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Nov 2014
Last night i cried
I cried for everything that hurts me
I cried for my own mistakes
I cried for others‘ mistreatment
I cried because i was hurt
Last night i cried for the pain and sorrow 
I consume
For all the love I‘ve lost
For all the sadness inside me
I cry for letting life pass me by
For all the hurt i endure
For all the things i am to blind and naive to see
Last night i cried for the loved ones lost
For the ****** life i live
For all the friends that befriend me
I cry for all my heartbreak
I cry for myself 
I cry while being intoxicated
I cry while being ****** up 
I cry because i have to be in the wrong state of mind
Last night i cried while listening to music
While closing my eyes before bed
While text messaging a friend
Last night i cried for no reason but i always find one
I cry because i feel paralyzed
I cry because i feel handicapped by life
I cry because of fear
My fear makes me cry
I cry because i have lost everything i have gained
Mostly i cry because of my mistakes
I cry for my family
I cry for my parents sadness
I cry for others people‘s pain
I cry because because of my own unhappiness
Last night i cried to feel free
I cried myself to sleep 
I cried because i could not sleep
I cried because i lack confidence
I cried because i have no will to live
Last night i cried for what others have done to me
I cry because maybe i am truely a lonely  guy
I cry because that‘s all i can do 
I cry because I‘m alone,I cry for last nights sorrow
I cry for empathy
I cry for hope 
I cry for guidance
I mostly cry for love and to be loved
Even more so...
We can only hold it in for soo long I finally had my today at 23
T mccord
Written by
T mccord
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