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Äŧül Apr 2013
Come to a garden of roses with me,
Serene it is fuller with roses to see,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

We shall not try to pluck any roses,
For the thorns dissuade any poses,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

We can't sit guarding the flowers,
Very busy in our mini lives we're,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

I'll set-up a flaming ring of fire,
Seeking fine protection for them,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

Let's care for the roses as if our,
As if our little & young children,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

To help us get them blue & red,
Give them all suitable nutrition,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

Their presence is eye-pleasing,
We let them be in our garden,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.
My HP Poem #178
© Atul Kaushal
M-E Jan 28
You know
That ring I gave you
(((((It really suit you)))))
* Fugazy*
King Panda Mar 2016
spirit stone
the emotion caught
in your embrace
where my body
melts into yours
the perfect blend
of masculine
and feminine
bathing in a river
of marble
the waves are
the ring is lost

spirit stone
don’t deceive me
with other women
don’t trick me with
the old man
at your feet
I do not give up
I slave away
I work morning
and night

spirit stone
everything has been
hay, wheat, stone
the interlude in
the fields
the moment when
the ring is found
dawn and thought
watch me
dawn and thought
wear on my

spirit stone
the moving echo
of my own past
the waltz to come
the hidden
the moment when
the king falls in love
with his wife
with his child

spirit stone
I am muse
I am artist
I am caught like
a fly
an agnostic
queen who found
the ring
to fall in the arms
of man

spirit stone*
if you keep your
we will grow
with the sky
if you keep your
we will be in
Shlomo Jan 17
I want a beautiful ring from you.

With rare stones and diamond encrusted too.

Are flowers too much to ask?

Or maybe just chocolates, 'cos I might be moving too fast.
WendyStarry Eyes Jun 2016
Once when I was a teen
~~~~~ I too ~~~~~
had a mood ring

Yes, it was the latest craze!
~~~ I remember that ~~~
~~ Yet, not much else ~~
~~ In that time of daze ~~

~ The color of my mood ring ~
Always seemed to stay the same
~~~~ It was a tinge ~~~
~~~ Of AquaMarine ~~~

~~ When I got It I read ~~
~~What that should mean~~
I never wore it for that factor though
~~ I wore it to feel like a Queen ~~

~My Theory is that mine~
Never changed it's shade
~ Forcasting my future ~
~Like a breaking wave~

Kinda like this poem motivated # 3 See what you started Mike Hauser! We all had those Mood rings :)
G Rog Rogers Nov 2017
-Lyrix (Pure Country Tune)

There's an empty ring finger
where a shining band
of gold once was
The symbol of Our life
Our dreams and Our love

A vow to stay together
through the plenty
and the lean
Forever lovers and
Forever best friends
then and to the end

The years passed so quickly
yet our love still
held on strong
Up until that fateful time
when it seemed that
everything went wrong

Still I then adored you
Still you I cherished
and you I hoped to keep
But strangers
came against us
The destruction
was complete

There's an empty ring finger
where a shining band
of gold once was
The symbol of Our life
Our dreams and Our love

A vow to stay together
through the plenty
and the lean
Forever lovers and
Forever Best friends
Then and to the end

Your gone yet
I remember
All the precious
moments still
I remember you
beautiful loyal
and lovely
And I always will

It's been so long
Still I sometimes
look back upon the wonderful You were
Truth is as it always was
I'll still love You forever Girl

There's an empty ring finger
Where a shiny
band of gold once was
The symbol of Our life
Our dreams
and Our love

A vow to stay together
through the plenty
and the lean
Forever lovers and
Forever Best friends
Then and to the end

I sometimes touch
my ring finger
Where the shiny
band of gold once was
Thinking about the
one I loved
The Angel
I once adored

There's an empty ring finger
where a shiny
band of gold
once was

And empty feeling
deep down
in my heart
For the Angel
who was lost.



faith Sep 2017
a gunshot was heard,
but not by her,
blood gushed out of her face like a grotesque river,
a bullet hole in the side of her head,
maybe we should put down all the technology...
before someone gets hurt...
Corey Sep 2016
My right hand fingers are larger than my left

But it doesn't matter
I don't take it out
To put it on

I don't wear my ring
I rather play with it

I spin it like a top
In the center of my table
Eventually it stops
So I pick it up once more

I flip it through my fingers
Dropping it more often than not
The sound always lingers
I guess they're made to be worn

But I'd rather not wear it
I don't want to explain a thing

But I don't want you to be gone
So I'll just sit in the dark and pout
My right hand fingers are much fatter

This silly little ringno one knows about
kevin hamilton Oct 2017
northern window
breaks from the inside
there will always be others
vor you to skin
and starve and overflow
with tacit permission

the ground
parts for me this time
i would rather stay awake
but my eyes are heavy
and dimming fast
dearest, let me lay
in this tidal pool of blood

i am always left alone
after last insipid words
whispered thinly
from a ring of stones
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
There's a tired old man singing in his boat
He hates his voice but he still likes to vote
Voter registration put him on hold

The value of a thought has steadily dropped
Respect for free speech has stopped
I gave my opinion and someone called the cops  

Pump your fist in anger and tell the world why
Shout to the sky, look in the camera's eye
And say "I don't need a reason, it's my right"

Think of all the change that you will bring
Telling the artists what to paint and sing
Sanitize, commercialize, let freedom ring
Steve Page May 2018
My wedding bands,
my three gold,
three strand
wedding bands
don't fit any more.

