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Mihir Kulkarni Aug 2018
The groovy orange explodes on the horizon
And birds find their way back in the sky
As we kiss each other on the balcony
The early stars exclaim, "Oh My My!"
Just some love.
  Mar 2018 Mihir Kulkarni
Lie with me
on this ancient
ground and keep
me warm with
your lies about
a better tomorrow
where sorrows
die with the
remnants of my
common sense
Mihir Kulkarni Mar 2018
We cover the bed
With our bodies so naturally
In this space & time, I'm not ready
For the last night together

She's going to fly away
And my love won't inflame
The golden glow in her name
A bleak haze over the horizon

I'm cold in the bed, tremulous
My eyes dart out to grasp
A non-existing future in the dark
Even the moon is laughing

She's lying perfectly still
In the crumpled blanket
My pearl in the oyster
Protected and at peace

She knows the perils of closeness
When living far apart
She knows how fate twists and turns
The moon and the sea

My mind is ruthlessly-
Dangerously on the verge
Of breaking down itself
And blowing apart all the pieces

I struggle to lie quietly
I don't want her to wake up
But I can't control the painful spasms
A fish endures when water runs out

Suddenly with the calm of a river
She covers my eyes
With her palm stretched out
She's putting me back to sleep

I feel her pulse soft and warm
Through her long delicate fingers
Lightly touching my eyes where
Dreams and nightmares begin to weep

This life I call mine
A castle she built with her cards
When I had thrown away mine
Without any hope of luck

With a soft lullaby
She's comforting my soul
Which will not remain whole
For so long anymore

She must go chase her dreams
And I don't want to stop her
All I want to do now
Is to die.
I wish lovers never have to part
Mihir Kulkarni May 2017
She doesn't think
I'm much of a guy...
I meant much of
An interesting guy.
I did say "interesting" before...
Didn't I?

Why does it matter?
Oh I love her I think...
We will go well together,
Like bread and jam
wait.. a better rhyme...
Like bread and "butter".

I must tell you...
The amount of efforts I make!
Even wrote her a poem to which
She said "For God's sake!
We are not in 19th century. Get new..."
It made me feel like leftover cake.

"Swag", she said
Something you lack ***;
I opened net and googled it
After our short conversation.
The guys must do this and that
Looking at it I went into depression!
(Have you seen the latest trends?
I'm soooo far behind. oh good heaven!)

Back home I sunk in my sofa low
I was ****** exhausted,
Nothing I did pleased her
Didn't get her one bit excited;
She wanted someone bad and strong
And all she got was a guy *******.

Why is it that...
Her crush drinks a bottle of whiskey down,
In one gulp and calls her cutie pie.
And I can't even pull off a leather jacket,
I'm just a ******* teetotaler orange juice guy.
In this world full of jibber-jabber,
I look at her as if She's my only high!

So I'll love her silently and pray,
Like how Earth keeps Moon
Neither too close nor far away;
A miracle is all I hope for
(like the guy she loves shifting to Burma)
Then she'll have no other way!

I know...
I'm not a bad boy!
Why o God you've made me this nice?!
She loves to play with fire and you've
And you've...
Made my heart outta ice!
Sometimes you feel bad that you're a good guy.
Mihir Kulkarni Mar 2017
We're chasing the mirage
so vigorously now
we didn't even notice
that somewhere somehow
reality slipped away.

Remember the time when
in the alley behind my house
how we used to run
when we were kids!
Our moms would get tired
shouting our names
and we'd be lost in the games
of dungeons and dragons.
And we had all these dreams,
dreams of flying
like the superman,
dreams of building
biggest castles with the sand,
dreams of finding
homes of those butterflies,
dreams of catching
the rainbows in the skies!

I don't quite understand
what adulthood has done to me,
the gift of surprise and wonder
has been taken away unknowingly.
I still see all these things
But nothing comes across as new
All the emotions that I still feel
I want to make sure
At least one of them is really true.

I'm tired of all this made up stuff
tired of all the grown up tricks
what use are my skills and expertise
If I can't even feel my heart beats.

Would you hold my hand?
Lets try to find our haven!
We won't have a map okay?
We're going to follow the rhythm.

Far out in the distance I do see
the clouds, and I just want to be,
beneath one of them and wonder,
As they float away and thunder!

Dance along the swift sun rays
as they filter through the boughs,
laugh with the rustling leaves
on which the evening light glows!

All we need is
some good thoughts
beating wild
in a few good hearts!

And trust me
we'll do our best
to make this world
a better place! :)
I want someone to shake me up. Make me a kid once again. Make me true to myself and make me understand what really matters. I think it has to be me who teaches that to myself!
Mihir Kulkarni Jan 2017
I was sharing my dreams with her that evening,
Never realized when the stars started blinking...
With moonlit eyes she whispered without thinking,
*"Our dreams are so cute even the stars are winking!"
We went on a night hike. Under that moonless sky lit by a million stars, we had the most wonderful conversation of our lives.
Mihir Kulkarni Jan 2017
The night had started to flow over the brim
I struggled to stay afloat with all my might,
Caressed in her arms I woke up in a dream
Realizing my tired reality had lost the fight.

She resembled the north star in her poise
The smile on her rose-lips could calm a storm,
Curiosity of life in her gazelle brown eyes
Rekindled a fire in my soul that I’d forlorn.

My eyes were closed shut, but heart wide open
It transpired the unconditional love of ours,
Blindly chasing a moon I’d forgotten the sun
The alluring eclipse had proven to be my curse.

The morning rays barged in unannounced
Quickly they pulled me back from the dream,
With a passion in my head and heart, I pounced
To find her and in that, the purpose for my being.
Sometimes I lose the touch of the ground when I'm chasing the sky. Only when I stumble and fall, things come into a perspective. For good.
Similar is true for love I've experienced. When I stop searching, it comes to me.
This one is for the girl who smiled when I'd given up hope.
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