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 Feb 4
Nothing good ever
comes like it did
when I had you around
 Jan 12
I am a hurricane
of mismatched
 Oct 2018
So drop your towel and I will caress your shoulder and let your hair down, flames that lash upon pale skin, and I will run my trembling hands along the silhouette of your shadow as we dance among moonlit hallways,
Silence among sighs, and as you unthrone me I will fall to one knee to toss my crown aside for a place at your side
The devil likes to dance on my back
The humiliation
He just loves to ****. Steal and distroy
He loves to attack
Three times in one day.
Things couldn't get any worse
Even if they tried
I tried to muster the strength to read God's word.
Psalm 68.
Just have to plod on
Jesus has paid the price.
Satan flee.!!.
Leave me alone!!!!
 Jul 2018
I'll be the one from
your past in the photograph that you ripped in half
Don't you worry though
because you'll be popular with all the girls when you tell them about me, they'll fall at your feet with half hearted sympathy, but you'll still be empty
And that platonic embarce will only leave you in tangled sheets because you're codependent and demanding and it'll cost her

And the worst part is history will repeat itself and someone will get me back and then I'll know what it's like for someone to leave me like that

But it has been good to hear you're doing fine, stable and over me
Funny how tables turns
And much as I want to hate you I only end up hating myself
And all that's left of us is the reason you're good to someone else
 Apr 2018
I make my
flesh and bones.
 Mar 2018
I will no longer mourn the inches of me
that loved
 Mar 2018
Swollen eyes in 6am light
6 wine bottles sing an empty song
Thoughts I never confide

Yet, still you'll kiss the tips of my fingers
as I reach for the keys
because you know somewhere buried deep
You'll water this love at the roots
And I will rot the leaves
 Mar 2018
Avery Nightshade
The clouds,
are gone,
yet still,
it rains.
 Feb 2018
Here is to the wreckage we are.
The strength of war running through our veins,
Bruises that burn our insides,
The hollowness of our right chest cavity,
The hurt in our eyes,
The loneliness,
Let me make museums of it all
 Feb 2018
Love is
Love is a
conscious decision
What does love mean to you?
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