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Jul 19
i click her name
i'd give anything to hear her voice

ring ring
-please pick up the phone

ring ring
-it's just me, i need to hear your voice

ring ring
-why are you always ignoring me?

ring ring
-maybe i should just hang up

ring ring
-you aren't going to answer, are you?

ring ring
-i just want to talk

ring ring
-i feel lonelier than before i thought about you

ring ring
-a single tear runs down my face

ring ring
-why am i not good enough?

ring ring
-i end the call

i pretend she's busy
but i know she's not

but i need to lie to myself
because the truth ******* stings

she doesn't want to talk to me
because i am not enough
Written by
Jane  16/F
   Jacob Reilly
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