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Izzy May 30
in the middle of a crowd
standing all alone
feeling very proud
with no friends to call your own

tears fall down your face
but you wipe them all away
there's something about this place
that makes you want to stay

you've left your only friend
in a place you cannot be
this is something you cannot mend
and now your very lonley

tears fell down your face
but you wiped them all away
cause there is nothing in this place
that could make you want to stay

in the middle of a crowd
staring at your phone
feeling very proud
with one friend to call your own

tears fell down your face
but you wiped them all away
there is someone at this place
that makes you want to stay

one friend turns to two
two turn to  many more
now there are so few
who feel the way you felt before

so as tears fall down their face
you'll wipe them all away
cause this is now a place
where everyone can stay
to my bf. thx for believing in me.
Izzy Mar 10
i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who read what i write and responds.
life hasn't been easy lately but your comments and support has help a lot.
you are all amazing especially those who have inspired my writings.
Izzy Dec 2020
its been a month
im doing well

its because of him
i can tell

hes my best friend
maybe its fate

its because of him
im doing great
thx so much to my best friend.
this poemis dedicated to E. Bush, the best friend i could ever have.
i miss you so much E.
Izzy Dec 2020
there is a sound
it is building and growing
it is gone

knife in hand
blood dripping down her leg
a smile on her face

no one knows
and if they do they don't care
because at least shes there
im sorry e. -izzy
Izzy May 2020
My parents are...
The best they can be

But sometimes it is not enough
Sometimes I need my friends

My friends are...
The best they can be

But sometimes it is not enough
Sometimes I need my siblings

My siblings are...
The best they can be

But sometimes it is too much
Sometimes I need my space
  May 2020 Izzy
Vespa Woman
Violets have pollen,
Roses have thorns,
I wish that you had never been born,
The fact that your still here really boils my blood,
No one would care if you drowned in a flood.
  May 2020 Izzy
Kim Essary
As her words grab my heart with each and every message or poem I read,
It truly saddens me to be so far in distance, I can't offer her what she may need.
Never have I layed my eyes upon her, I can only Invision her beauty by her poems and words of wisdom.
Her soul sweet as the blooming flowers and heart as pure as gold.
It's as if her soul is that no less than angelic as she has touched many on this site and more.
What saddens me is soon she will no longer be with us as her illness is growing worse day by day,
My Dearest Kim Johanna Baker, there will be a sadness and void on this site and in my heart the day the Lord takes you away.
I hope that she may see this before it's her time to go, for when the other angels come for her I want for her to know.
The impact her sweet soul has left for all of us here on HP, some more than others , some of you like me.
So if you would or care to join me in my dedication to a very loving soul that makes this site so pleasurable, feel free to leave a comment below.
We love you our dear friend , our dear friend Kim!
Please feel free to repost this for the ones I don't know
Never met this wonderful lady but she has touched me and my life so dearly. Kim Johanna Baker
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