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Erik L Feb 10
The thread of elusive dreams
Have died many times before
As the mind speaks the truth of silence
The heart sings it’s course

I have been here many times before
To take the thread and connect the shores
But somehow I am missing
The lighthouse that guides the desires
Of my own hands and the masks I wore

As I search I drowned in the water
Of the nature of my own desire
And as the heart floats above the sea
Leaving my body without a dream
I realized
That I have given it to you
I have given my dream to the sky and the stars
So that I can feel less pain

But I know you are protecting me
To keep it safe before is ready
As I walk through the circle and back
You will hold my missing link to the past
Until I see through the sky and the light
And connect the thread to that unknown dot
To realize the cycle of beauty and life
And living in here to be a part
Of this grand piece
So I keep my thread ready
For the moment of light
And the feeling of connection
To be with you and make love
In the sky and the sea
And take my dream with your final touch
And pray in silence of love and trust
Erik L Feb 5
Today is the day I die
And I have seen the world as a fly
With rainbow colors and falling leaves
I dropped down from the heaven keys
As I jumped, I fell asleep
With all the angels and all the dreams
The life of the moon and the joke from the stars
The tiny moments as I cried out my hearts
To look at the earth and take my ring
And throw it to the seven seas
And grabbed the knife with my only knee
And sliced the apply from the golden tree
As I flow through the streams
The open doors begin to chase
And I died trying to slip through
To wake up and see the song playing too
Until the light of time fades away
And my existence begin to pray
For the thing that started all of this
Is what you and I called playing games
As I dream, I see the end
Of your kiss on the tip of my lips
I walked and danced through the path
And flew through the bottle cap
As this endless thing
We begin to feel pain
And then as pleasure and joy covered our name
We went back to being again
We went back to being again
Erik L Jan 31
My light
is so bright
That it is blinding sometimes
Like the whispers in the dark
Hiding from love

And what shall we say
To comfort our sorry souls
To not feel sorry
For the other's vote

Life is what you are
And light
is the darkness that has passed
So when my past shines
Don’t be afraid
of my love to you

Soon, I hope
That you too can shine
the darkness inside
And let me see myself
with you inside

Whole and perfect
Happy without worry
Then we can just love and be
in bliss
Erik L Jan 26
No matter where I go
I always see you
No matter where I look
I always know you
No matter what I do
I am doing it for you
No matter what I feel
It is my love for you

You are the trees and the sky
the night and the light
the voice and the cries
the face and the eyes
the bottle and the wall
the paper and the claw...

I walked down the street
and saw you
so I turned the other way
and saw you again

I walked back and forth
without time
til I forgot who I am

As I see you again and again
Not knowing sometimes
The line between us
faded away

And everything becomes clear
Of course it is this way
It has to be
It just is
Erik L Jan 9
Did you know?
That light doesn't know time

The things you see right now
as light shooting into your eyes
are the same ones
since the beginning of existence

What we are
as lights that exist
Have traveled so far
to meet each other
in this life
To kiss and hug each other
so deeply
To **** and fight each other
so painfully

The light probably knows it all
All of our secrets and love
It has seen the future and the past
and it is rendering the present
The light and shadow
created the shape and colors
of us

And together
we lived
but to lights

It has always
and will always
be us
Erik L Jan 9
It is easy
to see separation
To feel the pain of existence
and ignore the pain of others
To see people as something other than you
To be something other than them

It is easy
to look at others
as wolf look at prey
To treat others
as an animal to its food
To ignore what our heart is telling us
And act with fear and suffering

The living is seeking
the forgiveness
of those who are dead
And asking to be permitted
to live without guilt
Not knowing that creating suffering
through the desire to end suffering
will only lead to the endless repeat
of more suffering
for the self and others

If only we can look deeply
And feel our being in our heart
Feel the love we have
So much love that we can conquer anything

It is easy
to see separation
because we are all there is
But perhaps
we are moving
with the path of god
to learn to love

to see unity
over separation
to be what we desire so deeply
to love each other
without limits or fear

The reality of things
Is that it is all love
Even the worst crime or sin
was done through the desire for more love

If only we see this
And we do
We just don't know it yet...
Erik L Jan 1
I used to own a bottle
of pieces of my self
And as I grow
The bottle broke
Like stars making out

I used to own the hat
of the likes of us
And sit in comfort
As we hang on the ceiling rat

I used to own a book
of people I love
But time
Tore it apart over and over
without care

I used to light a fire
of my passion and heart
As others take warmth
Without their sorry faces
Smiling in the dark

I used to see a light
of life as it passed
but lately I see
The shadow that's left
Swallowing my whole

I used to own a lot of things
Now I own nothing
And maybe that's who I am
Maybe that's the pieces of my love
as I am
without you
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