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  Nov 2014 T mccord
Just another ordinary girl
Less than most in her own eyes
Blinded by her inner light
She cannot see her truth
But for a moment
She believes she's beautiful
She believes she is worth loving
For a moment
She is whole
Looking in the smile of your eyes
  Nov 2014 T mccord
The sea, endless, magnificent blue
Reminds me of your deep swirling eyes
Looking at me with mischievous love
Reflecting the big, open skies

The stars of the dark night
Remind me of the scars dotted on your skin
Painting your body in loose touches
Polaroids of everywhere you've been

The Sun, in its bright glory
Reminds me of your smile
Radiating, powerful, from cheek to cheek
Sadly, I haven't seen it in a while.

And finally, I must say, my love
I realize, as I finish this verse
Before, I saw the universe in you
*Now, I see you in the universe
I don't know but yeah.
  Nov 2014 T mccord
Give me a minute
To read the stars
Lamenting in their stories
Their laboured twinkling far and sparse

Give me this moment
To stumble and swoon
My branches reaching for
The faraway moon

Give me a while
To be one with the universe
Hear the colliding planets
As they spill their mournful verse

Give me some time
To plot my rightful place
Within my uncharted galaxy
And collapsing space...
  Nov 2014 T mccord
Sarah Spang
If hers is a long and lonely climb
Atop her distant perch,
His then was a lengthy trek
Across the endless earth.
Inspired by sunshine and Nickelcreek. Always means always.
  Nov 2014 T mccord
Jaimi M
You wonder
why I wiggle
so much
why my legs
and my hands
Truth is,
my mind
can't slow down
It doesn't know
how to take a day off,
its far too good
at tormenting me
more and more
with each
passing second.

  Nov 2014 T mccord
Just Melz
She cries late
                  every night
     Turns off all the
         Sits in bed
             her eyes out
      in the dark
Cutting out pieces
      of her heart
No one can see
                          the scars
           of her sewing
back up her chest
       Soon she will be
             an empty shell
                    putting her soul to rest
If her heart
                    is no longer there
It can't get broken,
If no one can see
                          the tears
Then she never cried,
T mccord Nov 2014
Last night i cried
I cried for everything that hurts me
I cried for my own mistakes
I cried for others‘ mistreatment
I cried because i was hurt
Last night i cried for the pain and sorrow 
I consume
For all the love I‘ve lost
For all the sadness inside me
I cry for letting life pass me by
For all the hurt i endure
For all the things i am to blind and naive to see
Last night i cried for the loved ones lost
For the ****** life i live
For all the friends that befriend me
I cry for all my heartbreak
I cry for myself 
I cry while being intoxicated
I cry while being ****** up 
I cry because i have to be in the wrong state of mind
Last night i cried while listening to music
While closing my eyes before bed
While text messaging a friend
Last night i cried for no reason but i always find one
I cry because i feel paralyzed
I cry because i feel handicapped by life
I cry because of fear
My fear makes me cry
I cry because i have lost everything i have gained
Mostly i cry because of my mistakes
I cry for my family
I cry for my parents sadness
I cry for others people‘s pain
I cry because because of my own unhappiness
Last night i cried to feel free
I cried myself to sleep 
I cried because i could not sleep
I cried because i lack confidence
I cried because i have no will to live
Last night i cried for what others have done to me
I cry because maybe i am truely a lonely  guy
I cry because that‘s all i can do 
I cry because I‘m alone,I cry for last nights sorrow
I cry for empathy
I cry for hope 
I cry for guidance
I mostly cry for love and to be loved
Even more so...
We can only hold it in for soo long I finally had my today at 23
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