erik Luo Jan 2021
No matter what happens
I’m here with you
Until the moment you die
And then we become one

You’ve seen the ending
Of this infinite story
So know that I will always love you
No matter what you do

The life you have is a gift
From me to you made with love
Everything you experience is this,
A form of my love to you

The pain and the joy
The sadness and the love
All the bitterest and sweetest moments
Are all me giving you the love I have

So enjoy it
Be aware of this love
For I am always in you
And you are me...

I love you
Heard this one when I was brushing my teeth.
Jan 2021 · 184
Erik Luo Jan 2021
in the rain
To the voices
of the wind
It’s singing
about the pain
That I left
in my dream
Took a short break from writing. Now I’m back. Heard this one in a dream few days ago.
Dec 2020 · 77
Old friend
Erik Luo Dec 2020
Soon after the dark
I walked a mile west
To see an old friend
That I left in the past

He was a fool
Who didn't know love

He was in pain
Even when he laughed

He was selfish
And didn't have any dreams

He was alone
Even when he hugged

Drinking from doubt
It poisoned his mind
He became a monster
That fed on his own flesh

And we were talking about the past
Of all the times we were hurt

And sometimes we sing a gentle song
To reminisce about that

And then it's time for me to go
A mile to the west back
I hugged him tight
And told him to keep the past

And I just walked
Never looking back
Never afraid
Dec 2020 · 108
Erik Luo Dec 2020
Love said the word
Before it learned its worth
Singing about a time
Where all things were without forms

It begins like this moment
A single verse of exhalation
Through all the troubled places
To the door which I persisted

How we feared that moment
When we unify into another
To resist such a pleasure
To control such a power

But it doesn’t matter
For the grand place of wonder
exists to balance each other
Of all the times we believed others
We knew we are each other

I live for this moment
Where I am between the veil
Of the inner working of myself
Of this grand infinite palace

And as I feel all the joy and pain
I merged
into the love
that I am...
Dec 2020 · 264
Erik Luo Dec 2020
The lighthouse on the shore
Shed light on the source
Of the beauty and power
In that waves and thunder

I stood before the storm
Hearing the thud and claps
A sound so familiar
Yet filled, with unknown horror

I saw the dark shadows
As they crashed on the shore
Breaking my body
And dissolving my words

Once again I tried
To let go of the water
Only to leave nothing
As I become the shore

Hitting by the water
Through the calms and anger
As I keep the lighthouse
in this beautiful horror
Nov 2020 · 241
Erik Luo Nov 2020
I have suffered for eternity
To see myself more clearly
To remember what I am
And love, unconditionally

I am all of it
That great empty void of love
Existing beyond time and space
Where words can not phrase
And voice can not reach

I am...
The never-changing truth
I shall remember that
Whenever I’m lost
Nov 2020 · 164
The heaven in you
Erik Luo Nov 2020
Your feelings are like
the colors on a painting
Contrasting and mixing
Merging and forming
a holy picture
of the heaven
inside you

It is too divine
to be hidden
or contained
It should be shown to the world
So that others can see
The heaven
in them
Nov 2020 · 261
Dancing away
Erik Luo Nov 2020
We were dancing
in the void
Spinning and laughing...
Your hair is grey and shiny
Like those silver linings
You face, with wrinkles and lines
Like rivers flowing,
Into a smile
And your eyes
Speaking of love
So much love

Sway after sway
Around after around
As if reversing time
You became younger
with every step

“You are like the sunshine to me, my love”
You said
As we danced
towards the end...
Nov 2020 · 140
Loving sadness
Erik Luo Nov 2020
In the void of the unknown
I faced the dark souls
Of the dreams and hopes
Once left untold

On the beach

I touched the sun
And became the light
That flew across
The sea and land

it hit your eyes
And in a flash
Never to be seen
Nov 2020 · 153
Erik Luo Nov 2020
The bell rings at the wake of dawn
Singing the echo of that holy song
Where in this moment we shall sit
And await the presence of next gong

The wind is howling about a secret
Of the magical beauty in the now
As it flew, it kissed my skin
And took away all my wrongs

The drum beating in my chest
Speaking the words of divine love
Where no mind nor thoughts,
Can disturb this song

I am...

