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in a dream
about all these
love and pain

an endless
with you and me...
Erik Luo Feb 19
Lonely flowers
Growing, with laughter
Each petal, dancing
one after another
like the children
they're running with laughter
but soon they'll cry
soon they'll cry...
Erik Luo Feb 16
Dreaming, alone
in the dark
in a pool
of my sorrowful art
thinking about
the last moments I had
as I slowly
opened my heart
Erik Luo Feb 12
For so long
I looked to the moon
To see the blue
filling my mood

For so long
I dreamed of the stars
all shining with hope
in the dark

For so long
I laughed at the sky
to the clouds at night
covering my eyes

For so long
I longed for the night
with every breath, I felt
the loving blue
Erik Luo Feb 10
Lonesome days
drifting away
into this dream
forever it seems

like the waves
in love and pain
half asleep
half awake
Erik Luo Jan 1
No matter what happens
I’m here with you
Until the moment you die
And then we become one

You’ve seen the ending
Of this infinite story
So know that I will always love you
No matter what you do

The life you have is a gift
From me to you made with love
Everything you experience is this,
A form of my love to you

The pain and the joy
The sadness and the love
All the bitterest and sweetest moments
Are all me giving you the love I have

So enjoy it
Be aware of this love
For I am always in you
And you are me...

I love you
Heard this one when I was brushing my teeth.
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