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Allen James Apr 5
There goes the rain,
Her gentle lover,
The only one,
Who's ever touched her,
From head to toe,
And deep inside,
In shapeless arms,
She comes alive.
Allen James Mar 12
I have been offered the position of a Poet,
In the office high above the fields
where my ripe and ***** heart
has labored carelessly,
And the daily quotas of insecurity
were nowhere to be met.

I've worked hard for this promotion,
And even harder to decline it.
Allen James Mar 6
The mere thought of the beast
unlocks his cage.
Allen James Feb 19
You came to me,
Like words to a song,
Touched every memory,
But the feeling was gone,
Watched me carry myself,
With courage and grace,
Noticed nothing was heavier,
Than a smiling face,
Witnessed days turn to years,
By the wand in your clock,
Yet the magic of time,
Couldn’t make the pain stop,
Surely you understood,
As far as eyes could see,
But a crumbling soul,
Leaves no debris,

No divine purpose,
No lesson to learn,
Some Gods,
Just want to watch a man burn,
So now I live by the words,
Of a wise, holy liar,
Cause when the truth sets you free,
It sets you on fire.
Allen James Feb 8
Freedom is a stranger
and I am but a child,
Heeding the panic
of a mother's love.
Allen James Feb 7
The devil, he may sin,
But he's a southern gentleman,
With open doors,
His home is yours,
No God's more welcoming,
Than him.
Allen James Feb 5
We spend our lives
trying to fill that
which is infinite,

And then wonder
why we're so exhausted.
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