Nothing more
Nov 2020 · 345
Erik Luo Nov 2020
The world you experience
Is a mirror
of the perception
Of your self

For the two were never apart
One looking at the other
While the other looked back

and forgetting
Nov 2020 · 160
Erik Luo Nov 2020
It has been a long time
Since I last saw you
But the essence of this flame
Still burns so bright

To the shadow of that moonlight
The wind whispered at their sight
Speaking about a mystery
So far removed from the truth

I began to feel the sand
Of all the grains and pebbles
Only few could fit my hand
Without fleeting away

Once again I sit
At the crossroad of faith
To be consumed by the wind
And disappear into the night

Oh how I longed
For that night
And the sky
Hugging the land

Maybe we shall meet again
As the wind meets sand
Flowing and waving
In time...
Nov 2020 · 109
Love death
Erik Luo Nov 2020
Shoot your peace at me
And **** me with your love
So I can wake up again
With you in my arms
Heard this one in a dream
Nov 2020 · 151
Never-ending love
Erik Luo Nov 2020
We’ve been doing this
for eternity...

Loving ourselves

Oct 2020 · 281
Erik Luo Oct 2020
I talked
to the moonlight
And asked it
to send you
my love
When it reaches
your sky
Oct 2020 · 117
The gift
Erik Luo Oct 2020
The gift
Of existence
Something we granted ourselves

It is through eternity
That we see the bliss in mortality
It is through difficulties
That we can love without pain
It is from the words that we sang
That we hear the truth speak
In silence
We see the lives of infinite beings
Through the cycles of love and pain

And being aware of here
We felt the love from that sacred place
Speaking, without a word

Being, love.
Oct 2020 · 128
Sacred tree
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Sacred tree
Sitting alone
In a dream

Its arms folding
Onto the beams of light
The dream is asleep

It speaks a thousand tongues
In and out of its being
Through the blood it drank

In this realm of beauty
Being a part of grace
It seeps into you and me
Fueling the voices of our pain

The sacred tree speaks...
It was once nothing
Through the endless being
It became something

Nonduality, duality
Existence and essence
All are moving and being
Living and dying
Loving and hating

Without time
Oct 2020 · 133
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Dancing at night
To the song of pain
I sang the words
With a loving refrain

It filled
The echoes in my veins
And named it
A moment of grace
Oct 2020 · 173
Raining dreams
Erik Luo Oct 2020
in the rain

The slow burn
of that refrain

Touching the tips
of my brain

Speaking to me
about that dream

Of you...
Oct 2020 · 163
Sun to moon
Erik Luo Oct 2020
It’s been over
four billion years
That I longed
for you

in circles

and night


I die
Eclipses are so short
This one is kinda funny to me
Oct 2020 · 321
Dancing shadows
Erik Luo Oct 2020
The slow dancing shadows
Reaching, for each other’s arm
Holding onto
The taste
of love

In a fleeting moment
We will both be gone
as our darkness merged
We know
our love is true

So we turned
the lights off

And became
Oct 2020 · 829
Erik Luo Oct 2020
The sky
is crying
The clouds,

that pain
Oct 2020 · 629
Cherry blossoms
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Cherry blossoms
Fleeting moments
Raining grace
With the wind

Singing about
And dying
in acceptance
Oct 2020 · 226
Erik Luo Oct 2020
The gentle pain
of existence
Softly caresses
the echoes of your heart

And when you feel tired
It turns and hugs
As the shiver on your skin
Giving you a kiss

The curse of that endlessness
An infinite desire from separateness
Taking a lifetime of beingness
To give you the love from wholeness

I sometimes feel
All of my life in one
single undivided moment
All the emotions
All the beauty
All the love
All the pain
At once...
Oct 2020 · 109
Waking Sadness
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Dreaming again
Of your voice
Echoing to me
Without a sound

I slept in
For a long time...
But why?
Do I feel sad
Oct 2020 · 503
Sunflower bud
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Sunflower bud
Dreaming asleep
Looking at you
To see all the things
That you loved
like the sun
And grew
to its
Oct 2020 · 461
Star Light
Erik Luo Oct 2020
I dreamed
of that night
without light

So I carried
the pain
and became
the stars
Oct 2020 · 150
Night Clouds
Erik Luo Oct 2020
I held your hand
as I fell
into the night

