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Mark Jan 2020
Dream-on Dreaming a Dreamers Dream already Dreamt by you the Dreamer.
Keep dreaming.
Prince eduard Apr 2019
In a bizarre place
The moment I looked to my right
I slowly get to my pace
But before, I took a gaze

I think I saw an angel...
Taking a second glance,
I notice closed-folded wings
Well now I'm sure,
He's my guardian angel

One word:
Purity. To describe him
That look in His eye,
Chilling my nerves
Fulling the sight
Oh, eye-to-eye

Wavy, curly hair
Brown and blonde fair
With length up to chin
Such gracious Mr. 'Him'

Small lips
Bright scene
Ambience light
Feelings aright

Pointed nose
Moreno skin
Like those, calm,
Tanned in the seashore

Glowing, aura around him

A mesmerizing sight
His eyes, pure, innocent light
Oh Love, how I love you
Singnifying Almighty's presence

Worn, fine-linen robes
I'd like to touch, to feel
His warmth, emanating
From his to me
I'd like to---

Smiles, I hugged him(!)
I just did it(!), out of love, joy
It seems fast, fast yet slow
His expression, quite surprised, yet not
But his eyes, that concern he has
I see= compassion (love)

Oh how I wish to be just like that,
Forever, with God, Jesus
Meanwhile, a hope remains,

I came to my retreat,
I noticed a single folded li'l paper
He held, opened
In mine's interpretation, it reads,

(promises he'll keep,)
No matter what,
I'll send to proclaim thy message
Whenever one need thee

(and many more, I left unnoticed )

Then he made me feel,
I have to go somewhere

God knows
God knows

Then in a distance
I saw a woman approaching
So beautiful,
Of course, hey, she's my mother

She led me
God, and angels,
They lead me

I dreamed of this, and now I dreamt it

( in the end, what matters to me is that even once, I know God is with me. And love follows wherever I go)
Irene J Mar 2019
Under the night in Paris,
I dreamt.
The man that I love came to me,
giving me all the hope that I've wished,
a love from him,
from his whole heart.
mint Jan 2018
i dont know what i dreamt about
i just know that it was about you
it’s always you
Seema Nov 2017
I dreamt of...
          A black sea
          With a barren land
          A red sea
          With bloodshed sand
          A green sea
          With flourished tropical jungle and
          A blue sea
          With puff filled teary sky
I am not sure if the last one I saw was a dead sea?*

Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Another day
passed away
without giving me
enough time
to start my dream

Another night
passed away too
with fright
over nightmare
I dreamt
hazem al jaber Jan 2017
Dreamt of you,sweetheart...

the most beautiful girl ,whom i love...

who lives always inside the heart and the mind...

came to me ,visited my dreams...

came as white angel seemed...

with her beautiful dress...

thinner grace...

dressing here white amazing dress...

covered all,with a gold and ruby...

as she in her wedding...

came as a gentle morning's wind...

which gives a new life to another day...

and a hope into all souls..

teeter in her walks and rolls...

not fakes..

truly just happily...

walking as angel..

angel walking on this earth..

giving a happiness,through her smiles and laughs...

happily angel came to me..

looked to her while my heart beats so fast..

beats because of her pretty beautiful looking...

and her amazing voice which drew me...

quickly run to her..

hold her to warm me..

that warm which i miss from a long age..

looked into her eyes..

with my happily passivity eyes...

because of the missing to her...

and begged her to stay with me..

never to leave me away...


i'm lonely without you..

can't live this life..

need you as the needing to this life...

you taught me the love to this world...

how to be in love with you...

so, please beg you..

don't leave again...

don't stop my world...

on those past memories...

looked at me...

with a nice sweet smile at her lips...

and said...

don't worry sweetheart..

never ever to do..

how could i do ,while my heart captured by yours...

never to feel a life without you..

and said more and more..

more words that gave me happiness to hear...

faraway i am now from you..

but with you always wherever you are...

feeling you as you are always with me..

but please forgive me my darling...

if i can't be there with you..

but i will keep loving you,how long it was...

as i am now..

here with you into your dreams...

strange night...

felt as i owned this world all...

sweet dreams...

that i wish to live always with you...

good morning sweetheart ...

hazem al ..
Jo Baez Jun 2016
I woke up in a dream,
from a dream,
where I dreamt I had died.
I felt free.
I was air.
I was water.
I had no body, no soul, & no mind.
I felt alive & then I woke up, feeling dead.
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