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 Apr 2020 Annie
Charlotte Ahern
They never tell you when you're young
That you lose your friends to life
 Jan 2020 Annie
 Jan 2020 Annie
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
 Jan 2020 Annie
Muhammad Usama
Orion's shoulder is dimmer now,
And I await a cosmic funeral;
For a beauty that is born of death,
And is every breath a miracle-
Delights me.

And Nature's diadem-
That I swear my allegiance to,
Thus makes me wonder

How in myriad flavors, comes beauty;
Like the sight of your love from afar,
The warmth of falling tears, the twinkle,
Or the death of a glorious star-
That once boldly shone;
But as a graveless corpse now rests

In the void, alone.
 Jan 2020 Annie
Little Flower
 Jan 2020 Annie
In time we grow, As the river flows,
May no vicious wind take thou beauty, I sow
with such delicate soft petals,
Will grow you too well,
A fellow little flower like me,
Will soon blossom as well,
A note to all flowers, to never see what's infront of them but to seek what is ahead of them. :)
 Dec 2019 Annie
Happy New Year
 Dec 2019 Annie
Dearest poets

we understand each other

through our universal language

of love and compassion

Our words

our love

our pain and joy

dancing with our words

Into a beautiful 2020
 May 2019 Annie
Muhammad Usama
Let you be the first thing I behold
On days, the morning sun feels worthless,
On days, the ***** sky seems dusty gray,
On days, the summer wind makes the trees look pale.

And on days, the bags under my eyes mourn life itself,
And on days, the screaming kid next door wakes me,
And on days, the things that I ******* up make me regret.

But I earnestly wish that you be the first thing I behold,
On beautiful sunless noons, when the clouds sing as a choir,
So I could tell you that you look lovely;

And on mid-winter mornings, when gusty wind stops to see the silent grass-blades holding timid dewdrops,
So I could tell you that you look lovely;

And on nights when the drowsy sky stands embroidered with the cosmic jewelry,
So I could tell you that you look lovely.

Let you be the first thing I behold,
So I could tell you that you look lovely,
Each and every day, 'Till death do us part'.
The title 'Till Death Do Us Part' is a part of some traditional wedding vows.
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