The pain I felt,

it flew away
with the clouds
Oct 2020 · 581
Snow flower
Erik Luo Oct 2020
You are like
A flower in the snow
Weathering the cold
Yet blooming with love
I shall sing you
a gentle song
And softly touch
your petals
Oct 2020 · 262
Erik Luo Oct 2020
I often wonder
The realness of reality
Like a spiral
Into the endless dream

Old blood darkens
As it leaves my body
From what source
May I speak to you

All the voices
Singing along

Dancing people
Holding hands
Drinking wines

Speaking verses
Of self-reiterated
Of the same story
Again and again

I often wonder
At the beauty of such a view
Of nothing apart from you
Yet to be apart to see you

Voicelessly these thoughts
Perpetually spinning
Talking about

Then again
What am I to judge
For they are a part of me
Repeating what I see

I just feel your existence
In bliss...

you are so beautiful
Oct 2020 · 241
Peaceful sea
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Let that peace
on the surface of the sea
Bring you strength
through its gentle flow
And show you
the beauty
in your weakness
Weakness is just a strength unseen
Oct 2020 · 755
The Universe in you
Erik Luo Oct 2020
The universe in you
Is speaking to you
With the rhythm
of your heartbeat

Without deception
or trickery
Like a knowing
or feeling

of where you are going
Falling into place
Singing away
Your existence
Listen to it
Oct 2020 · 147
Erik Luo Oct 2020
It's like a fire in your heart
warm, but doesn't burn
It's like an ocean on your skin
soft, but doesn't hurt

It's the way moonlight touch your face
And how the sun caresses your head
It's the taste of the wind
And the sound of the rain

It's in the green and yellow
of the leaves and grass
It's the blue and purple
of the sky and clouds

It's in the sound of your breath
Almost too quiet to hear
Yet ever-present
Beating away

I often wonder
At the proof of my existence
And then I just sit
In love
Oct 2020 · 90
A breath
Erik Luo Oct 2020
A breath of air
flows into my body
The fullness takes over
all the holes and cracks
And made love,
as it ceased to be
A short one
Oct 2020 · 164
Universal clockwork
Erik Luo Oct 2020
When the moon light up the sky
And the sea becomes purple and bright
When the birds sing with delight
And the stars fall through your eyes

It’s all so perfect

When you sleep at night
Or frustrated with life
Or having great success
Or thinking about someone

It’s all so perfect

When you are heartbroken
Or sad and depressed
When you can’t help but cry
Or need to be with someone

It’s all so perfect

Universal clockwork
Is keeping track of your time
And with every moment of pain
Like a seed, they shall grow in time

Into something beautiful and kind
Something loving and full of joy
In time...
It’s all so perfectly realized
Everything is playing out perfectly
Oct 2020 · 190
Love Machine
Erik Luo Oct 2020
is a love machine
It created everything
to feel love more deeply

When you are sad
It was love that made you cry
And when you are happy
It was love that made you laugh

When you looked at the sky
It was love that made you fly
When you sit in the dark
It was love that brought you light

When you feel stuck
It was love that pushed you on
And when you are tired
It was love that lifted you up

When you killed
It was love that fired the shot
And when you dreamed
It was love that is fulfilled...

Love loved and hated
Love laughed and cried
Love sang and danced
Love fought and survived
Love woke up every day
Seeing the world within
And breathed deeply
To the rhythm
of polarity...

Love is both the question and the answer
Both the dream and the dreamer
Both the past and the future
Both you and others

See it
Feel it
Be it

Then maybe
I will see you again
In that infinite void of love
And we shall become one
And love
Love is the answer
Oct 2020 · 137
Love now
Erik Luo Oct 2020
Every second
Of your life
You are dying

But at the same time
Being reborn
Again and again

The you in the past
It’s gone forever
Never to be seen

Yet you are here
Every moment

You have everything
You are everything

A simple reminder
Oct 2020 · 224
A love so great
Erik Luo Oct 2020
You felt that pain
More and more and more...
til you realized
the love it was

Oh, how much love it was
so much that it hurts
That you loved as pain
and suffered as love
over and over

til the two becomes one
and ends
In a love so great
that it stopped existing...

Then it begins again
Repeating, growing, loving, hurting
Even more
As you
It’s all love.
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