Tonight we watch a rival to match all rivals
One of blood lust and rainbows
These two have been at it since the beginning of birth. Forever at the others throat. Let's meet our competitors!!!

In the blue corner weighing in at 114#'s with a reach as long as her career
She's the stomper of dreams, the instigator of fights, it's IIINNNNSSEECCCUUURRIIITTIIEESS!!!!

And in the red corner also weighing in at 114#'s with a reach half an inch shorter
She's the rainbows after the storm, the swell of joy in your chest, the giver of forgiveness, it's

The referee for tonight's match is neutral. Let's hear what he has to say to the opponents

"Alright ladies. We discussed rules in the locker room. Hitting below the belt is illegal. The heart is frowned upon but in the game. Let's fight as fair as possible"

"I saw that shady, did you? That gleam in insecurities eyes when neutral said the heart. That woman has it out for happiness "

"I did see that fair. Happiness' eyes got round as saucers. She knows that insecurity is gonna pull a fast one. Want to bet that it's 'he's not really in love'?"

"I don't know shady, I'd hate to think she'd pull one so low. He did just profess his love to her"

"She could pull that 'he's still in love with the missus. That he really doesn't want to let go' "

"Damn shady"....


If you know the WWE or UFC...use his voice

Damnit!! Make me feel as though I should not have fears! You say "I love you", but do you truly mean it?

The words were said
In drunken lullaby
With fear that was tamed
By the whiskey's rye

In the morn it was replayed
Fear creeps in
From this drunken lullaby
Dread of words said on whiskey rye

Unable to take back
Not knowing if want
The whiskey's rye
Damn drunken lullaby

It's all on the table
If see it this way you must
No longer there this whiskey rye
To comfort a drunken lullaby

Why shout out to the mountain
It's time to fall on me
The sky keeps turning darker
So why pretend to see …

Love so often cast
Like pearls to the swine
The dog returns to his vomit
He calls it  holy wine …

There’s a new day on the horizon
As our lungs gasp for air
Existence remains unsolvable
Yet on these fables so many swear

Eternity holds no definites
The equation six feet deeper
Wake up and do some living
Or be an eternal sleeper

Nov 2015

Traveler Tim
An older poem of mine
I wrote it in 2004

Built to protect,
Not to deter anyone..
But to defend self from brokenness..
But for how long can those walls last without breaking down..
Not searching for a hero.. Just a fighter.

I sleep tonight upon bated breath
In hopes I shall wake on the morrow
With eyes wide open and mindful rest
Secrets to become no more
As truths are laid down
Set in open door
Light to come over darkness creep
the sun shall not run
Tomorrow secrets unleashed
Hide no more sun
Run no longer to west
Giver of light to the moon
Lay down now in her breast
the world has flipped
It's ciphers have been read
So upon the morrow I shall wake
As tonight I sleep once more
Upon bated breath take

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