JoBe Arenas May 2014

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it aside

If you thought this
Was a recipe
It is
For a disaster

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it inside

A little clever poem on bananas

Its the perfect costume for a superhero goddess, and it makes her feel invincible; fishnet stockings, blazing red bra, heroine hotpants and the clincher; kitten heels.

Bunny can take on the world, now, appropriately dressed. She's got superpowers, alright, the doom-dogs seem to think so, and they're running scared.

Those rumours, that they trade and use and barter, of baby bunny's beautiful mouth, sloe doe eyes, and inexhaustible tongue. It's been said that she can bring an evil tyrant to his knees as she sinks down to her own, it's been said, she's good and bad, so very bad, so very, very good...

But, listen!

Sex bunny's been given a new mission; There's a new and timely terror, and the doom-dogs are, of course, the evil source; find and fellate, sex bunny, the formidable phallus of doom.

Only you, horny tawny Queen of Dawn are up to the task. Don your whiskered mask, wriggle your nose once, twice, yummy bunny, and fly, fly! Find the phallus, save the world.

It's your destiny.
You were born to blow the horn for cosmic porn.

Inspired by 'Rhymeslut,' Harriet Tecumsah Watt's published volume of poetry, and the movie 'Barbarella'.
Peach Jun 2014

Regrets are nonexistent reflections
Of possibilities
That were never actually possible

They say that hell is an eternity
Of fire and damnation
But at 4 AM
When sleep eludes my advances,
It only sounds like the description of my own mind

Life is temptation,
Temptation beckons coyly
With the promise of heaven often
And I've got nothing
But a come-hither smile
And fragments of fragile lace left

The best you'll ever be able to do is look

I am much too far from redemption
But consequences,
Fail to prevent your inevitable fall

Seldom have I ever felt remorse for my lack of "grace"

© 2014 Peach

Ruby Watson Nov 2012

Lightning flashes
in eyes of storm
brown turn
to hazel
art forms

across blushing
dares a flightier dance
to the peacock chorus line
(...two in the hand?)
I'mpure, painted fancies
can fly blue to cyan
Watch them
flash now
as they
     in the
   ­                           o
she   ­   
       of soft

(Lips of an Angel) -
Jonny Angel Aug 2014

So eager
he writes,
in his diffused light,
your beautiful backside,
splitting your lovely orbs
& you do not fight him.
He hangs onto your pink thong
& the song that he sings
sounds so lovely,
a delicious melody
off your white walls.
The mind,
his wanton mind,
is a terrible thing to waste.
Do you read him...kitten?

Dieter Muniz May 2012

She is so risque;

She puts his tongue in her mouth

…but not in that way.

Ben Nov 2013

coy verbal foreplay
tastefully twisting two tongues
risque rhythm ...                          breathe

mark john junor Jun 2013

risque thoughts inhabit my mind
as she steps back and forth across the threshold  
nubile twenty something hippy dreadlock girl
such a lovely persona  
and moist inked beauty of form
she shouts my poem in the parking garage at four am
the echoes add integrity to it she laughs
my girl takes her in our bed
and shows her some integrity

i would so willfully indulge
but i know that such a creature is
the kind i could come to love with true deep feeling far too easily
and i dare not such misadventure
i am so drawn in by her golden patchouli locks
her fine line inked breast
her laughing gentle eyes

i tell my girl
this interloper of her treasures must depart
in the morning
she is unhappy but agrees
i sleep on the floor
waking to my happy home restored

edit: goofball
September Oct 2013

Not for the risque factor, only for the simple fact that
I only want you inside one single part of me
and it's sure as hell not my heart.

Don't look me in the eyes.
Don't look me in the eyes.

you've got a really quirky smile. and weird eyes.

In whiskey sodden dreams I feel silky bedclothes encompass
my flimsy pretty negligee clad body
Whimsy takes a hold, bold dreams drape my mind
My dimly lit boudour welcomes the vibrancy of the dream
Unblushingly dis inhibited by the sweet sickly whiskey
I feel frisky, risky, risqué
I want the silkiness of the dark dimly lit night to
ignite, I want flimsy, gipsy, filthy, kinky love.
In whiskey sodden dreams I feel my inner whore,
in dreams I can open the door.

David Barr Feb 2014

There is a certain mystique about Essex County where Wiccan boutiques smite the eyes with linguistic confusion.
Salaam reminds me of cold meat and Shalom reminds me of Welsh breakfasts even though the 1700s knew nothing of peace.
So, now that we almost reach the threshold of Spring Aequus Nox, I commend Julius Caesar for his respect towards atmospheric refraction.
We need to talk.
Come on, and let us delve into classical and mythological philosophies where games of death are an aphrodisiac with a sprinkling of risqué.

Alex Caldwell Dec 2010

It was a cool summer day,
In a land far far away.
Oh to go back to that day,
Would be very risque.
And yet,
It would be amazing,
To go back to that day,
That was so far far away.

I wrote this in a facebook chat with my friend who was doing every other line.
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