I'm sitting on my back porch
Smoking a cigarette
Looking at the stars
Hazed out by smoke
Oklahoma is burning
Flames are all around
Smells like a campfire
Even in town
Livestock are dead
Running for the barren river
Wildlife gone
Majestic mountain lions
Climbing in the burnt trees
Only to die of smoke inhalation
Oklahoma is burning
River beds running dry
Dear Lord above
Give us rain
Help us see an end to this nightmare
Of Oklahoma burning
If you tell me to go, I'll go
I won't look back
As I close the door
And with heaving sighs and shaky breaths
I'll still love you
Until my death

If you tell me to stay, I will
Together we'll face those mountains
We'll make them hills
And until my dying day
Loyal to you
I will stay
I love you babe
I don't think you understand. The way my chest tightens. There's a vice holding back the tears and it makes it so hard to breathe. this incredible pain and emptiness vying for the space. How my mind screams at me. The part of me that isn't like this is trapped in there. Banging on her cell walls begging to be let out again. the Monster has taken over. It's sucking the life right out of me. I don't think straight. I can't see clearly. All lines are blurred. Every look is suspicious. every text some other woman. This Monster is controlling my mind. Having me read between lines that aren't there. And the pain... Oh God the pain!! I don't want to die, but I just want the pain to STOP! I need help putting this monster back in its cage.....
Follow up from "The Glass Is"
Her tears roll down her face
As grains of sand off an eroding beach
Falling into the abyss
Of her pillow, the ocean
The counter ticking away
attempting to keep up
Unable to do so
"Enough!" he yells
Unable to take her sadness anymore
He reaches into her heart
Trying to cut away the black
But he is unable
Every piece he removes
Another takes its place
And her tears continue
*to fall down her face
I want to lose myself
In between the pages
See fae and dragons
In my mind's eye
Feel loss and love
All in an hour
Become someone else
Feel the weight of a crown
Have the wind whip my hair
As I dive into a forest
See the greenest of greens
The bluest of blues
Escape from reality
Delve into another
I want to lose myself
**on the words of writer
I need a new book to read..
The words were failed said
Leaving my heart an ache
Mind blowing with possibilities
My soul crying in disbelief
And true to my nature is
I make excuses
For words left unsaid
Defending you to my own heart
My mind screaming
"Is not lost, his heart!"
The sun now gives way
Attempting to rid the night's agony
My heart still aches
With words left unsaid
I pray today
My heart be stilled
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