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September Dec 2019
the memory of you is a warm comfort
a sunday morning community chapel
preaching your name so loudly
you'd think i was possessed
the sun sneaks through my windows
i'm alone in bed
ni co ti ne or ga sm mm mm mm
September Sep 2019
love is patient,
love is kind.

thom yorke keeps telling me that true love waits
so why do i feel that waiting has made me weak.
(like i'm letting you get away with something)

i am not patient,
nor kind.
i am envious, and boastful.
i keep a record of how wrong i feel.
September Jul 2019
i only wish i could esc the thought of you
September Jul 2019
clean for almost two years now
i stay up reading
a timeline of myself
high on ecstasy
September Jul 2019
we got along so well but
but this is the final thing we will agree on:

even i am surprised at how
how softly i can let you go
September Jul 2019
i will be alone now
walking naked from the bush
drunk stumble down quadra st

the *** may have been brief
but the memory of ******* will stay forever
in my wet dreams
bug bites
  Aug 2018 September
Third Eye Candy
immortality is easy-peasy. you play dead.

you live now. and simply continue. you just get on with it.
zig-zag in plain sight. like a shimmer in an old daguerreotype.
if you must fade. always do it sideways.
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