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Thomas Conlan Apr 2018
Her broken boy-blue begins to beat again.
Blood flows foolishly to a love that's long gone,
but as the dark night nears dawn,
beauty shines upon the beast.
Rhythm he remembers; proof he's not ceased.

As the feeling flushes through, he's back to loving you.
Your broken boy-blue breaks again, just like new.
Thomas Conlan Oct 2017
A Dotard deals directly with death
His empty head wastes it’s breath
Fire and fury; war and worry
Life lost like a blink of an eye
A flash in the dark and then we die
Another ****** on the news
Black, white, Muslims, Jews
Fears of terror on the rise
Weapons of sizeable lies
Pray for Paris, stand with me
Pray in public for people to see
We’ll send our thoughts, a share, a like
And we’ll declare another drone strike
Tears shed for the injured and dead
For every white city stained red
Another elementary school mess
Caused by a child’s carelessness
Or some ****** having fun
With the barrel of his gun
A classroom of souls sit silent
Victims of a life so violent
Education spent on waging war
Using the pockets of our poor
America’s defence, say the boasters
Our children, new age holsters

A mother explains the world to her son
That’s ruled under finger and gun
Until a time when tragedy hits here
We all live life, paralyzed in fear
A world in decay and that’s okay
Because her child won’t ever know
The sky on fire raining ash-like snow
Won’t ever see the rising sea
Will not hear the screams of the free
As they rally together for peace
And are rained down on by police
Higher he will have to rise
Higher, after he dies
No longer burdened by the blow of living
In a time of eternal unforgiving
Plunged into a nightmare, he screams
Softly, slowly, delved into drowning dreams
As his mother stands above
Holding him under with love
A monster, a fiend they’ll see
An American reality
Another victim of violence
A soul becomes silence
Hearts break, tears are shed
Out of jealousy for the dead
For all the world’s war and strife
He’s just another casualty of life
On the news, a leading millionaire
Offering a thought and prayer
Thomas Conlan Aug 2017
The burden that breaks this back
is the weight of letting you down,
having lost your way,
having seen you drown.

You were the bright sky turned cloudy,
as I took shelter from your rain.
Your tears had filled oceans
and I cowered from your pain.

Now my heart hangs as heavy
as the world upon my shoulders.
Punishment fitting for the one
who stole, held, and broke hers.
Thomas Conlan Aug 2017
Man, the mountain tamer.
Explains to the erupted how their cores can be corrupted. Disaster avoided he can rejoice, until he hears another voice. Afraid of how their emotional erosion may cause the Earth's explosion. Lost, not just their home, but themselves.

Man, the mountain tamer.
Sweetly shouts serenades to the mounds who seek aid. Blissfully bringing back the molten from back before they knew when. Lava they've learned to live through now erupting from within you. The heart's fatal eruption will be their world's destruction.
Thomas Conlan Aug 2017
Spring is fun, spring is cool
Spring is too cold for the pool
While summer is one thing that spring is not
Summer is free, summer is hot.
Summer's scene is filled with flowers
But here we sit in spring showers
Sheltered poorly from the rain
Umbrellas too short to be a cane
This is where I got to know you
A friend but now you're new
Special from each sink in sand
To when I reached and held your hand

The threat of storm carries disaster
Until I fall into eyes of azure
Where opposites of the world entwine
Holding hands in showered sunshine
Spending way more than half
You teach me how to laugh
Tired, but never so awake
Torment that we can take
Worse, we part again with goodbyes
But I leave dreaming of blue eyes

The taste of temptation on my lips
From your softly sweetened kiss
Another night of missing sleep
But this moment is ours to keep
Through this forest of paper trees
We found warmth from the blowing breeze
Smiling with each minute we spend
But our midnight meet needs to end

The moment that lasted forever
Was when I asked you to be my

No matter the actual passing of time
This moment couldn't end.
Joyous anticipation
Seemingly perfect timing
But your hesitation hurt my motivation

I'm still stuck in that moment
Between yes and no
My heated passion
Ready for the blow
This is the moment known as forever
Right at the peak of me
Falling for her

The words that hurt the most are the ones not said at all. One Moment, we're soaring and now it's just the fall. While I fell for you Before, now I fall because of you. No chute, no net, no chance of Coming out of this one alright.

This ship's gone down without a fight

Each twitch of my eye is you in disguise
Every bit of warmth in my hands
Are your fingers slithering through
The very thoughts that haunt my mind are always you

The ghost of you is now a part of me
Every sorrow you've seen, I now see
Mourning the passing of this passion
My mind turns again to ration
These feelings
These memories
They're symptoms of a disease

Hauntings of a ghost that I find has made its home inside my mind.

Time has stopped
And so will I
The world moving
So I'll try
To be content with this
The end
And how I've come to lose a friend
The interesting thing about this poem I find is the story behind it, so if you'd be interested in knowing more about this piece of work, just send me a message and I would be happy to talk about it.
Thomas Conlan Aug 2017
Tortured time traveling;
the mind unraveling.

Hands which cannot hold hers to console.
They forever move forward
spending time we cannot afford.
Alone, he will find, he's a man out of time.
Day dreaming of things he'll never see,
imagining ways he'll never grow to be.
No future he'd prefer
than to find himself with her,

but he instead lives life loving how they once were.
Thomas Conlan Aug 2017
Missing the memory of you and me,
I fall asleep and dream of this;
my heart swelling from your kiss.
I hold my breath, I halt my beat.
I hunger for your comfort and heat.
My skin grows cold, my face turns blue,
and still, my dreams are of you.

A pain in my chest and shortness of breath
awakes to the aches of heartbreak.
You are not here, but I do not fear.

I return to sleep with this memory I'll keep
of a moment I dearly miss.
How I'd hold you close, whom I loved the most,
and continue to live in your kiss.
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