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Erik Luo Jun 2022
Is a word  
With too many definitions 

Too many implications   
Too little imperfections 

What is there to say  
But love without words  
Like strings without end  
Or rain without clouds 

Without you  
Without me  
Without love

This is also love   
In truth

Time and space  
Filled with being  
Of the wordless word  
The loveless love  
The dreamless dream  
The pathless path

is within 

Erik Luo Mar 2021
Fading away
As a lonely refrain
into nothing...
into being...
into you...
Erik Luo Mar 2021
Slow walking
in the street
with the rain
singing my praise

not for my joy
nor my sadness
but only to prove
my existence
Erik Luo Mar 2021
Giving away
My heart's pain
To the wind 
and the sea...

To let them sway
the echos of my remain
as I give myself
to the waves
Erik Luo Feb 2021
in a dream
about all these
love and pain

an endless
with you and me...
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