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The World Needs Love
The Light That Warms Through People's Window Panes
Universal Messages of Peace and Care
Even though we might reside in different spaces
We are Human.
We breath passion to progress and live out the best
of days in our lives
Sending out just one signal
From The United States
To North Korea
To Russia
To Other Nations
People United
Never Divided
We shall one day
Hold hands
and United the World Through a Shining Light
That is True Heart and it's Shedding of light with the world
Gandy Lamb Feb 22
I gerna shoot em.
No don't do it!
No i gern. They black.
No dont shoot because theyreblack.
But im donald trump. I hate blacks.
Well youre a bad man, donla dtrump.
I killed donald trump
Death to trump!
AvengingPoet Jan 30
The sounds of another toxic culture
Letting out their voices
In red and white hats
With ******* answers to ******* problems
That don’t exist but the man on the cold screen
Told em’ it was true
Well, my friend, they told you a lie

What’s real or fake
It’s hard to tell
When the businessman
On the television
And tablet screens
Demands once again:
“It’s fake news!”
And the uneducated eat it up
Ignoring the fact
It’s like eating a Big Mac
For breakfast and lunch and dinner
Clogging your brain with absolute junk

Another day
Ten thousand more buzzes on my phone
Of breaking news

Maybe I should just throw the **** thing in a ******* river
And meditate and medicate for as long as I can
God knows I’m tired
God knows I’m tired...

And the kids in the red and white hats
Are standing in the way
To keep on a legacy
With historical ignorance
That only says:
“I belong here. You don’t. Stay out.”

God knows I’m tired.
he snare
a pair
of lashes
in an
apple orchard
while an
owl fell
its hood
but his
style that
shelter the
dial and
fly again
with minor
prophets but
deft baton
in trump
Haylin Dec 2018
Sorry losers and haters but my IQ is one of the highest
Somehow I dont quite believe that but I am pretty biased
See I think you're a ***** Donald Trump I really do
Because what intelligent person would think the following is true
Muslims should be denied entry into the great United States
Surley by doing this you will go down in history as one of the greats?
Or by telling transgenders they can't serve in the forces
And doctors should be punished by administering abortions
How's that great big wall of yours currently going?
Have the Mexicans offered to pay for it or are you still not knowing?
Now I have to say I think your face is one big publicity stunt
So I'm just going to go ahead and be brutally blunt
Donald Trump I think your a
Martin Mikelberg Nov 2018
selling weapons to ******
sharp thinking, donald

selling weapons to ******
smart thinking, donald

selling weapons to ******
start thinking, donald

selling weapons to ******
just thinking, donald

selling weapons to ******
are you thinking, donald

selling weapons to ******
stop thinking, donald
wise men we have not
Marcie47 Nov 2018
Orange hair.
Orange skin.
Grown up, Tin Tin.
Living in Australia, the poem basically is what I see!
Hope I don't offend anyone!!!!
Paul Butters Oct 2018
Donald Trump
Is no chump.
Makes America rich,
Without any hitch.

Says what he thinks,
And never even blinks.
Kowtows to no-one:
Just gets the job done.

Paul Butters

© PB 15\10\2018.
To balance out my last Trump Clerihew.....
Andrew May 2017
Through the fog of disenfranchisement he emerges
Gold watch, Gold rings, Gold hair, Lead heart
He has the resources...
He knows the secret to making money
He must know how I can make that money
So I can finally be happy
As happy as I was before I knew I needed money
Unless the secret of making money is me not having it
He has the influence...
Over those with crumbling foundations of knowledge
And foreclosed homes of empathy
Their situation is dire
They need someone to admire
What channels will this river of adulation lead to, though?
Their minds sneak across the borders of fear
into paranoia
Their hearts scale the walls of love
into hatred
He has the power...
The Botanist tells the customer that the flower is actually a ****
And he must **** it
There are Bedouin villagers who know nothing of the outside world
Except for our bombs
Will the sounds of love be heard over our tanks and guns?
He has no control...
No control of the thoughts of those that live
in the shadows of uncertainty
No control over the brotherhood all men share despite our differences
He is not the sun
And time waits for nobody
And misery finds everyone no matter what
And you can burn the witch at the stake of your fears
But her banshee screams will unleash the titan of retribution
Through all this hatred
Love will save us, right?
Or is love what led us here?
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