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Andrew Ciaciuch Apr 2013
What would happen if love became a word. I mean what if it meant nothing more then just a word to say. Just a word, no meaning at all. What if the word love got tossed around like a dogs old tennis ball (or toy), and it meant just as much as that old ball/toy.
Would it make a difference, would it matter at all?Would the world be strung in disarray, because no one would be able to tell a truth from a lie. Would there be any trust between husband and wife, parents and their children?

All that read this please leave a comment about what you think the world would be like without love, because I believe that is where we as a nation are heading.
Also don't be afraid to leave different opinions.
Andrew Ciaciuch Apr 2013
To feel the touch of rain drops,
Oh how exquisite that would feel,
But I know that feeling is to never be felt again,
Because for the rest of eternity I am stuck here in hell.

I am stuck in this place of torture,
I can only stand and scream as I get burnt from eternally burning flames,
I can only wish that I could grab the glass of water not even 5 inches away from my fingertips,
And If I ever did reach it right as I get a drink it turns to sand or more flames.

I am here for eternity because somebody didn't stop and tell me what I needed to know,
All the chances you could have had,
I blame this on you,
How could you let this happen to me.

Were you to worried about your "reputation,
That you thought that spending time with me just to talk about how JESUS changed your life,
Would make you feel like an outcast?
Well guess what because of your selfishness I'm here, Thanks alot.
Andrew Ciaciuch Apr 2013
Oh fire what a friend I have made in you. You bite me if I am not careful but when I take care and watch what you are doing it is like I am unburnable. I can remember how often I have resorted to burning things from my past, fire you are my hero for you have made me forget all things needed to be forgotten. I feel you flowing through my veins at times, oh fire it is you that reminds me when I am human for it is as if it is your bite that brings me back to my senses and wakes me from my sleep.
Andrew Ciaciuch Apr 2013
I’m not sure how much more I can take
I get pounded on time after time
I’m sure that real soon I am going to break
Why must I be tortured I committed no crime

I watch as day by day it gets worse
My sanity slowly going away
Soon I may be leaving in a hearse
I fight to stay alive every day

Every day a battle to survive
A constant struggle to continue on living
What is there but to thrive
When the world has just stopped giving

You gave the world your all
Tried to make every one happy
Trying to catch everyone before they fall
Never letting anyone get hurt to badly
This poem is currently a work in progress. A friend asked me to write him a poem for what he is going through and this is how far I have gotten.
Andrew Ciaciuch Apr 2013
This ring is one of the most important things you will ever hold in your hand. For this ring is not just a ring but a promise. A promise that in itself is my whole heart ******* into. With this ring I am pledging my eternal love towards you. I have thought of this moment for many months and I am happy to say it is finally here.

Love in today’s culture is not what it used to mean. People fall in and out of “love” so fast now. I hope that you and I can set the standard for our generation. Together you and I will go through thick and thin, health and sickness, rich and poor. But we shall not let that slow us down. For our love is true. Our love is eternal. I know that together we can face anything. For love can overcome all things.

I cannot promise that things will always be perfect. I cannot promise that there will never be a time where you will cry. But I can promise that I will lend you my shoulder and cry with you. I cannot promise you that there will be no pain. But I can promise you that I will be there to comfort you. I cannot promise that there will be times where there is sadness. But I can promise that I will be there to make you laugh. I cannot promise that I will never make you mad. But I promise you that I will do everything in my power to see you smile.

I have thought of this moment for many months now trying to figure out the perfect way to do it. Should I go down on one knee, should I try to be sneaky, where should I go, when should it be. But one thing came to mind while thinking about all this. None of it matters as long as you are there and always will be there for me.

With this ring I am asking a lot of you. I am not asking for part of your life I am asking for your whole life and in return I promise to give you all of mine.

Will you marry me?
I used this letter to ask my fiance to marry me. She said yes and the wedding date is may 10th 2014
Andrew Ciaciuch Sep 2012
With this ring comes a promise. You must be willing to accept it before you wear it. The promise is to love me for as long as possible as I will you. To love me through all the hard times that are yet to come as I will you. To love me and nurture me back to health on the days where I am sick as I will you. To love me and comfort me when I need it as I will for you. But most of all when the day comes where all that matters to be said is “I do”  when I say those words you will not hesitate to say them back to me.

Our love is not fragile, it is not shallow. Our love is strong and none can fathom how deep.
Our love is not short, it is not passing. Our love is for a lifetime and it is here to stay.
Our love is not one sided, it is not full of doubt. Our love is open and it is built on trust.
Our love is not for you or for me. Our love is for US.

Some say that the journey into life begins when you first enter this world. I have a theory that there are multiple journeys of life in the life that you live. There is obviously the journey into becoming a adolescence and then teenager (it is coupled with school). When that ends there is the journey into adulthood (can be accompanied by but not limited to college, vehicles, taxes, jobs, stress). But I believe the two most important journeys in life are the ones about love. The first one begins when you are first born, the second one begins when you find the right person. The first one is finding the person you belong with that you love with every fiber of your being. The second journey is simply to spend the rest of your life with this person. And as I have went through both of these (the first being a bit rough to start) I ask you  to join me in starting the second journey of love. I want you to be my lifelong partner in exploring the world.

If you choose to make this promise all you have to do is put this ring on your finger, and I will be yours for life.
I wrote this to go with a promise ring that I bought my girlfriend
Andrew Ciaciuch Sep 2011
At last when my heart almost lost its shine
When the glow of it had long since past
Your heart sought after mine
And when it was found my shine and warmth was back at last

I count no more wasted tears
No more echoes do I hear of their fall
No more wasted years
The time I spend with you makes it worth it all

I fear no more time or fate
For they no more can bring burdens to my heart nor brow
Between us the love is strong that was discovered late
And forever more will our souls keep it now.

Because of you
My world once broken is now whole
Love again lives in my soul
Can you believe that it is true
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