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Allen James Apr 12
Spring walks by,
But the world's inside,
So we share our lives,
From a distance,

Play by play,
We know the game,
Of making love,
From a distance,

The speakers sing,
The phones, they ring,
Such hope they bring,
From a distance,

Our baby cries,
The parents hide,
But at least we have,
A witness,

And now life's strange,
Yet nothing's changed,
As we see ourselves,
From a distance.
Allen James Feb 16
I used to wake up every morning,
With life's mascot at my feet,
He'd lick the frown right off my face,
And joyous words his eyes would speak,

For they were like two windows,
From which I could not hide,
And every time he looked at me,
Light made its way inside,

Each day was new and full of wonder,
Every thread of grass was his,
He had the world inside a ball,
And to chase it was pure bliss,

Oh sweet and playful days,
Memories I recall,
I wonder if he misses them,
Or remembers them at all,

For the morning's generosity,
Has finally run dry,
Warm and sunny afternoons,
Have become the cruelest time,

The food his nose once blindly followed,
Now rots before his sight,
There is no pain in hunger,
Without an appetite for life,

Sometimes I'll look into his eyes,
For a glimmer of rebirth,
Just to see them fading slowly,
Like the paw prints in the dirt,

Surely he must know it,
In every aching bone,
As he crawls into the corner,
And lies there all alone,

Gone are the endless days,
Of chasing rabbits in the hedge,
No matter what the game is,
Life's a stick he will not fetch,

Oh brother to my soul,
Not even a goodbye?
When there's no more life to live,
The dogs know how to die.
Allen James Sep 2019
I bought a one way ticket
at the price of all your pain,
On a plane with feathered wings
and an engine fueled by shame,
Now the memories get smaller,
But I can't turn around,
As I take off in the distance
and leave my shadow on the ground.
Allen James Jul 2019
Walk beside me, brother,
Show me where the river ends,
Where the hidden paths assemble,
And where I should begin,
Tell me why the lone wolf howls,
And why the birds fly side by side,
Draw the stars in shapes of owls,
And watch me closely from the sky,
Help me climb the ancient trees,
Where the nameless fruits still grow,
Make two spears for us to hunt with,
Like we once did years ago,
Summon stories of our ancestors,
And of the places you have been,
Share the secrets of the forest,
That are spoken by the wind,
Point me to the shapeless casket,
Where the mourning soul is healed,
Whisper gently of death’s magic,
And tell me how it feels,
Leave your footsteps at the causeway,
With every lesson you have shown,
And promise me, my brother,
I’ll one day get there on my own.
Allen James Jun 2019
in my bones,
While she lies
with the night,

of her soul,
Only time
will survive,

for the sun
to slow down
when she’s kind,

through the clouds,
Just the price
for a ride.

And the way that she lies
at the edge of my life,
Where the hills meet the howling sea,
And as the world walks away,
My heart begs to stay
at the feet of a thousand dreams,
Allen James May 2019
The door to freedom opened,
Yet there he still remained,
For the will to fly has atrophied,
And the bird is finally caged.
Allen James May 2019
Tender waves caress the sand,
The ones you’ve ridden from the start,
A sun that gently warms your skin,
And also warms your heart,

A breeze that bears the weight of love,
Wherever it may go,
To angels flying high above,
And those swimming down below,

So dive into your crystal sea,
Beneath the shades of endless blue,
And you will find the perfect beach,
Is always here inside of you.
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