I smell him on the edge of a storm
When the sky is pregnant with electricity
The thunder resonates thru
As though he is speaking to me
The whisper of the wind
His promise of love
His scent of the earth and water
Envelopes me when the rain falls
So when I am without him
On a stormy night
My soul cries in loneliness
I cannot touch the storm
Only have brief caresses of his soul

Fingers feel
soul sighs
Swords bloody
Into the depth you go
Begging for more
Barriers melt away
Windows open
amber in glasses swirl
Inhales of the smoke
Dreams become reality
Whispers penetrate
Calling to the other
souls collide
With a mournful

Love me...

The cicadas are gone
The story has been told
And so she waits
To see what now will unfold

In the dim of twilight
With the air turning cold
She sits with bated breath
To see if her world does fall..

Sitting upon a grassy field
Sounds of laughter around
There he sits still as stone
Eyes a glassy wonder

Again at home upon his bed
Headphones off
Staring straight ahead
Many times mom has called
Never hearing above the drone


whispers said unto his ear...

The cicadas scream there mating song
Courage runs thru me
I'm gonna tell him
I am
The conversation has lulled
Perfect time
I'm gonna say it
 I'm gonna scream it to him
"Babe, I know you love me.
I know you tolerate my children for me.
But babe, my baby is sick.
He's sick in the head.

I'm gonna do it
I'm gonna tell him the rest of that sentence
My mouth opens
The words begging to come out
It's as though they know me
Know my fear of saying it aloud
Aloud to someone who isn't...
The cicadas crescendo their mating scream
We are deaf to anything else
The words die before they exit my mouth
But one day they won't be there
Summer will be gone
"Closed for the season" sign plastered in the sky
"Thanks for staying!
Come back again next year!"

That's what it says
Yeah, that's what'll happen
The cicadas silence
Fall will come
Along with the words that sit
Sit at the edge of my tongue
The reason I started smoking a pack a day again
Why I'm asked "why are you so pensive?"
"Do you really want to know?"

I'll tell you, then you'll go screaming from me
"An abomination! That's what it is!"
The cicadas stop me
But only for now
I will tell
In the dark
When there's no light to comfort you
Whlie I'm breaking
That's when I'll tell you
Don't leave me. Stay
This is when I'll need you most
When the cicadas have sung their last screaming orgy
When the green leaves turn orange
when I tell you what he....

A little Stephen King inspired poetry

Even though it was a comedy
It hit close to home
Comedy is just drama
With a little fun

The mask does nothing
But hide a crying face
Comedy is making fun
Of the heartbreak

You laugh until you cry
Nothing new at all
Except it hits your heart
Makes you feel it all

Comedy is just a mask
You put on for the show
Deep inside you feel it all
In the still of the night
You let it go...

I tore down every bridge,
and every wall to let you in.

I dried lakes, rivers, oceans,
to save you from drowning.

I found myself,
draining in weakness to strengthen you.

You became powerful, you became immortal,
you became my god.

Now I clench onto this sadness of mine.
The loneliness you left behind.

Its the only thing that reminds me,
our story was once alive.

Its my safe place.
When you're gone,

and I need a muse to help
bleed all this pain out.

Like tonight,
when writing about the moon,
can no longer help me survive.


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