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Elise Reid Jan 2015
I don't know where I've come from....
I don't know where I'm going....
"Keep going! And don't stop!"
Says the only voice I hear.
Elise Reid Aug 2014
Picture perfect.
Handsome face.
Flawless smile.
All sin erased.

My addiction.
Rose colored view.
Thoughts repeated,
I just want you!

But how the mighty have fallen!
But where in my heart are you at now?
But when does your name pass my lips?
But what made affections turn foul?

And why did the roses all wilt?
And where did the fairy-tale end?
And what made me turn from your face?
And how has the mighty fallen?
Elise Reid Aug 2014
Comforting words to be said,
I need you badly to be here.
As always you're nowhere near.
Now there's no place to lay my head.
Elise Reid May 2014
First off, a declaration; I love you!
There’s surely no mistake.
And if you’ll be my lover, a promise;
Our lives will be filled with tea and cake.

There is nothing I wouldn't give you.
Just take it! My heart, my mind, my soul.
My money, I’ll give it. Take the credit card too!
Your happiness is my only true goal.

But more than that; I’ll give you laughter.
We will be laughing all the time.
And when I make you fantastic dinners,
Our laughs will mix with wine.

Oh, I know I can make you happy!
Let me love you, for goodness sake!
And if you’ll be my lover, my dear,
Our lives will be filled with tea and cake.
Elise Reid May 2014
I love you my dear!
This much is true.
And every time I’m lonely,
I think of you.

I need you not, no,
When my suitors all surround me.
But, when alas they disappear,
I love you oh so madly!

My lover’s skin is soft and warm.
His kiss all I could desire.
But when he’s gone, your pasty skin,
My heart it sets on fire.

Dawn to dusk; from here to there.
Too busy to be lonely.
But at days end, distractions gone,
My heart cries for you solely

No, first pick you are not.
And so in my heart, your love can never please me.
But, this I know to be ever true,
I love you! I love you! When I am lonely.
This is a humorous poem that was inspired by the song "Love the One You're With." It is about a young women who is deeply in love, when it's convenient.
Elise Reid Apr 2014
Last night I dreamt about you for the first time.
I dreamt you knew but you still asked me.
You asked me what is really your place in my heart.
I told you not to ask me what you didn't want to know.
Even though I knew you knew.
Even though  I know you know.
It is strictly closed awareness context.
And it doesn't matter anyhow.
Elise Reid Apr 2014
The Eiffel Tower is on my secret book.
The one that holds my memories of you.
Not the fairy-tale; the one you took
The wrenching pain is all it knew.

The book itself is pleasant to see.
But reading its contents always makes me cry.
Each time the pain becomes new to me.
My hell written down in a black dye.

The book is mine and the story is mine,
But the girl who wrote it isn’t me.
That broken girl woven into every sad line.
The one person I never thought I’d be.

To burn my secret book, many times I have thought.
Maybe the flames would strip grief of its power.
Instead it will stay a reminder of my life’s lot.
My secret pain, in my secret book with the Eiffel Tower.
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