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Milk and nuts
the cheese-farm parcel.
To open, rear, doughy portion
finding that place to leave soured...
Crunched into numbers, exaction's Zealot!
Clear I sittin' at the bar,
and now I'm,
now I'm
lookin' atcha.

Duh Dao-O'
dee awon du

Look my up, my arms
now dancing
Still hear me as I'm
looking atcha?

Duh Dao-O'
dee awon du
dee awon du

Prince of Majic
Pockets full of
greeny static
Heed advice
See 'it-now'

* See me sliding
down the bar?
Oh my,

Duh Dao-O'
dee awon du
dee awon du
dee awon du

What do you want to do to this;        ?
Mr. Wood has a craving; it’s something odd you see?
In the glorious aquatic there are turtles in the Sea,

Wood he doesn’t like water, waterlogged you cannot stave,
Too hot, dry or on fire, fire burns a heart in-to ashen grave…

Mr. Wood has a craving; turtle comes out when in the Sea,
In the glorious aquatic she bathes in plankton and his seed.

Mr. Wood has a craving; it’s something odd you see?
Adult poetry
...seeing purse dressed, flowery-folds,
knows the pleasure, -heaven holds.

Standing proud, -cocksure his breast,
exhausted her, laugh-ter, -nothing left.

Weakly submissive, exhilarated now pressed,
emboldened by she, guardedly bereft...

No strawberry, cakes, honey, grape,
you know what's coming;
zebra Jun 2017
have you been to
the honey bunny buffet
its on horny hot pussy street
and lick it up all day

you can start with a kiss
theres buttery boobs
don't you dare miss
her fallopian tubes

she comes with a milk shake
and sweet pussy treat
her anus delicious
you'll love her feet

there are deserts
different flavors for sure
and pudding viscous
you'll cum for some more

if you like women
shes yummy yum yummy
be you boy or girl
shes feels great in your tummy

i love to go their
its all you can eat
stuff your self good
gawd shes so sweet

do you like anus
its pink and its red
its good with black bean sauce
you can have it in bed

or cunt warm and gooey
with clitoris lips
sopping wet deliciousness
its so hot when she strips

theres big bowls of cocks
smothered in cream
if you like dicks
your gona scream

i want to eat their
every dam day
but my wife wont let me
so home i must stay* :(

— The End —