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397 · Jun 2018
The Kite Pilot
Em Jun 2018
I am not a truster

I don't believe
that everyone will do it right.
That everyone won't
hold my heart
too tight.

I don't want a heart
turned harsh
bright white
by fingertips, that squeezed
for just one night.

You're not everyone
You're a kite.
You love my heart
and you love it
just right.

With your left hand
You lift me.
I take flight.
Because you, my love.
You bring me light.
375 · Mar 2018
To My Home on the Water
Em Mar 2018
It's just a house
on four posts
that managed to encase
my heart in it
and lock it up
with the key.

It's just a house
that got swallowed
and my heart went with it.
Locked up and lost
into the sea.
324 · Dec 2017
For the Holidays
Em Dec 2017
My heart,
My brain,
My stomach,
is full.
I am home.
315 · Apr 2014
Em Apr 2014
She plays
the strings
of her guitar
like she
toyed with
the strings
of my heart:
with grace of
an angel
But the power
to ****.
314 · Apr 2014
Em Apr 2014
What a funny
to fall
something so avoidable
What a  funny
to cry
something so "lovely"
What a funny
to believe
that you would
ever fall
312 · Mar 2018
Writer's Remorse
Em Mar 2018
I have before criticized the English language
But the lack of dialogue I can muster
to express the depth of my thoughts...
That's my fault.

I have not settled deep enough.
Somewhere between my heart and my soul
to find a way to elaborate on what I know.
That's my fault.

I promise to dive deeper.
293 · May 2014
Em May 2014
I had a world
In my brain
high was a kite
low were the clouds

I had a world
in my mind
that could not be taken

Until one day
You broke my heart
and my mind
and my soul
and my world
277 · May 2014
She Kissed
Em May 2014
She kissed him
And I cried
They fell
and I died
He loved her
More than he ever loved me
She loved him
More than ever could be
265 · Mar 2018
Em Mar 2018
I am not afraid to drown in you
Because a death
sinking into your love
would be extravagant
198 · Mar 2019
Em Mar 2019
Unfulfilled and filling
I am a bucket with the smallest hole.
A drain half clogged
We are bogged down
wondering why we didn’t
that the water’s shallow here.
And here lies the swallowed
words on the wayside.
The shivering, wavering
night skies.
He who lies
is also he who fixed the smallest hole.
On my inside.

— The End —