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I - the Devil
& she's the devil's fav. poem
that i rejoice throttling
deep down into
the suchness
of words with the
huma of love
& the pleasure of wot? -
written & rune 'pon the
parchment of HER world.
A woman is not just for bringing the pleasure to one's bed overnight but also for making someone's life full of love, peace & lights of delights. And a man with dignity often makes his woman his fav. poetry that she loves getting wrapped into.
Doo baa doo dweeb man without woman
and ye vee la lovisha woman without man
be like a tree w/o leaves, & flowers w/ no seed;
******* w/o hash; dat hash w/o ******;
**** w/o crystal & drugs w/o tranquilin;
my favourites! - smack...! without brown sugar like sugar with no sweets;
showered on her yummy sweats.
swetean ******* aye plead!
gravity w/o **** be like her **** w/o dopping
bars w/o beers; night clubs w/o Hi-ladies;
hookah w/o "chillam"; & "madira" w/ no trekkies
like a cigarette w/o lighter, & dark jungle w/o lantern,
us men & you women be so incomplete w/o love like me - the Homewrecker w/ no affairs with love dieties.
Last sonnet i posted on my LinkedIn a/c. Was about to post its IInd part either on there, but guess what? - LinkedIn banned me on their site & got my account RESTRICTED "permanently". This be the most absurd thing happened to me because i used to post my live vlogs/videos & all poetic stuffs & raps on linkedin... even i was connected with my crush either on linkedin because she is not on any other site but on linkedin... and whatsapp. Unfortunately & sadly, i can't text her on whatsapp cos the catch is - she's already married... and i don't want her get into trouble. Another funniest thing is, she doesn't even know, i have got crush on her. Poor unluckiest me - still one of the favourites of Devil's Nephew alias Phantom's Rap Devil.
There must be the difference
b/w imagining & seeing --
the things we...
feel & touch, by its all means.
Watching pretty young ladies,
but not so pearl kind of gurls,
Wearing blue jeans with holes in soft knees.
Without carin' of their age,
re-considering 'em 296-BABES of Boulevard Valenciennes.
Some standing by the pole...
Some walkin' down La Pigalle streets,
perhaps, there must be the difference
b/w reality & elm of dreams --
the things we feel & touch or kiss & love, in betweens.

— The End —