Kiana Gandol Feb 2011

I walked blindly into that night,
Or so I led you to believe.
No, I knew what I was doing, and how wrong it was.
I just thought
It could stay a secret,
Just a secret
And nothing more.

Of course I hoped for more,
But how much can one hope for?
How much can one hope for with signals so unclear?

I set my goals too high
And ventured to lows too low.
I knew what I was doing,
knowing it was wrong;
Even knowing how she would feel if she found out--
I knew it was wrong.

But that didn't stop me.

No, it takes an eighteen-wheeler going eighty,
Hitting me right in the face.
It isn't until then that I see.

It isn't until then that I see I'm a selfish whore--
A homewrecker of sorts--
Undeserving of your love.

Leave me here,
To bask in my desperation.
Though I'd give you my heart in a second,
Turn me down,
For I am more deserving of pestilence.

Please give credit if you wish to use any of my poems.
Thank you.
Nik Roberts Jan 2014

every boyfriend is the one
untill otherwise proven
the good are never easy
the easy never good
and nothing ever turns out
how you think it really should

deception and perfection
are wonderful traits
one will breed love
the other hate
you'll find me in
the lonely hearts
under I'm after
a brand new start

Dre Guthrie Oct 2013

It's funny, isn't it?
To see the weird girl
walking alone
with the tears in her eyes.

To know that it was you
who ripped her at the seams
the words that hurt
and the eyes that cut.

It's all so humorous, right?
She doesn't mean anything
to you, and she won't ever
and that protects you.

Oh, but you're wrong
I know your faces
every insecure flicker
and this is your fall.

And may my wrath burn
like every syllable inflicted upon me
and, without further gusto,
I will rip you apart.

The sunset will hide my eyes
with your hands clawing at your throat
purple swimming in your vision
like the darkness coming in.

No one will know
and I will win forever
now, tell me
Isn't that funny?

robin n May 2014

And I don't belong to anyone
They call me home wrecker <3

I'm only happy when I'm on the run
I broke a million hearts just for fun

And i'm still looking pretty in this dress.
I'm the image of deception.

And perfection.

Redshift May 2013

not to make your mother's day worse
little red,
but after helping your close friend
who's been kicked out of her mother's house
on fucking mother's fucking day
enjoy the police coming to your door
while you're trying to beat a speech out of your brain for your english final tomorrow
and writing you into their police report.
enjoy more texts
from another woman who was like a mother to you
spitting out more hurtful things
for helping her hurting daughter out
thank her for sending the police to your house
thank her for the pending hay day
your own mother will have
with the police report,
thank her for making your mother's day
even more wonderful.
but most of all,
little red
remember to be careful
to never become a mother
mothers were born to leave
all mothers
are homewreckers.

mother's day

on the bright side, at least the police officer was hot. and he has my number now.

Why cant you just back off
You dont have a chance
Youre ripping us all apart
But youre not going to win
All youre doing is causing pain
You need to just move on
You need to just be gone
Goodbye, farewell
Youre no longer welcome at this table
You need to leave fast
Before theres two more lonely people
You never were a problem
Until you forgot how to count to two
Now youre not wanted here
Its just us, no more you
Why do you think its okay
To try and rip love apart
For your own lustfull needs
You have such a selfish heart
You need to leave
All you crave is lust
Youre addicted to the drug
You dont care at all
That we're actually in love.

Kelly N Jun 2015

It does not take your pain away,
It sucks the humanity out of you
Innocent, vulnerable as a baby
I have been looking for your soul for years,
Your eyes are filled with loneliness,
Nobody is there anymore

How can you save someone that is long gone?
Living in the past is the entrance to darkness
If you cease to be would you care?
Would you cry? Or would you finally find peace?
Close your eyes now, imagine the heavenly shelter that I have built for you,
and hear me whispering “ It is just a matter of time” .

Victoria Johnson Aug 2014

You kissed me and didn't want to,
You're now crying on the phone,
If you're gonna marry your girlfriend,
Then leave other girls alone.
I don't want to ruin relationships,
You were just my best friend,
But the first time your lips met mine,
I think that came to an end.

Same as yesterday.... Again. Stolen kisses contains the backstory.
Daron Bigby Jun 2015

To the other guy

I only have five things to say to you.  

1. The ring on her left hand doesn't mean she was playing hard to get. You thought you were winning her heart yet you're just a champion of second place. You gave your whole heart to a woman who only finds you good enough to give you half of hers.

2. If her love was a diet, you would be nothing but the cheat meal. You're like the slice of chocolate cake in the fridge; she has to sneak around at midnight to indulge, but wouldn't dare eat it in broad daylight.

3. Her daughter now looks at her with the same teeth-gritting, gut wrenching disgusted look that a Muslim has towards a pig. You came in like a wrecking ball and wrecked the first home she was proud of building. And you weren't even there to help pick up the pieces. A man like that should be castrated, but you'd need to grow a pair first.

4. If something is broken, you fix it. You don't destroy it.

5. I'm talking to you, because I wanted you to realize all that you destroyed without even thinking twice. I wanted you, the man in the mirror, to see what your selfishness selfishly took.

lonely lolita Jul 2015

im just a crazy little girl who's in love with a boy who's in love with someone else. i'd make the last 9 months and 11 days go away if i could because this shit was disastrous. i'll be fucking honest i went into this thinking i was better than her and prettier than her and more beneficial to him than she was and i'm constantly getting knocked the fuck out for having such malicious intentions. i went into this purposely wanting to be the good guy not because it was genuine. i wanted him to choose me over her. i wanted her to hurt about it. it's taken me 9 months and 11 days to realize i will never be able to live up to what she made him felt. i will never be able to give back what i took away from him. i will never make him as sad as she did but i will never make him as happy as she did either. but oh God i do love you and i am so fucking sorry.

Barton D Smock Feb 2017

I am looking for the phone no one hears. the phone I use to call people I want to hang up on. my son has not yet become the size he wants to be when he’s with me. I hope he has friends. I hope his friends know that to be taken by aliens means god is serious about studying who misses you. I don’t believe in god nor in those given a shorter time to think on death.

Rapunzoll Nov 2015

you lived within every
callous and dimple,
invading my space
like dust between
my fingertips

your skin like wallpaper,
faded and worn,
pulled taunt along
these walls.

your thoughts
a constant thumping
of footsteps along
the floorboards

from you i learnt
gunshots sound
a lot like a key
turning in a lock

it's because of you
i cannot look at
these walls, without
seeing the shadow
of a fist reflected
by the light

the rooms are vacant,
the air stilled,
the hallways scream
and close in at night.

i used to be an open house
but now because of you
i shut the doors
(i shut the doors)

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