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And baby,
Ill apologize when you finally spot my flaws.
A little mole on my side,
The rough of my feet,
The divot in my jaw.
Youll say theyre nothing,
And you say youll love me more.
But will you?
Will you be able to,
When theres nothing left to adore?
Will you when you see
The invert of my hips,
The cracks on my lips?
The scars on my legs and shoulders,
The tears that turn to boulders?
A chunk of missing flesh in my left thigh,
The way my light breath can turn to a heavy sigh?
The already forming wrinkles,
The way that I cry,
And how my nose crinkles?
The sensitivity of my eyes,
The part of me that has already died?
My ability to stand tall,
How easy it is for me to break and fall?
When you realize all of this...
Will you still be here for the long haul?
You haunt my dreams
Have for a while now
I try to push you out of my head
But honestly I don't know how
You have this grasp
On my heart and soul
You destroy my mind
And you don't even know
I cant seem to sleep
As you haunt every dream
Though I say I'm okay
Things are not how they seem
You look down on me
And I feel lower than dirt
You try to make me feel low
Well, guess what, it worked
I don't know what to do
I'm not sure how to deal
When no one seems to care
Just how bad you make me feel
"Just get over it"
"Just flip a switch"
Well that's kind of hard to do
When you are such a ******* *****.
I see it happening
My eyes are open
While yours are closed
I can see whats happening
Right under my nose.
I try to believe you
I do understand
Believe me i do
But the trust was lost
Even though i see you are true
Ive been hurt before
And to gain it back is hard to do
It is hard me to trust
So its not an easy task
But if we put up a fight
We can put everything in the past
You can earn my trust
You deserve to have it back
Its just hard to light it back up
Once everything has turned black
Im not sure why im this way
I have been abandoned
I have been stabbed in the back
And knocked dow by the wind
Im trying to look up
And give a fair chance
Theres just one thing holding me back
One thing keeping me in a trance.
The source of all the pain
The source of all this mess
But if you're willing to start again
Lets put our love to the test.
Like a pen running out of ink
I am slowly fading
Into the coffin that is my dying mind.
Im not sure when i started fading.
I just know it has built
Over years of hurt
Im almost gone
I can feel myself slipping
To a never ending wasteland
That is this crazy world we call our home
Until one day death takes its toll
And we all disappear
Never to be heard from
Talked about
Or thought of
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