I want to lose myself
In between the pages
See fae and dragons
In my mind's eye
Feel loss and love
All in an hour
Become someone else
Feel the weight of a crown
Have the wind whip my hair
As I dive into a forest
See the greenest of greens
The bluest of blues
Escape from reality
Delve into another
I want to lose myself
on the words of writer

I need a new book to read..

The words were failed said
Leaving my heart an ache
Mind blowing with possibilities
My soul crying in disbelief
And true to my nature is
I make excuses
For words left unsaid
Defending you to my own heart
My mind screaming
"Is not lost, his heart!"
The sun now gives way
Attempting to rid the night's agony
My heart still aches
With words left unsaid
I pray today
My heart be stilled

Night reaps day for its shade
Days are made for to phase
Nothing stays for all is swayed
Alas, the past has passed away

Future era, present age
Epochs tarry, eons fade
All is swayed for nothing stays
En masse, the past has passed away

Lay now your plans, bare and brave
Timeless sand's a slippery knave
All give back that which is gave
To wit, the past has passed away

for the words to come

I watched
for hours at my phone

I cried
when I finally closed my eyes

I waited
for you to remember me....

Embers dance among the stars
Eyes grow heavy
Love is ready -
to meld with hot cocoa -
and marshmallows ,
with moonshine and shadow

Copyright October 26 , 2017 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved

(resurrected poem)


A memory refreshed by every wave

with skin being kissed by every drop,

salty taste reminiscent of soft lips

and hard kisses

to satisfy a crave we fiercely ignited-

A memory of holding wide loving hips

weightless in soul refreshing saltwater,

sun burned unrestrained desire

one against the grainy sand

flaming water with fire-

An image of you deeply engraved

in memories refreshed by every wave-


“I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they?”
― Jess C. Scott, Wicked Lovely

Who is this woman staring back at me
There is something different about her
If you look just right, you can see her teen self
a childlike quality still
But then it's gone
Replaced with one who is poised
Who has been thru hell and back
Stronger than she ever was
subtle grey streaking her auburn hair
Eyes wise yet scared, scarred
But there is a light
One that has been absent for so long
It is now there
it has returned home

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