They remain unmoving
with no room for turning.
They don't hurt, they're just tight,
because they haven't grown with me
as they might have,
could have,
should have,
would have done
had I paid more attention
to the coming undone.

They remain,
but they don't fit anymore.
My three gold, three strand,
stuck-in-the-80s wedding bands
don't fit me anymore.
My mum asked 'doesn't that hurt?' as she held my hand and felt my ring finger.  More than I can say, I didn't answer.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2017
Its name is sadness.
Violent sadness.
It's creeping up again
It is giving me anxiety
Because I don't want it
To crawl in my skin
Again and be comfortable.
With the anxiety brings depression.
It's always been there,
Never completely going away.
But I can ignore and it slows,
Grows smaller everytime
I smile and laugh.
But every time someone leaves
Me for someone shinier,
The sadness spreads like wild fire,
Like the mold on strawberries
I cannot eat.
I wish I was born thin like her,
Perfect like her,
Golden like her,
The one who steals them away.
As I watch the monster crawling
Towards me,
I analyze it.
I watch the way it moves slow,
Trying to not be discovered
Like the way I do.
It moves swiftly,
Not in pulses.
I watch it creep,
Pulling itself from
Whatever depths it came,
Like the way I do.
And that's the scariest part.
I watch it's iridescent
Nails crawl closer.
It has a diamond ring.
So do I.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
Dancing the billow in the sea
the cool one will show up
deep down from the deep
with the flute on the lips.

Listen to the flute!
The chorus clouds bang out
floating by the river blue,
they sing down the sky as they move.

The sun draws in
from the secret valley
ambling with the wonder light
as if it, the punter sun, in the sky
knew it, knows the flutist
rose from down the sea!

There is no stop in the solar disc.
Twirling around the inner music
every orb, every planet is a bee.

The waning and waxing Moon
in silhouette and at half-light
swings over the sea.

It all starts from the ground;
it was from our sea waterfront
Him the creative sweetheart in the midst
floated the leading light the bumblebee.
All the stars bubble in the galaxy
they know this ancient story!

Since then the brightest bulb
the sun in the solar ring  
leads the bunch’s mindful
butterfly dance on the way home.
Following the enduring haunting melody
of the pre-design command ‘qun’ be!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Conditionless
oliver o Aug 2018
I feel it in my fingertips
when you tell me how you worry.
I feel it most in my ring finger—
Isn’t that strange?
The sea in my ribcage tosses,
and your Navy boat of which the name I forget rocks upon it.
You are unsure if you’ll be coming home on time.

I watch the waves from the opposite coast,
making note of how tall they are,
how dark,
and suddenly I am in them
as they are within me.
They beat against the undersides of my skin,
so hard that I pray
for the first time in ten years,
asking God to watch over us,
to bless this gorgeous thing we have.
Living under time management ideas
As if the decision was ours
Night time seems never ideal
No time to question  schedules or hours

Insomnia has chosen me
Ignoring these standards
And if it was on me
To chose her or not

And if I had the power
To decide my living fate
I would still be married to her

Because insomnia keeps you awake
She loves your eyelashes
Moving up and down
What else could I choose
other than those who love me?

And insomnia will keep you awake
No intention to bother, maybe
No intention to creep down your tense shoulders

And still
I would choose her
Sans hesitation
No other temptation

Because Night time is for the hungry
Night time won’t tell you you are wasting time
Night time is the ring insomnia carried the day she proposed

And so I sometimes wear the ring
It’s cold and simple
Nothing interesting for those
who have decided to dream
with their eyes closed

But to me, night time has no boundaries
The ring fits us well
The poets and the thinkers

But beware because this ring is also carried by the harmful
They steal the ring off a thinker once in a while
They are silent and could be watching you
Not owning their personal marriage to Insomnia
Only thinking to commit selfish acts
Waiting for you to forget about the ring and the vowel
Waiting for you to manage the little time He’s told you own

Beware of being awake too
He could confuse you with the harmful man
Because you are awake and only those who chose to ignore the imaginative scarcity of time are made to start a revolution for life

So sleep tomorrow, or the next week
Because tonight is all you have guaranteed as your thinking time.
January 6th, 2018
Finished writing this one by 8 AM after trying to sleep all night
Thorns Nov 2018
Ring on your finger

Ring on your lip

A ring in your heart sounding off

Like a bell

Get a grip
Get a grip

I'm the only one for me
I am...
Q Dec 2016
What a question
skin woven as threads of canvas
interpret this face
quite a tapestry of biological traits
ask again like I’m not even a who
you’ll ring ring and ring
but artwork will never get back to you
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