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5.3k · Nov 2018
two truths and a lie
noa Nov 2018
i still miss you. i never stopped missing you. but i'll be okay.
4.4k · Oct 2019
noa Oct 2019
this time of year feels like a memory already
2.2k · Feb 2019
noa Feb 2019
you treated me as if my spine was a wishbone
921 · Jun 2019
noa Jun 2019
you keep me awake,
i feel you in my veins.
910 · Dec 2018
august journal
noa Dec 2018
i feel like a ghost. i'm just numb and moving forward to nowhere. i'm tired of fake friendships and i'm tired of having no goals. during this time full of beginning i am immersed in the ending of the only good thing i had. i want everyone to step away from me. not in some tragically dramatic way, i just think i need time to create myself and find me because god i feel so lost. i'm craving adventure and freedom because my mind is locked up and terrified of almost everything. i miss being myself. i don't know when exactly i lost myself or where i went, but i haven't seen myself since you drove me home.
come back, i miss myself.
i drunkenly scribbled this down in my journal on august 21st.
825 · Feb 2019
what season is it
noa Feb 2019
cold plastic flowers in a chipped ceramic vase
821 · Nov 2018
november 27th
noa Nov 2018
happy birthday to the boy that broke my heart
this isn’t a poem i just wanted to write this somewhere
516 · Jan 2019
remember september
noa Jan 2019
the seasons changed and so did we
509 · Apr 2019
8 word story
noa Apr 2019
you’re a stranger that i know so well
509 · Jan 2019
noa Jan 2019
the sunburnt skin on my chest is peeling
the same skin that your fingertips grazed over
softly at 2 am's and 10 am's
i'm renewing
but i don't want to
i miss you
         i wish i wore sunscreen
454 · Dec 2018
noa Dec 2018
i spend too much time in my head
391 · Dec 2018
to be lost
noa Dec 2018
you have to be lost before you can find yourself.
and i am hopeless and scared but i am on the right track.
noa Oct 2019
we put on our favourite pair of socks and light some cranberry autumnal scented candle and try to pretend the days aren’t becoming painful

“see you next week”
we had no idea
i know this makes no sense its a personal one ok im sorry
noa Dec 2019
you were the sunburn i waited all winter for
318 · Dec 2018
noa Dec 2018
it's cold outside tonight
the air is sharp as it blows snow around my city
i have wrapped myself in blankets
the same way the snow has wrapped itself around trees and blanketed the cold ground

and its dark,
and the edges of my nose get so red and cold that my skin starts to peel

but the sun can shine so bright
and it can bring so much light
and warmth

the cold winter is brought powerless

everything that is bitter and cold
can be turned sweet and warm
with some sunshine

and the sun is always there, waiting for her turn
to show you how warm and beautiful life can be
seasonal affective disorder am i right ladies
251 · Nov 2018
i can't sleep
noa Nov 2018
i lay awake because you are in my head. you keep me up to late hours that seem to be so dark and lonely. the same hours we used to stay awake till, holding hands and whispering about whether or not ghosts exist.
i am so tired.
so tired of you.
and tired of you not being here with me.
162 · Jun 2020
noa Jun 2020
i’m tired of feeling this way
i’m tired of not feeling anything
even when i’m standing here
i am nowhere
this isn’t living
you’re not supposed to just
let time happen to you

let me out
157 · Jun 2020
rough draft 1:49am
noa Jun 2020
i crave to be seen but i wont let anyone look at me
148 · Jun 2020
write this down
noa Jun 2020
everything is a blessing in disguise if you allow it to be
148 · Mar 2020
untitled, unwritten
noa Mar 2020
let me fall in love with you
just so you can break my heart

i miss writing
144 · Mar 2020
Tired And Tired Of You
noa Mar 2020
you’re in my head, and i can’t sleep
129 · Jun 2020
noa Jun 2020
it’s clinging onto nothing and refusing to let go
127 · Oct 2019
do you believe in ghosts?
noa Oct 2019
i still believe us

— The End —