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Katli Aug 2022
I told myself this would never happen again

Yet I find myself grasping for the pieces of my heart
Grasping for air

I told her to be careful with our heart
I told her not to fall
Yet she craved to love and to be loved

When will you learn to love yourself
To fill the emptiness with self love instead of love from another
Katli Jan 2022
Soft touches
Soft kisses
Soft caresses

Yet you have the power to bring her out as you **** my bottom lip...


Your touch consumes my thoughts
Katli Jan 2022
It is the feel of your lips on mine
The whisper of your voice calling me mine
The feel of your hand gripping my waist…
While caressing my breast

Heart racing... pulsing...breathe
Katli Mar 2021
Fear grips me
Fear cripples me
The fear of attachment

I find myself in a place I never thought I'd be in again
Effortlessly you broke my walls down

Tears falling helplessly down my face
As I find myself falling you

Someone's Son
I do not know attachment without disappointment

Fear says run
Yet my soul craves your company
Katli Sep 2020

Sometimes I can not breathe
Sometimes I can not sleep

I spend hours trying to decipher
Why anxiety grips me at this ungodly hour
Sometimes tears stream down my cheeks at this hour

Sometimes I can not eat
Sleep nor dream
Sometimes the voice inside my head can not be silenced

Is it the pressure?
Is it fear?

Sometimes the fear of living beneath my potential grips me
Sometimes the voice inside my head whispers...

Are you Enough?
As Time goes by
Katli Jul 2020
I took some time to find myself
Find my words... My sanity
I took some time to breathe
To break routine and rediscover

I took some time to break free from  the shackles of my anxiety
But I am really free?

I broke free into a  sick world where men feel entitled to my body
I broke free into a sick world where people are threatened by my melanin
I broke free into a sick world suffering from a pandemic snatching the souls of our loved ones

The new normal...
These words echo in my mind
I broke free... I tried to argue..
Anxiety grips me and whispers...
You are not free
Katli Dec 2019
I am afraid to fall
Yet I find my self tripping over your words

I am afraid to get attached
Yet I find my self hanging onto the little moments

I am afraid that I will not be enough for you but I felt it when you asked me if I am enough for myself
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