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 Feb 2018 Em
Em MacKenzie
I keep a cloth by the door
to not let the cold breeze in,
but I'm a tornado living on the floor,
just waiting for the winds to begin.
Causing chaos and destruction,
wherever it is I choose to go,
battling a volcanic eruption
and tossing around the piles of snow.

I'll tear apart your home and family,
I'll toss around the life you live,
I'll admit it was never my plan, you see
but scorched earth is all I have to give.

No weather man or meteorologist
can give you warning about my arrival,
with all I wreck I ask "what's the cost of this,
when it's competing with my survival?"
I was once only a rain cloud,
then one day I became a storm,
my transformation never made me proud,
but my strength and power did keep it's form.

I thrive off the ice cracking,
under my heavy feet.
I'm beyond hunting or tracking,
I'm left here only to compete.
Each breath you exhale with cold air
is just my form of a sweet kiss.
Everytime, no fail, I'll be there,
I'll never be something you miss.

I'll tear apart the world as you know it,
I'll toss around the life you live,
I swear I have a heart I just don't show it,
'cause scorched earth is all I have to give.

When the winter winds grow cold,
I might turn to ice, I haven't made up my mind.
With a soul of mold and body of Christ,
you'll see that you've turned snow blind.
Silent nights and transparent stars,
it's all backdrop to my catastrophe.
When I whip on by I'll leave you with scars
and claim it's just a sweet memory.

I'll strip you down until the bone,
I'll take away the life that you live,
the trees and green grass is just a loan,
as scorched earth is all I have to give.
 Feb 2018 Em
Alexis Viado
 Feb 2018 Em
Alexis Viado
Everyone disappears
Just her and I
Like this, never uttering anything
Just our sways and smiles
The breathe unto my lips
Wild passionate eyes
The tender kisses
The colliding souls in the moonlight
That I won't get used to
and would always feel like in the beginning
whenever she'd do this
 May 2014 Em
being a mother
is not about
making bread
and dinner every night

being a mother is about trying to understand
and not gossiping to your friends about my bad choices when i broke up with the boy who
i decided
was not right for me

and believing me
when i told you
that i had an eating disorder
that my brothers constant jokes about my weight had not helped
(i could hear you say to my father, 'but bulimics lose their teeth')

being a mother
is about
being there
when im in the kitchen crying and i know that you can hear me
but you do not come out
being a mother is about hearing the tinge in my voice
when i say that i honestly don't know when i will be ready for school
and the day
and not accusing me of attitude
but hearing that i am struggling
being a mother is about
supporting me
and not telling me that you're waiting for my next mental breakdown
and that im foolish for taking on so much
and trying to do well
because you think i can't do it
then maybe i can't do it

but you have failed
a mother's essential job is to help their children conquer the world
and you are not helping
it's mother's day tomorrow
but i do not want to celebrate
i'd say that i'm sorry
but i'm not

happy mother's day

— The End —